Aussiedoodle Breeders North Carolina | List of Top 12 Local Breeders

If you are looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina, you will be glad to find them here. Aussiedoodles have become popular as mixed breeds, characterized by their high intelligence capacities, friendliness, and hypoallergenic coats. But make sure to find a reputable breeder to ensure that you bring home a healthy and well-socialized pup.

There are many breeders available there in North Carolina who are dedicated to providing you with the best Aussiedoodles that suits your requirement. But don’t worry – with the help of our article, you’ll be able to find good Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina and get some advice on what to do.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in North Carolina

Country Poos and Doos North Carolina

Country Poos and Doos

Robyn Saruse and Danielle Saruse Parsons own Country Poos & Doos, formerly known as Riverwood Farms. They began breeding German Shepherds as a hobby in 1994. In 2003, they expanded their breeding program by acquiring a standard Poodle. Today, they breed various doodle varieties, including Aussiedoodles, ensuring the dogs’ excellent health. This breeder is located in Randleman, North Carolina and is closer to Raleigh than Greensboro.

Aussiedoodle puppies at Country Poos and Doos undergo early sensory induction and socialization at three days old. This prepares them to be well-adjusted and friendly pets when they come to your home. To join their waiting list, a $200 fee is necessary.

Location: Randleman, North Carolina
Website: Country Poos and Doos North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 870-3897
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Country Poos and Doos North Carolina

Gore Doodle Ranch, North Carolina

Located in Tabor City, North Carolina, The Gore Doodle Ranch is home to F1 and F1B Aussiedoodles and other animals for playful interaction. Spanning 150 acres, this property is where Lori Gore, the founder and breeder of Aussiedoodles, ensures her canines have ample space and supervision.

Before breeding, parent dogs undergo DNA and OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) exams to detect potential health issues affecting the eyes, heart, thyroid, hips, and joints in canines. The North Carolina-based Aussiedoodle puppies receive scent and neurological stimulation at three days old. They also participate in age-appropriate activities and exercises to facilitate a smooth adjustment as they grow. 

Location: Tabor City, North Carolina
Website: Gore Doodle Ranch, North Carolina
Phone Number: (702) 497-5617
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Gore Doodle Ranch, North Carolina

HappyTail Puppies North Carolina

HappyTail Puppies, a collective of close-knit individuals, is dedicated to pairing robust puppies with their forever homes. Each Aussiedoodle breeder maintains a licensed and inspected private kennel, ensuring daily care and attention for the puppies.

They offer a variety of colors and coat options, including miniature Aussiedoodles. Additionally, they provide potty training equipment and training packages to aid in the puppies’ adjustment to daily life. Positive online reviews of HappyTail underscore the assurance of excellent service when you welcome your puppy into your home. 

Location: Oak Ridge, North Carolina
Website: HappyTail Puppies North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 444-6819
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of HappyTail Puppies North Carolina

Golden Star Family Puppies North Carolina

Golden Star Family Puppies

This North Carolina-based breeder, Golden Star Family Doodles, is dedicated to raising Aussiedoodles with love and care. Owned by Owen and his seven children, they work together to produce friendly and sociable Aussiedoodle puppies. You can expect a healthy and well-trained companion when you bring home your Aussiedoodle from them. From potty training to advanced commands, they ensure your puppy is well-prepared for your home.

Golden Star Family Doodles offers exceptional Aussiedoodles, excellent after-sales services, and a health guarantee. They are also reputable Golden Retrievers, Labradoodles, German Shepherds, and Goldendoodles breeders. Many satisfied customers return for more, impressed by their superior service and home-raised dogs.

To reserve a spot in their upcoming litters, kindly contact the breeder through the provided links.

Location: Union Grove, North Carolina
Website: Golden Star Family Puppies North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 244-5558
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Golden Star Family Puppies North Carolina

Charlotte Dog Club, North Carolina

Charlotte Dog Club

The Charlotte Dog Club, similar to the Georgia Dog Club in North Carolina, is owned by a consortium of licensed dog breeders. Over time, they’ve built a network of professional breeders, ensuring they can offer clients healthy and affectionate Aussiedoodle puppies.

To prioritize the well-being of their puppies, they’re willing to provide a generous ten-year health guarantee. Their North Carolina-based Aussiedoodle puppies are exceptionally well-adjusted to their surroundings and other dogs.

Clients find it a pleasure to work with this breeder, receiving rave reviews. To secure a spot for a future Aussiedoodle puppy, a non-refundable $200 initial deposit is required. You’ll be notified before the puppies are listed on their website, usually around six weeks old.

