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Look no further if you’re searching for reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington. Finding the right furry friend will take time and thought, but an Aussiedoodle is said to be intelligent, loyal, and hypoallergenic. In Washington, the serene state, responsible breeders who work to bring up healthy and socially adapted Aussiedoodle puppies exist.

Such breeders work hard to ensure their dogs’ comfort to realize optimum physical and emotional development. Washington Aussiedoodle enthusiasts are likely to connect with knowledgeable, responsible breeders who consider the unique gradations of these breeds as their top priority.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Washington

Big Cedar Creek Ranch, Washington

Big Cedar Creek Ranch

Big Pine Creek Ranch, situated in Washington, is a breeder specializing in Aussiedoodles and Mini Australian Shepherds that are available for adoption. Every adoptable puppy undergoes thorough genetic testing on its parents, worming, at least one veterinary examination, and all essential vaccinations.

What sets Big Pine Creek Ranch apart for potential adopters of Aussiedoodle puppies in Washington? This family-owned breeder is committed to fostering enduring relationships with their puppies and adoptive parents.

Prospective adopters must apply for bringing home an Aussiedoodle puppy. Big Pine Creek Ranch encourages FaceTime meetings, excursions, and open communication between the team, adopters, and their new furry companions post-approval.

Residents of Big Pine Creek Ranch can schedule appointments to visit their puppies and have the option to pick up their new family members on the designated return home day. Big Pine Creek Ranch offers dog shipping for an estimated $350 to $450 for those residing too far for a convenient pickup.

To determine the adoption fee, consult with this Washington-based Aussiedoodle breeder, who expects an expenditure between $1,600 and $2,400 for an Aussiedoodle puppy.

Location: Yelm, Washington
Website: Big Cedar Creek Ranch, Washington
Phone Number: (253) 365-8626
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Big Cedar Creek Ranch Washington

Doodle Dogs PNW Washington

Doodle Dogs PNW Washington

Doodle Dogs PNW is second on our list of top Washington-based Aussiedoodle breeders. Operating from Yelm, this family-run establishment specializes in raising well-socialized, friendly puppies undergoing comprehensive training, ensuring they are both healthy and loving.

Before breeding, the parental Aussiedoodles at Doodle Dogs PNW undergo temperament and genetic assessments, prioritizing quality traits over color or other characteristics. Your newborn puppy receives regular veterinary check-ups and is guaranteed up-to-date on all necessary vaccinations and deworming treatments, ensuring optimal health upon arrival at your home.

What distinguishes Doodle Dogs PNW is their personalized approach to caring for each of their furry family members. Before joining your household, your puppy is showered with affection, taken on walks, snuggled in bed, and entertained by the youngest members of the Doodle Dogs PNW family. This exposure ensures a smooth transition, especially for families with children.

Doodle Dogs PNW offers a variety of colored Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Washington, allowing you to choose your favorite directly from their website. The average adoption cost for these companions is around $2,300, reflecting their exceptional quality and care.

Location: Yelm, Washington
Website: Doodle Dogs PNW Washington
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Doodle Dogs PNW Washington

Happytail Puppies Washington

While physically located outside Washington, Happytail Puppies extends its network to include caregiver families within the state, making it a valuable option for Washingtonians seeking reputable Aussiedoodle breeders.

Though Aussiedoodles aren’t Happytail’s sole focus, they offer a diverse range of canines. Miniature Aussiedoodle puppies from their network vary in price, ranging from approximately $1,000 to nearly $5,000. Your total expenses may vary based on the distance between you and the caregiver’s family.

Unique financing options set Happytail Puppies apart. Upon placing a $200 deposit, you can finance the remaining balance, opening access to breeds that might otherwise be financially out of reach initially.

Beyond Aussiedoodles, Happytail Puppies presents a variety of other breeds for consideration. With options including diminutive Maltipoos and miniature bulldogs, the breeder aims to match families with the most suitable canine companion from their extensive network.

Location: Washington
Website: Happytail Puppies Washington
Phone Number: (336) 915-2510

Seattle Aussiedoodles Washington

Seattle Aussiedoodles, located in Enumclaw, Washington, prides itself on being a family-oriented, low-key team. They opt for communication via Facebook rather than an elaborate website, fostering a personal connection with potential pet owners.

Residents in and around Seattle are encouraged to consider Seattle Aussiedoodles, where a limited number of Aussiedoodle puppies from small litters are occasionally available for adoption. The Facebook page showcases each puppy’s price and accompanying images and details.

During our interactions, we were impressed by Seattle Aussiedoodles’ staff, who provided individualized responses to our inquiries. It’s confirmed that the available canines come from parents who have undergone genetic testing, and their vaccinations and deworming medications are current.

