Aussiedoodles Breeders California | List of Top 9 Breeders

If you’re looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in California, we’ve got them! Here is our list of reputable Aussie Doodle breeders – adorable puppies ready to find their forever homes. Infused with the intelligence and gracefulness of Australian Shepherds combined, Aussiedoodles make excellent companions. Your perfect Aussiedoodle pup can be found in any of these gorgeous California cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere else in California.

List of Aussiedoodles Breeders in California

Shady Oak Doodles California

At Shady Oak Doodles, a group of devoted families share a deep passion for the Doodle breed. Collaboratively, we raise exceptional Aussiedoodle, Bernedoodle, and Australian Mountain Doodle puppies that stand out in quality. Our specialization lies in nurturing affectionate Aussiedoodles, which are fantastic family companions. Our breeding facility is nestled in the heart of San Diego, California, where we proudly produce some of the finest Aussiedoodles in the region.

We prioritize the well-being of our dogs, and as such, all of them are OFA certified, accompanied by a comprehensive health guarantee. With us, you can rest assured that your furry friend will be healthy and have an excellent temperament. Our diverse offerings include Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, and Australian Mountain Doodles.

Every dog undergoes rigorous health and genetic testing to ensure the absence of any potential issues in the puppies. Early socialization is key to our approach, ensuring our pups develop excellent temperaments and adapt well to children and other pets. This is particularly significant when you introduce your new pup to your family.

The pricing for our Aussiedoodles ranges from $5,000 to $13,000, depending mainly on the pup’s appearance, complemented by a puppy training program fee. If you want to bring one of our delightful pups home, fill out the puppy form on our website.

Kindly note that we do not provide puppy shipping services, as we believe in personally handing our pups to loving homes. While this may present some inconvenience, it serves as a testament to our commitment to the well-being of our beloved dogs. Failure to pick up your reserved pup will lead to forfeiture of your slot.

Location: Dulzura, California
Website: Shady Oak Doodles California
Phone Number: (619) 471-5183
Facebook: Facebook Page of Shady Oak Doodles California

Sunny Ridge Doodles California

Sunny Ridge Doodles is a small, family-run breeder in Temecula, California. They specialize in three Doodle breeds, including the Aussiedoodle, and proudly participate in the Guardian Program, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and healthy pups to their customers.

The business adheres to stringent breeding practices, closely monitoring the health of all its dogs throughout the breeding process. Additionally, they emphasize socialization, providing a nurturing environment for their dogs. Each type of dog is carefully bred, considering specific traits such as curled fur, coat types, and more.

Interested individuals must join a waitlist and place a non-refundable deposit to secure one of their sought-after pups. Sunny Ridge Doodles will then notify them about the expected arrival of a litter. The prices of their adorable pups typically range from $3,000 to $5,000.

Due to limited litter each year, it is advisable to contact the breeder promptly to secure a slot on their waitlist. This increases the chances of obtaining the preferred coat fur pattern and ensures a higher likelihood of getting an unclaimed Aussiedoodle pup that matches the desired specifications.

Location: Temecula,California
Phone Number: (760) 815-4423
Website: Sunny Ridge Doodles California
Facebook: Facebook Page of Sunny Ridge Doodles California

Saddleback Aussiedoodles California

Saddleback Aussiedoodles are a small hobby breeder located in Lassen County, California. Their beginning activities were about Miniature Australian Shepherds, but later they broadened their focus to Aussiedoodles after developing an interest in this uncommon breed. They tirelessly try to be responsible breeders of dogs so that their dogs will be problem-free and healthy both temperamentally and genetically.

Operating on a small ranch, they also enjoy the company of other animals. They also get thorough training and engage in plenty of physical activities.

To become a prospective buyer of one of their Aussiedoodles, interested persons can fill up a form on their official website. Due to limited litters each year, prospective buyers must join a waitlist and submit an un-refundable $300 fee as a deposit. When a puppy becomes available for purchase, it will receive a notification. The cost varies depending on the coat type, which could be about $2,300 or more uncut.

