Aussiedoodle Breeders New York | List of Top 8 Local Breeders

Suppose you are in search of Aussiedoodle breeders in New York – welcome! The search for a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder in New York is worthwhile. Aussiedoodles are one of the most demanded and smart cross-breeds, known as friendly ones with no or low shedding. Many dedicated Aussiedoodle breeders in New York strive to raise healthy and well-socialized puppies.

When choosing an Aussiedoodle breeder in New York, it’s important to select dogs bred ethically that will be healthy throughout life, especially considering this relatively new breed. A good choice of breeding establishment ensures finding an ideal loving companion for many upcoming years.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in New York

Bliss Kennels Aussiedoodles New York

Bliss Kennels Aussiedoodles

Bliss Kennels stands out as the top Aussiedoodle breeder on our list due to their extensive 10+ years of doodle breeding experience, impeccable reputation, and unwavering commitment to their puppies’ well-being. Situated on a sprawling farm in Sussex County, New Jersey, just an hour from bustling New York City, they specialize in crafting F1 miniature Aussiedoodles for those seeking larger canine companions. Bliss Kennels has recently ventured into producing standard-sized Aussiedoodle pups. The mini Aussiedoodles tips the scales at 17 to 30 pounds, while their standard counterparts range from 35 to 70 pounds.

One of the endearing qualities of this breeder is their equitable pricing, with no extra charges based on coat color. Unlike some breeders who demand exorbitant sums for merle or tricolored Aussiedoodle pups, Bliss Kennels keeps their pricing simple and transparent. Puppies become available for pickup at eight weeks, having received thorough veterinary checkups and vaccinations. Additionally, Bliss Kennels initiates housebreaking and crate training for their Aussiedoodle puppies, ensuring a smoother transition into your loving home.

If you’re on the hunt for an Aussiedoodle, we highly recommend calling Bliss Kennels. They take pride in their responsive and approachable customer service, always ready to answer your queries. Furthermore, every puppy from Bliss Kennels comes with a lifetime health guarantee and continuous puppy support.

Location: New York
Website: Bliss Kennels Aussiedoodles New York
Phone Number: (973) 876-1680

The Left Paw New York

The Left Paw

The Left Paw is renowned for its outstanding customer service and the abundance of happy, healthy dogs in their care. They understand that finding a trustworthy facility can be a daunting task, with numerous factors to consider, particularly the well-being of the dogs. Rest assured, The Left Paw ensures all their canines receive essential vaccinations and thorough physical examinations. Importantly, they do not source dogs from puppy mills, guaranteeing the health of your future animal companion.

What sets The Left Paw apart is their open-door policy, eliminating any concerns you might have. Dr. John Charos, an affiliated veterinarian, conducts weekly checkups on all their dogs. The Left Paw exclusively chooses dogs from the most reputable breeders, fostering an environment where puppies can interact, play, and freely roam, promoting their well-being. Dogs here are not confined all day; this breeder prioritizes regular exercise to maintain physical fitness.

If The Left Paw aligns with your preferences, visit their website to acquire your new pet, and feel free to reach out for any remaining inquiries.

Location: New Hyde Park, New York
Website: The Left Paw New York
Phone Number: (516) 305-4220
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of The Left Paw New York  

Vanity Pups Boutique New York

Vanity Pups Boutique

Vanity Pups Boutique’s sole mission is to shower their puppies and customers with love and care. Since 2005, they have been nurturing puppies in well-maintained environments. This breeder welcomes you to their home to meet their puppies, and if you choose to adopt one of their furry family members, they will gladly provide you with the perfect companion.

Feel free to inquire with the Vanity Pups family about any questions you may have regarding their dogs. Vanity Pups Boutique has always operated as a family-owned breeder dedicated to offering New York City the most beautiful and healthiest puppies possible. All their dogs come from reputable Class-A breeders, ensuring top-notch quality. You can trust that you are getting the very best.

The contagious passion for dogs at Vanity Pups stems from their genuine love for these animals. Everyone there has a furry companion, and they deeply care for their dogs. This is why they exclusively source puppies from breeders who treat their dogs with utmost respect. Vanity Pups would never consider acquiring a puppy from a puppy mill or a facility that falls short of USDA requirements.