Location: Cleveland, North Carolina
Website: Charlotte Dog Club, North Carolina
Phone Number: (704) 761-6389
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Charlotte Dog Club North Carolina

Yadkin Valley Puppies North Carolina

Yadkin Valley Puppies

This experienced breeder in North Carolina specializes in standard-sized Aussiedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies. With over fifteen years of experience, this family-owned business is dedicated to producing adorable, healthy, and affectionate Aussiedoodle puppies. Their nurturing approach ensures you’ll bring home a friendly and worthwhile companion.

Before delivering your Aussiedoodle puppy, they ensure it receives essential puppy training, deworming, and vaccinations for optimal health. The professional breeders at Yadkin Valley Puppies are committed to assisting you even after you’ve taken your Aussiedoodle home, offering support through phone calls and text messages.

For reservations and inquiries, reach out to Samantha promptly, as their litters are in high demand and don’t last long.

Location: Boonville, North Carolina
Website: Yadkin Valley Puppies North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 428-7387
Facebook Page: Facebook page of Yadkin Valley Puppies North Carolina

Darlin’ Doodles North Carolina

Darlin' Doodles North Carolina

Darlin’ Doodles is a reputable breeder of micro and standard-sized Aussiedoodle puppies in North Carolina. They prioritize excellence in breeding preceding kennels to ensure top-quality care. They aim to send every customer home with a happy and healthy Aussiedoodle companion.

Before leaving their facility, each dog undergoes genetic testing to ensure they are free from hereditary diseases. Puppies receive vaccinations and a veterinarian check between two and six weeks of age. Darlin’ Doodles exposes their Aussiedoodle puppies too early neurological stimulation following standard puppy culture practices. Their thorough acclimation process results in exceptionally affectionate and friendly companions.

Darlin’ Doodles offers a robust three-year health guarantee, providing peace of mind for prospective pet owners. Don’t miss out on this opportunity – visit their website now to reserve a spot in their upcoming litters.

Location: Concord, North Carolina
Website: Darlin’ Doodles North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 870-3897
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Darlin’ Doodles North Carolina

Plum Farm Doodles North Carolina

Plum Farm Doodles, a family-owned venture established by Christan Hunsbedt, guarantees a positive temperament and the health of their standard-sized Aussiedoodle puppies through meticulous hands-on upbringing.

To secure a spot on their waiting list, a non-refundable $500 deposit is required. The typical wait time for a Plum Farm puppy is around three months. They can deliver the Aussiedoodle to your home within eight weeks of birth, or you can pick them up in Davidson, North Carolina.

These puppies receive thorough socialization, including interaction with adult dogs, cats, and children, as well as home desensitization, litter training, leash walking, and crate training, all aligned with the Badass Breeder Program. A one-year health guarantee is provided, with parent canines undergoing comprehensive genetic testing before breeding to prevent the transmission of hereditary diseases.

Location: Davidson, North Carolina
Website: Plum Farm Aussiedoodle Puppies

Crowders Mountain Doodles North Carolina

Crowders Mountain Doodles ensures that their Aussiedoodle puppies grow up in the breeder’s home, interacting with children, other dogs, and cats. This experience eases their transition to a new home.

The breeder strongly emphasizes ethically placing their well-raised and healthy puppies in loving homes. When you adopt from Crowders Mountain Doodles, you can expect continuous support regarding puppy care, socialization, and grooming.

They offer a variety of 400 Aussiedoodles with different coat colors and types. Each puppy has a comprehensive two-year health guarantee covering all genetic disorders. This North Carolina-based Aussiedoodle breeder is Embark DNA tested, Good Dog-approved, and even provides a sample of Trupanion pet insurance for your peace of mind.

Location: Gastonia, North Carolina
Website: Crowders Mountain Doodles North Carolina

Simply Grace Mini Aussiedoodles North Carolina

Stacy Tolley, situated in Rutherford County, North Carolina, founded Simply Grace Mini Aussiedoodles. This North Carolina-based breeder offers mini Aussiedoodle puppies weighing between 13 and 35 pounds, delivered to you at ten weeks old, ensuring optimal development alongside their mother and siblings.

Stacy incorporates various techniques into the puppies’ daily routine, including domestic desensitization, sound stimulation, crate training, and essential manners. They provide a one-year health guarantee that covers any genetic defects discovered after purchase.

While requesting specific coat colours is possible, please note that the lead time can extend to six months. Simply Grace excels in training their Australian doodles to healthily channel their energy and emotions. This breeder is highly regarded in North Carolina for their exceptional mini Aussiedoodle puppies.

