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When looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts, there are options everywhere. Aussiedoodle is the crossbreed of Australian Shepherds and Poodles that shows its smartness and hypoallergenic coat.

In all parts of Massachusetts, hardworking Aussiedoodle breeders look for healthy and socialized puppies to match with families. If you happen to be based in Boston or any part of the state named Worcester, exploring Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts can lead you to your ideal furry companion.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Massachusetts

Preferable Pups Massachusetts

Preferable Pups boasts the most efficient system for matching you with the perfect puppy that complements your home and lifestyle. Competing companies’ puppy plans can be intricate and time-consuming, but our straightforward, practical application process allows you to seamlessly start your journey with your new furry friend.

Preferable Pups sets high standards for dog breeders, ensuring strict adherence to breeding guidelines to prevent improper puppy production.

Opt for a puppy matching service over a puppy broker to guarantee your dog undergoes a comprehensive physical examination by a licensed veterinarian, preventing dishonest brokers from falsifying health reports. Carefully assess available breeds and insist on direct communication with the breeder for your benefit.

Our mission extends beyond finding you a lifelong companion; we’re committed to nurturing a lasting bond between you and your new family member. We cherish puppies and aim for your puppy to become a cherished, beloved part of your family.

All family members must obtain pet insurance at Preferable Pups, offering various coverage options from reputable, licensed providers that accommodate diverse needs and budgets. Our top priority is ensuring your pet’s safety and security.

Purchasing a pet insurance policy is the ultimate way to express love and care for your canine companion.

Location: Massachusetts
Preferable Pups Massachusetts
Facebook Page:
Facebook Page of Preferable Pups Massachusetts

Harmony Hill Doodles Massachusetts

Harmony Hill Doodles operates as a family-owned and -operated endeavor, as we prefer to avoid the term “business” because our dogs are considered part of our family. Our dogs, integral to our family and daily routines, make this endeavor a perfect match for my daughter and me. We also run a Guardian Program, finding excellent homes for our extended, fluffy family members.

We prioritize creating a joyful and healthy environment for our dogs. This job aligns with our passion, allowing us to be with the dogs we cherish and bring happiness to other families through them. Based in Rochester, Southern Massachusetts, we’re approximately a 45-minute drive from Boston.

Our commitment involves breeding standard-sized Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles from healthy parents with exceptional lineages. Our canines display wonderful dispositions and temperaments. We aim to offer you a healthy, well-socialized puppy that seamlessly becomes part of your family.

Comprehensive health screenings are conducted on all parents to ensure the healthiest puppies. Moreover, we emphasize proper nutrition and early socialization, raising our puppies with children of various ages. We support you in bringing a healthy, well-adapted puppy into your home.

Our residence is our “facility,” where our family nurtures and cares for all puppies. Since we aren’t a pet store with regular hours, only those on our waiting list can visit on scheduled days to choose or collect their new puppy.

Though our mother canines are typically present on pick-up days, they might not be accessible when you collect your puppy at 8 weeks. Since some canines reside in guardian homes, they might not always be at our residence. Home excursions are not permitted for the safety of our family, dogs, and puppies.

Location: Rochester, Massachusetts
Website: Harmony Hill Doodles Massachusetts
Phone Number: (508) 728-3697

Short History of Aussiedoodle

The Aussiedoodle appeared in the late 20th century as a crossbreed between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. The breed was developed to yield an intelligent, hypoallergenic service dog with herding instincts like that of the Australian Shepherd and a non-shedding coat like that of the Poodle.

Incorporation of these attributes yielded a pleasant companion suitable for anyone interested in dogs. Aussiedoodles became popular for their cuddly looks and desirable qualities. Breeders refine the breed for temperament, health and coat conformance over time. Today, Aussiedoodles make up cherished pets as well as working dogs. They epitomize all the best things about their parent’s breeds.

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts

When looking for reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts, take your time and do a lot of research to see if the puppy you are getting is healthy and well cared for. Here’s what you can use when seeking Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts.

  • Online Research: First, use online platforms, search engines, and social media to start your research. Search vendors who say they’re Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts specifically. Check out their websites and social media profiles to learn about what they do with their dogs breeding-wise, their experience level, and how they care for their dogs.
  • Breed Clubs and Associations: Browse the breeder’s profile to see if they are associated with ethical dog breeding clubs about Aussiedoodles and related associations. Most such organizations have rules and standards that members should adhere to for sound quality breeding practices. Look out for membership mentioned on their website or ask them directly.
  • Testimonials and Reviews: Check out testimonials and reviews by previous puppy buyers. Reputable breeders will likely have great feedback coming from satisfied customers at hand. Search the breeder’s name and “Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts” for relevant reviews.
  • Health Testing: In responsible breeders, health is accorded priority to the dogs. Inquire about their health testing on breeding dogs and puppies. They should be able to share information on tests for genetic diseases common in Aussiedoodles.
  • Visit the Breeder: As much as possible, arrange a visit to view the breeder’s facility to see what living conditions are like for the dogs, how they are treated, and if the breeder has followed practices of ethics and humanity.
  • Ask Questions: Write down questions you want to ask the breeder. Talk in-depth about their breeding practices, socialization efforts, vaccination protocols, and how they handle any health or behavior issues that may arise in their puppies. Legitimate breeders are going, to be honest with you about those things.
  • Contract and Health Guarantee: Most reputable breeders have a written contract saying what you buy from the breeder and what you do for the puppy. This can also include a health guarantee on the puppy itself. Know exactly what it says before signing anything first.
  • No Rush: Be cautious of breeders who pressure you to make a quick decision or always have puppies available. Good breeders plan their litters carefully and might have waitlists for their puppies.

Do Aussiedoodle Shed?

Because of their Poodle bloodlines, Aussiedoodles are often considered low-shedding dogs. They tend to have any coat type, but most will have wavy or curly hair. While no dog is completely non-shedding,

Aussiedoodles shed less than straight-haired breeds. Minimal shedding might be possible with regular grooming and brushing. What’s also important to remember is that individual dogs will vary, so some minimal shedding might still be possible with Aussiedoodles.

How Much Does a Aussiedoodle Cost?

An Aussiedoodle’s price would depend on factors such as the breeder’s reputation, dog lineage, coat color, size and location. On average, you would expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 or even more for an Aussiedoodle puppy.

Generation (F1, F1B, etc.), health clearances and the breeder’s investment in socialization and training influence price. While upfront costs may seem high now, all those ongoing expenses like vet bills, food, puppy kits, and groom supplies make it much cheaper in the long run.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, many reputable Aussiedoodle breeders produce healthy and well-socialized puppies. When looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Massachusetts, they should have a proven track record of placing the breed’s welfare first and practising ethical breeding practices.

You’re getting yourself a loving companion if you select a responsible breeder. With diligent looking and careful consideration, you can find your perfect Aussiedoodle puppy to bring joy and companionship into your life.

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