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Finding quality Aussiedoodle breeders in Alberta may seem an overwhelming task, but no worries—it can be done with lots of excellent options. Aussiedoodles are exceedingly intelligent and loving companions for both families and individuals. In Alberta, breeders convey devotion to health, temperament, and proper socialization in each breeding program to ensure every pup receives the best possible start in life.

When you work with any of the elite Aussiedoodle breeders in Alberta, you will be embarking on a highly fulfilling process in the quest of welcoming your future four-legged loved one into your home. The standards from size preference and individual requirements to a miniature and cherished addition to the house are always guaranteed by Aussiedoodle breeders in Alberta.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alberta

Windy Ridge Aussiedoodles Alberta

Windy Ridge Aussiedoodles Alberta

Owned and operated by the Windy Ridge family, our Aussiedoodles breeding program specializes in producing hybrid dogs. Aussiedoodles, a cross between Poodles and Australian Shepherds, embody intelligence and adaptability. Known for their affectionate, devoted, tranquil, and gentle nature, they make outstanding family companions. These adaptable dogs love outdoor play but are just as content lounging at your feet, seamlessly adjusting to any lifestyle.

Nestled in scenic Southern Alberta, Canada, on an acreage, Windy Ridge Aussiedoodles provides a home where our puppies develop exceptional dispositions and temperaments. Raised alongside a large family and exposed to various animals, they receive excellent socialization. Our mission is to match these healthy, low-shedding, medium-sized dogs with caring homes for companionship, service, and therapy purposes.

Location: Raymond, Alberta, Canada
Website: Windy Ridge Aussiedoodles Alberta
Phone Number: (403) 715-4095​

Heritage Doodles Alberta

Heritage Doodles Alberta

We are a family of six! Kirk is an engineer who tries to bring in oil and gas, but sometimes it is the other way around. I am trying to homeschool our four. They have primarily influenced the individual characteristics of our household pet dogs. With each playing a specific role for dogs in dealing with them daily, the dogs are adaptive and pre-socialized.

My interest in the subject started due to my growing up in a dog-friendly environment and, more specifically, with my father’s deep affection for rescue dogs. Encounters with unpredictable rescues during childhood amplified my aspiration to produce exceptional family companions with excellent temperaments from premium bloodlines.

She does, however, come with great-grandparent-traced ancestry for both the sire and dam, DNA testing, and has been raised trauma-free from socialization onward, starting in infancy. Seeing the rescues come in and showing families what dogs are compatible with their home life is most fulfilling and rewarding.

Another passion that has been further reinforced for me is my past work in educating children on the autism spectrum. Using therapy canines and emotional support provides the opportunity to keep those, at least with kids and their families. Of course, we feel most honored to have our dogs being psychiatric service dogs as well as therapy dogs. Anyone interested may feel free to contact us for further information and references.

The focus is to have puppies that are brought up holistically from our prospective parents’ and guardians’ point of view. And, as much as we are particular about proper nutrition for our children to grow, we are over-serious regarding the health of our canines. We delve into current scientific studies for puppy rearing, homeopathy treatments, biological feed (raw), supplements, and all the latest litter for dog titer tests to avoid over-vaccination—all under stringent instructions of Dr. Qi, a wonderful vet associated with Calgary Holistic Clinic.

Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Website: Heritage Doodles Alberta
Phone Number: (403) 921-5475
Facebook Page: Facebook page of Heritage Doodles Alberta

Alberta Doodles Alberta

With precise selection, we secure the breeding of genetically healthy and free from hereditary diseases puppies, yet maintaining their friendly temperaments. Our dogs have genetic certificates and profiles available for each dog. They were shipped all over Canada.

Location: Alberta
Website: Alberta Doodles Alberta

Aussiedoodle Puppies

An Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed dog from two excellent breeds, Australian Shepherd and Poodle. The mix of both breeds would result in raising an agile and brilliant pet. Aussiedoodle puppies are such cute little fur babies with inheritances from their parents’ best traits that make them highly desired as companions and family pets.

Their hypoallergenic, low-shedding coats often fit people with allergies, and this is definitely one of the most wanted traits in Aussiedoodles. The dogs come in many different color variations: black, white, brown, and with various combinations of these colors.

Aussiedoodles are incredibly friendly and loving in temperament. They are great social animals since they adapt well to settings where there is much attention and interaction. Furthermore, they are a bit intelligent and tend to learn quite fast, besides doing great in obedience training and other agility activities as well.

Aussiedoodle puppies will need some form of regular exercise that will be enough to keep them both happy and healthy. Walking each day with intervals of playing plus interactive toys can be their initial position in their well-being.

When exploring the possibility of bringing an Aussiedoodle puppy into your home, it is a significant undertaking to find a quality breeder whose focus is on the health and welfare of their dogs. Equally important is early socialization and consistent training to create a well-behaved member of the family.

With its winning personality and charming good looks, the Aussiedoodle puppy offers joy and companionship to families all over the world.

How big does a mini aussiedoodle get?

How big does a mini aussiedoodle get? Miniature Aussiedoodle individual size will vary and be contingent, to a large extent, upon its genetic makeup, including the size of its parents. They may range in height, average, from 12 to 18 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 10 to 35 pounds when fully grown, with outside probabilities for some to land out of this range.

This is of primary importance that in a mini aussiedoodle since genetics will determine the final size, it will probably tend to be much smaller if one parent is a miniature Australian shepherd and another is a miniature poodle than if it is from another parent as a toy poodle.

The sizes of their parents and even pedigrees may be considered to determine how large a Mini Aussiedoodle would become. To grow healthy Mini Aussiedoodles, regular exercise, proper nutrition, and veterinary checks can be contributory.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alberta

Mini Aussiedoodle Size

The Mini Aussiedoodle commonly grows to around 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs between 10 and 25 pounds, depending on the specific breeding and the size of the parent dogs. It can change within the same litter, but in any case, genetics have a role in determining the final size of a particular puppy.

They are favored by families and singles who live in an apartment or a smaller dwelling because they are not only brilliant dogs, very energetic, but also offer a great deal of love with contact with humans that still tag along just like their cousins, although small-sized than the typical Aussiedoodles. They also are good playmates for families and active people. Coat-wise, they have the same features as Aussiedoodles; their coats, like Aussiedoodles, are known to be hypoallergenic, and they may shed very minimally; thus, these dogs will be good pets for everyone having allergies.

To find out if a mini Aussiedoodle will be suitable for your family, get into the exploration of those well-reputed mini Aussiedoodle breeders who have been enjoying their health and welfare. A mini Aussiedoodle is worth providing the proper care, training, and socialization to ensure a happy household companion dog for years to come.


If one is on the quest to find Aussiedoodle breeders in Alberta, then it should be from an acclaimed breeder who has respect for the breed and is hailed for ethical breeding. Aussiedoodle breeders in Alberta will offer a variety of options for puppies that can fit any lifestyle that a person may want to have their puppies accommodated in.

The choice of an established breeder will not only furnish you with a lovely fur baby, but the society will enjoy their responsible breeding. Either intelligence, loyalty, or playful natures related to Aussiedoodles. Taking a look at what established breeders in Alberta have to offer will be your first step in finding that perfect canine companion. Reputable Aussiedoodle breeders of Alberta will offer the help to ensure you acquire your lovely furry family addition.

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