Saddleback Aussiedoodles breed both merles and non-merles, breeding three different size versions: the toy, mini, and standard. Color options include blue, merle red, or black moor –any combination of red, brown, and tri combinations. However, for a company like Saddleback to permit only specific colors in each litter is nearly impossible to guarantee.

Location: Susanville, California
Website: Saddleback Aussiedoodles California
Phone Number: (530) 310-2412
Facebook: Facebook Page of Saddleback Aussiedoodles California

Amazing Aussiedoodles of California

Aussiedoodles California, located in the Southern California region, operates a small and thriving breeding business. With a consistent supply of litter year-round, they take great pleasure in sharing the joy of Aussiedoodles with prospective owners.

To ensure the health and quality of their pups, meticulous monitoring and thoughtful pairing precede the breeding process, effectively preventing genetic issues. What sets them apart from other breeders is their diverse collection of dogs, guaranteeing a wide variety of coat types and sizes among the pups.

For those interested in obtaining a puppy from Aussiedoodles, California, a $300 non-refundable deposit and a signed agreement are required. Once the puppies are born, the breeder will promptly contact you. One delightful aspect of their service is the provision of weekly website updates, allowing you to feel like an integral part of their extended family throughout the process.

Location: California
Amazing Aussiedoodles of California
Instagram of Amazing Aussiedoodles of California

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies California

Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies, a family-run business in San Jose, California, specializes in breeding mini and toy Aussiedoodles with a deep passion for the breed. Their primary goal is to produce healthy and well-socialized puppies.

These adorable dogs enjoy ample space to frolic and are meticulously cared for. Early training and socialization are crucial in preparing them to adjust to their forever homes, ensuring happy and well-adjusted companions.

If you’re interested in bringing home one of their pups, the process begins with filling out an application on their website. Once approved, you can secure your pup with a $500 deposit. The price range for their pups varies from $2,000 to $5,500, depending on the type of Aussiedoodle.

Currently, Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies offers a selection of coat types, including Red Merle, Red Tri, Blue Merle, and Black and White. They also breed toy and miniature Aussiedoodles. Make sure to specify your preferences when applying, but if not specified, you’ll receive notifications when any of the pups become available.

Location: California
Website: Mini Aussiedoodle Puppies California
Phone Number: (408) 316-7955

Tried and True Aussies California

Tried and True Aussies, a family-operated enterprise located in Sonoma County, California, is dedicated to producing robust and well-tempered pups. All their dogs are of Australian Shepherd lineage, encompassing Australian Shepherds, Aussiedoodles, and Bernedoodles.

Nurtured within a nurturing household, these dogs undergo ample socialization and early training to adapt to various situations and individuals, ensuring they are well-adjusted for their future homes.

To acquire one of their delightful pups, interested individuals must complete an application on their official website and await approval before placing a deposit. Prices for many dogs range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more. Prices of Aussiedoodle litter are minimal.

Tried and True Aussies have various coat colors like blue merle, black and white, red, and toy mini sizes. They offer a puppy training facility apart from the regular Guardian Home Program they undertake regularly.

Location: Northern California
Website: Tried and True Aussies California
Phone Number: (707) 771-0327

Kali’s Desert Doodles California

Kali’s Desert Doodles is a small dedicated breeder in Lancaster, California. They offer Australian Shepherds, including mini and medium Standard Aussiedoodles and AKC Standard Poodles.

They concentrate on health, temperament, and conformation and take the time to make sure their puppies have these things from early pup onward. Their health tests include OFA hip evaluation at six months, elbows done at eight months (both required), CERF eyes checked by an experienced dog ophthalmologist, and regular veterinary check-ups.