Location: North Carolina
Website: Simply Grace Mini Aussiedoodles North Carolina
Phone Number:  (828) 233-1655

Hope’s Doodles North Carolina

Kaleigh Hinson, the owner of Hope’s Doodles in Winston Salem, North Carolina, passionately shares her love for Aussiedoodles with families looking to bring one into their lives. She ensures the health and well-being of each litter by carefully breeding genetically tested parents. Her commitment extends to nurturing positive temperaments and thorough socialization for these puppies to thrive in their forever homes. Kaleigh remains ready to provide ongoing support in raising her puppies, even after your dealings with Hope’s Doodles are complete.

Location: Winston Salem, North Carolina
Website: Hope’s Doodles North Carolina
Phone Number: (336) 986-4333

Moonrise Kingdom Aussiedoodles North Carolina

Amanda Birmingham, a certified groomer, is the proud owner of Moonrise Kingdom Aussiedoodles, located in Franklin, North Carolina. She holds recognition as an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and has been acknowledged by the American Kennel Club Canine College.

Moonrise Kingdom Aussiedoodles prioritizes producing healthy Aussiedoodles with stable temperaments for those seeking canine companions. Their dogs are microchipped, vaccinated, and come with health certificates. When you choose a puppy from them, you receive:

  • A two-year health guarantee covering hereditary diseases and inherited eye, bone, and heart disorders.
  • Puppies are exposed to enrichment techniques and training for improved social skills.
  • An AKC registration card.
  • A puppy starter bundle, complete with a house and dog training guide.
  • Lifetime breeder support.

Moonrise Kingdom provides standard-sized Aussiedoodles with an estimated three-month waiting period. Once a new litter arrives, you’re welcome to place your offer. 

Location: North Carolina
Website: Moonrise Kingdom Aussiedoodles North Carolina

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina

Finding reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina is not only a rewarding venture but a critical one, ensuring that your pup comes home well-socialized and healthy. Here are tips that make the search easier for trustworthy Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina:

Online Research:

Scan through search engines and or any social media platforms. Look for breeders with an informative website where the details of their breeding practices the health of their dogs are provided, and in which they publicly express their commitment to responsible breeding.

Local Breeders’ Clubs:

Contact the local breed clubs or federations of dog breeding within North Carolina. Such associations often maintain databases of people who feature among the best breeders for Aussiedoodle puppies in the state, and their members can help provide valuable referrals.

Ask for Referrals:

Speak to friends, family, and colleagues who own Aussiedoodles or dog breeds. They may know a few breeders they can recommend based on their experience.

Visit Breeders in Person:

Set up visits with the North Carolina Aussiedoodle breeders who are potential picks. This way, in person, you can examine the facility, view living conditions and weigh the puppies and their parents vocally and in a hands-on manner.

Health Testing:

A good breeder will consider the health of their breeding dogs. Ask after the health clearances identifying the most common genetic issues in Aussiedoodles, such as Von Willebrand’s disease and autoimmune thyroiditis. A good breeder willingly shares documented proof of health clearances.

Temperament and Socialization:

The breeder should focus on socializing his puppies. Should be well socialized, responding to stimuli by being brought up in a cosy environment.

Ask Questions:

Don’t be afraid to ask the breeder questions about their breeding program, the pup’s lineage, and what kind of care and training they give the pups. A good breeder will be willing to provide this information to you.


Check the reputation of Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina by reading reviews and asking for references from past puppy buyers.

Suppose you follow those tips, and perform due diligence on your search for Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina. In that case, chances are good that you bring home a healthy, well-adjusted, and happy companion for your entire family. Don’t forget that during the process, it’s vital to make sure dogs and puppies are being cared for every step of the way.

Aussiedoodle Breeders North Carolina

Are Aussiedoodles Aggressive?

Aussiedoodles are generally not in nature meant to be aggressive. They belong to a breed of versatile Australian Shepherds and Poodles known for their intelligence and friendly personality. Aussiedoodles typically have beautiful combinations of both wonderful traits; hence, they’re friendly, social and trainable. They are known for their warm and loyal nature, which makes them excellent family pets.

On the other hand, several features form the dog’s behavior: genetics, upbringing, socialization, and natural temperament. All dogs, including Aussiedoodles, can show emotive aggressive habits as a result of inadequate training and socialization or obtaining a history of trauma or neglect. Proper dog training and socialization are the only roles that make your Aussiedoodle well-adjusted and well-behaved in your home. With the appropriate care and attention, most Aussiedoodles are known to be loving and non-aggressive companions.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders North Carolina

When looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in North Carolina, one has to go the extra mile to get the perfect physical and temperament match for your family, so more research and meeting several breeders is almost mandatory. Indeed, with guidance and ensuring one visits breeders who have the best intentions of their litters at heart, you will bring home a very loving, intelligent and hypoallergenic Aussiedoodle. Considering the above factors to choose the right breeder will make finding the perfect Aussiedoodle for your North Carolina home rewarding and fun.

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