To adopt an Aussiedoodle from Seattle Aussiedoodles, express your interest in advance. Due to the limited availability of small litters, the puppy application process operates on a first-come, first-served basis. Before contacting the breeder, inquire about available spots and any necessary deposits to secure your new companion dog’s place in your home.

Location: Enumclaw, Washington
Phone Number: (253) 569-5152
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Seattle Aussiedoodles Washington

Is Aussiedoodle a good family dog?

Aussiedoodles are excellent family dogs since they are friendly, charming and intelligent. As the name implies, it is a crossbreed of Australian Shepherd and Poodle so they would have inherited the best traits from their parents. Aussiedoodles stay loyal to their human families and make good companions for humans. They are family-caring or family-devoted dogs. Militaries employ the loyal dog species since these breeds serve well as bombing sniffing tools.

Besides, Aussiedoodles are active and generally like to have fun with different activities, either outdoor adventures, fetching a ball, or relaxing at home with the family. They are ideal for families with allergy problems because they are hypoallergenic.

Nevertheless, as with any other breed, early socialization and consistent training are the keys to excellent manners and behavior as the dog grows. With adequate care, love, and attention, Aussiedoodles will thrive in a home environment, delighting everyone.

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington

To find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington, consider tips helpful that enable you to get well-versed with reputable breeders whom together you will be able to conduct your research well and critically to ensure you take home a healthy and well-socialized puppy. The following are the tips:

Research on Reputable Breeders:

Begin by researching Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington through the online platforms, breed specific forums, and social media groups. Settle for a reputable breeder with positive reviews testimonials, and one who is visible online. Most reputable breeders will likely have an elaborate website that gives all information about their breeding practices, health testing, and the care of the dogs they sell.

Request for Recommendations:

Ask local dog fanciers, veterinary personnel, and pet professionals to recommend reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington. Personal recommendations may provide significant input into the breeder’s reputation, not to mention their quality puppies.

Visit Breeder Facilities:

Set up times to visit potential Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington and see how the breeder raises their dogs. Note the facilities’ cleanliness, the dogs’ temperament, and their interaction with both puppies and adult dogs. A good breeder will ensure that the health and well-being of his dogs are paramount and would house them to provide a homely environment for their development.

Require Health Testing:

The breeder must do health testing on breeding dogs to rule out the potential of Aussiedoodle parents passing genetic health issues to their puppies. Require proof of health clearances like certificates, hip evaluations, eye tests, and genetic tests for heritable conditions.

Check Contracts and Guarantees:

Before committing to one, check breeder contracts, health guarantees, and policies for returns or refunds on a purchase. A reputable one will provide straightforward terms and be available throughout your puppy’s life to answer questions and offer support.

Adopting an Aussiedoodle is noble, but you need to adopt from a reputable breeder who pays keen attention to the dogs’ health, temperament, and well-being. The following tips will guide you to the most reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington, giving you the best experience and having little to no problems.

Are Aussiedoodles hyper?

Aussiedoodles’ energy levels can vary due to genetics, temperament traits, and how much exercise and mental stimulation they are provided. Although Aussiedoodles are brilliant, loyal dogs who do require a good deal of mental stimulation and exercise, the classifying “hyper” may not be the best description for all the breeds.

Aussiedoodle, just like the parent breeds Australian Shepherd and Poodle, will have energetic dogs that will do great with regular physical exercises and mind-boggling fun. They love to partake in outdoor adventure, playful times, and engaging training times where they face challenges for their minds.

That said, with regular exercise alongside proper training, Aussiedoodles can teach themselves to burn every source of energy outdoors while being calm indoors. However, since hyperactivity in an Aussidoodle results from retention from an excess energy load, ceaseless physical and mental stimulation could be enough to prevent excessive energy from turning into hyperactivity.

Overall, Aussiedoodles are perfect pets for individuals and families who lead an active lifestyle and can take the time to provide grooming, exercise, and mental stimulation for their canine companions.


Washington Aussiedoodle enthusiasts will find themselves connecting with knowledgeable, responsible breeders who give utmost priority to the unique gradations of these breeds. Prospective owners looking for the perfect additions to their families can have the confidence of finding dedicated Aussiedoodle breeders in Washington.

Aussiedoodles are intelligent, loyal, hypoallergenic closures, making them an excellent choice for different lifestyles. By choosing a reputable breeder, you would go home with a growing buddy in the home and an improvement of the breed. Start your journey to having an Aussiedoodle buddy in your home by contacting caring and experienced breeders from Washington. Aussiedoodle Breeders Washington offers a gateway to a lifetime of joy with these exceptional canine companions.

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