Location: Bayside, New York
Website: Vanity Pups Boutique New York
Phone Number: (718)224-3643
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Vanity Pups Boutique New York

Shake A Paw New York

Shake A Paw

Shake A Paw boasts two Long Island locations in New York, each dedicated to breeding the healthiest and happiest dogs in the state. Their commitment to canine well-being is unwavering. At Shake A Paw, you’ll discover an extensive and diverse array of dogs, including purebred and mixed-breed varieties. Their primary goal is to ensure every family seeking a puppy finds a perfect match.

Shake A Paw goes the extra mile by offering valuable information on puppy care, striving to provide high-quality puppies at affordable prices. They have nurtured strong relationships with reputable breeders nationwide, backed by over three decades of experience. When you adopt a new family member from Shake A Paw, you can trust in a lasting companion. They take immense joy in uniting families with their exceptional dogs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any inquiries or concerns. Their knowledgeable consultants are always at your service, ready to provide answers and guidance. Additionally, you can check their “Current Availability” page for information on Aussie Doodle puppies, complete with images, names, and additional details about the available pups.

Location: Lynbrook, New York
Website: Shake A Paw New York
Phone Number: (516) 825-7877
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Shake A Paw New York

Lakeside Doodles New York

Korey is the proprietor and breeder behind Lakeside Doodles, drawing on a lifelong passion for pets. Lakeside Doodles follows the Puppy Culture method to nurture top-tier, socially well-adjusted canines.

Their dog breeding program encompasses both petite and large Aussiedoodles. Feel free to contact Korey for inquiries regarding pricing and availability. Prices may vary based on the breed and size, with a $300 deposit required to initiate crafting your Aussiedoodle.

Lakeside Doodles offers a comprehensive package, including a two-year health guarantee and a spay/neuter agreement for their puppies. All pups undergo a health examination between 6-7 weeks of age and receive their initial vaccination.

When you bring your puppy home, expect additional items to accompany your new furry family member. Lakeside Doodles provides shipping to all locations, including those beyond New York. You can find more information on their website if you want to join their team. Additionally, Lakeside Doodles also breeds Goldendoodles.

Location: Williamson, New York
Website: Lakeside Doodles New York
Phone Number: (585) 506-7354
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Lakeside Doodles New York

Central Park Puppies New York

Central Park Puppies

Central Park Puppies, located in Yonkers, New York, is a reputable breeder specializing in Aussiedoodles. They take pride in producing healthy, robust, and issue-free Aussiedoodle crosses, emphasizing their commitment to your dog’s well-being over profit.

Before sending their Aussiedoodle pups to your home, Central Park Puppies ensures they undergo thorough vaccination and deworming. They also obtain the necessary CKC certification, and this breeder is transparent about your dog’s vaccinations and medical history.

Central Park Puppies offers various transportation options for your convenience. You can pick up your dog from the breeder or opt for home delivery. To start the process, place your order, which may require a down payment.

Rest assured that you’ll receive an intelligent, friendly, and healthy Aussiedoodle puppy from Central Park Puppies. Additionally, their puppies come equipped with microchips and a one-year health guarantee, covering genetic disorders for added peace of mind.

Location: Yonkers, New York
Website: Central Park Puppies New York
Phone Number: (914) 207-7558
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Central Park Puppies New York

Puppy Paradise New York

Puppy Sanctuary, a prominent New York-based Aussiedoodle breeder, holds a strong position in the industry. Their Aussiedoodle breeds receive expert care from professional breeders within a home environment.

For more information about their dogs, visit the Puppy Sanctuary website or contact them directly. They are always eager to provide you with any necessary details. These New York-born Aussiedoodle puppies are not only intelligent but also come microchipped.

Puppy Sanctuary takes the health of its puppies seriously, ensuring they receive vaccinations and deworming from a qualified veterinarian. This breeder offers delivery to all U.S. locations. Depending on your location, you can pick up your dog or request the breeder to arrange direct delivery via airplane or bus for your convenience.

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Website: Puppy Paradise New York
Phone Number: (718) 252-7877

Homespun Kennel New York

Homespun Kennel

Homespun Kennel lives up to its name by raising their dogs in a homey environment where the canines can roam, become familiar with human scents, and interact with people of all ages. With over four decades of experience since 1983, Susan serves as the primary breeder and owner of Homespun Kennel. They proudly hold an AKC license, and all their Aussiedoodles are registered with this prestigious organization.