To get a dog from them, interested parties must fill in an application and make a $500 non-refundable deposit, securing their place on their waitlist. Prices for their pups range from $1500 -$3000, depending on the parent’s preference.

For those unable to collect the pup personally, Kali’s Desert Doodles offers flight nanny arrangements at an additional cost. They do not provide cargo shipping for the dogs.

Location: California
Kali’s Desert Doodles California
Phone Number:
 (323) 794-3102
Facebook Page: 
Facebook Page of Kali’s Desert Doodles California

Rainbows End Puppies California

Rainbows End Puppies is one Fresno-based breeder managed by a dedicated couple that has been operating for over 18 years. The offerings span various breeds such as the Goldendoodle, Bernedoodle, and Aussiedoodles.

Rainbows End Puppy’s strict breeding practices emphasize clean genealogy with desirable temperaments in their selection of breeding dogs. Their pups receive enough attention and socialization raised within the comforts of the home. For development enhancement purposes, they utilize unique techniques, including incorporating Bio-sensor from Badass Breeders, Avidog, and Puppy Culture.

Reaching out will be greatly appreciated since they have very limited Aussiedoodle litters. Interested people need to complete a puppy form on their website. For pricing, there is a non-refundable $500 deposit required. Each pup’s cost falls within the range of $3,000 to $3,500. If you seek specific coat types and colors, please get in touch with them for further details.

A two-year health warranty, a microchip, and a vet check are included. You will also get one month of Trupanion complimentary health insurance, toys, and a free E-book.

Location: California
Rainbows End Puppies California

Crockettdoodles California

Crockettdoodles, a family business they’ve been in the dog industry for over 20 years, operates out of multiple locations across the nation, including San Francisco, CA. They concentrate mainly on breeding the Bernedoodle, Goldendoodle, Standard Poodle, and Aussiedoodle.

Puppies come in mini and medium standard sizes. Other services include a one-year health warranty, guaranteeing all needed vaccinations, and up-to-date deworming.

Pricing for pups starts at $2,000. The price may also vary based on the coat type, color, and size of the dog. A $500 deposit is required to reserve a spot on their waitlist. Crockettdoodles offers a delivery service at an additional cost for those unable to collect their pup in person.

Location: California
Crockettdoodles California
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Crockettdoodles California

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in California

Finding a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder in California requires careful research and consideration to ensure you bring home a healthy and well-socialized puppy. Here are some essential tips to guide you:

  • Research: Begin your search by looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in California online. Look for official websites, social media presence, and reviews from previous buyers. Reputable breeders almost always have a strong online presence.
  • Credentials and Affiliations: Check the breeder’s registration with well-known organizations such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA). Registration in these organizations denotes a commitment to breed standards and responsible breeding practices.
  • Health Screening: Ask about the breeder’s health testing procedures for their breeding dogs. A responsible breeder will do genetic tests to ensure the health of their puppies and avoid passing on hereditary diseases.
  • Facility Visit: If feasible, you can visit the breeder’s facility in person. This lets you judge the living conditions of the dogs and puppies and ensure they are raised in clean, healthy surroundings.
  • Socialization: Ask the breeder about how they socialize their puppies. Proper socialization during the early weeks is Crucial to a Puppy’s mental and emotional development too.
  • Communication: A reputable breeder should be open to all your questions regarding their breeding practices, what breed, and how they raise the puppy.
  • Contracts and Guarantees: Ask for a written agreement that spells out the terms of sale, including health guarantees for your puppy. This protects you since it also covers the breeder, who may not be as careful about producing healthy dogs in future times.
  • References: Call or write previous buyers asking if everything went well with their purchase from this particular breeder and how their experiences have been so far with their puppies.


Finding reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in California has now been simplified. With our carefully curated list, you can discover cuties to bring joy into your family. Don’t miss this opportunity of getting an intelligent and loving friend that Aussiedoodles are known for. Whether you live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or anywhere in California, start your trip with a perfect Aussiedoodle today.

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