In New York, their standard-sized Aussiedoodle puppies thrive in robust health. Homespun Kennel ensures that you receive the exact Aussiedoodle puppy you desire. Before delivering your adorable Aussiedoodle pup to your residence, they undergo vaccinations, deworming, and veterinary checkups and are equipped with a microchip for identification.

In addition to Aussiedoodles, Homespun Kennel also breeds American and Australian Shepherds. If you find this breeder appealing, explore their offerings on their website or contact them directly by phone.

Location: Dr, Saugerties, New York
Website: Homespun Kennel New York
Phone Number: (845) 246-1312
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Homespun Kennel New York

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Certainly, the Aussiedoodles are hypoallergenic, and the main reason for this is essentially their Poodle ancestry. Bred to form a lower-shedding hybrid with an eye on people with allergies.

Not every Aussiedoodle can be grouped as being hypoallergenic, and even those that shed less may still wind up causing some allergies in specific individuals. Shedding tendency usually relies upon what kind of coat your Doodle has been bestowed with, and genetics will dominantly control this aspect.

Moreover, most people believe that dog allergies can only be stimulated through their fur. The truth is that the allergens come from sources such as dander, saliva, and even urine. Dog fur is an excellent depot for these particles of allergenic agents, particularly in breeds with high rates of fur shedding. This causes a build-up of these agents within heavy-shedding dogs’ households.

Even those breeds that shed minimally still self-groom themselves and produce dog dander. However, because of their low shedding rates, they deposit far fewer dander particles, saliva, and urine on your furniture and other surfaces than high-shedders would. This makes Doodles ideal choices to have around anyone suffering from allergic reactions.

Are Mini Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Miniature Aussiedoodles, similar to the standard-sized ones, tend to come with hypoallergenic traits most of the time. The ability to hardly shed may be attributed to their Poodle ancestry and the possibility of a lesser spread of allergenic substances such as dander, saliva, or urine.

It should also be noted that “hypoallergenic” doesn’t translate to being completely allergy-free. Allergic reactions are subjective, and one person may respond more than others. A percentage of individuals may still possibly get allergic reactions from mini Aussiedoodles, but it will never be higher compared to breeds shedding so much.

The coat type of a mini Aussiedoodle can also impact the hypoallergenic qualities of that individual dog. Curlier coats, similar to those of Poodles, usually shed less and hold allergens more effectively.

If you or someone in your household is prone to allergies and are considering adding a mini Aussiedoodle as a pet, spending time with one before adoption would be ideal to test your sensitivity level and compatibility. Regular grooming and cleaning will aid in minimizing exposure to allergens.

Cute Aussiedoodle puppy in New York

How Big Do Aussiedoodle Get?

Aussiedoodles can vary depending on the Poodle parent’s size, either Standard, Miniature, or Toy, and the Australian Shepherd lineage, in particular, used to create an Aussie-Poo. In general, Aussiedoodles come in three different sizes:

  • Standard Aussiedoodles: They are the largest kind that typically stands from 20 to 23 inches (51-58 cm) tall at their shoulders and generally weigh between 40 to 70 pounds (18-32 kg).
  • Miniature Aussiedoodles: They stand around 12 to 18 inches (30-46 cm) tall at their shoulders, with a weight variation of about 15 to 40 pounds (7-18 kg).
  • Toy Aussiedoodles: The smallest of the three, toy Aussiedoodles typically stand less than 12 inches (30 cm) tall and weigh between 10 to 15 pounds (4.5-7 kg).

Keep in mind that variations often exist within each size category – and how large an adult Aussiedoodle ultimately grows will also depend upon the individual genetics of the dog in question. If you’re considering adopting an Aussiedoodle, it’s suggested that you inquire with the breeder or rescue for more accurate information about the size of a particular animal.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders New York

So, in case you plan to get an Aussiedoodle for your New York family, the best place to find a breeder is here. By searching “Aussiedoodle breeders in New York,” this keyword helps locate responsible breeders devoted to their dogs’ health and happiness. Since one needs a purebred puppy that will give love and affection into life, it’s important to choose such one from a suitable breeder. So relax, take time, ask questions, and make a wise choice about inviting a new member into your home.

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