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Are you looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Georgia? Don’t look any further. Georgia has many reliable and trustworthy Aussiedoodle breeders dedicated to producing healthy and well-socialized puppies. Whether you want a loyal companion, playful friend, or smart addition to your family, these breeders have developed skills to match you with the right Aussiedoodles. Their unique Aussie Shepherd and Poodle mix makes them adaptable to almost every situation, making them one of the most loving breeds. Speak with these reputed breeders about your options – which will it be?

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Georgia

Abounding Grace Doodles Georgia

This breeder’s site showcases an inspiring narrative. Laurie, the genius behind Abounding Grace doodles, was initiated into dog breeding by a friend, yet she’s mastered the entire process due to her canine passion. She’s a loving grandmother who cherishes her grandkids and regards her Aussiedoodles as her offspring. Commencing with meticulously chosen parent canines has yielded top-notch Aussiedoodles over the years.

Abounding Grace doodles crafts amiable and charming Aussiedoodles. Their canines boast prime health as parent dogs undergo rigorous genetic testing and treatment before breeding. Before delivery, their Aussiedoodle pups are vaccinated, registered, microchipped, and thoroughly examined, ensuring their well-being.

In Georgia, Abounding Grace Doodles ranks among the premier Aussiedoodle breeders. Hurry to their site to secure a spot in their upcoming litters.

Location: Snellville, Georgia
Phone Number: (678) 478-4376
Website: Abounding Grace Doodles Georgia
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Abounding Grace Doodles Georgia

Georgia Dog Club

The distinguished Georgia Dog Club is a leading breeder in Gordon County, the seat of Georgia’s county. Their remarkable five-star reviews eloquently testify to their excellence. Numerous satisfied patrons laud their unwavering commitment to ensuring a delightful existence for your cherished companion. Their post-purchase assistance is unparalleled, providing lifelong support and addressing queries about your newfound pet.

Their remarkable 10-year health guarantee is a standout feature, extending nearly the dog’s entire lifespan and encompassing potential genetic disorders in your precious Aussiedoodle pup. With a sharp focus on customer satisfaction, Georgia Dog Club garners glowing appraisals from contented customers.

In Georgia, their AKC-registered Aussiedoodle pups are promptly available for adoption. To secure a spot in their forthcoming litters, reach out to their team in advance; a $200 non-refundable deposit is required. This covers the initial two-week vaccination, microchipping, and dog registration. To ensure a smooth process, promptly explore their website and initiate the application procedure.

Location: Calhoun, Georgia
Phone Number: (706) 707-4479
Website: Georgia Dog Club
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Georgia Dog Club

Jokers Red Rose Farm Georgia

Daily, this breeder raises Aussiedoodles within their home environment. Their Aussiedoodles enjoy regular interaction with both humans and other creatures. This straightforward approach effectively fosters the development of sociable, friendly, and high-calibre Aussiedoodles.

At Joker’s Red Rose Farm, dedicated veterinarians oversee their dogs, focusing on newly bred Aussiedoodle puppies. This comprehensive examination encompasses eye and ear assessments and an evaluation of the dog’s overall internal and external health. To ensure the delivery of a healthy Aussiedoodle after eight weeks of breeding, the veterinarian administers early vaccinations and frequent deworming.

Pricing varies based on the chosen litter. To secure a spot in upcoming litters, it’s advisable to do so before their birth. A non-refundable initial deposit of $300 is necessary, with PayPal and Venmo accepted as deposit methods. Before departing their premises, Aussiedoodle puppies and adult canines receive microchipping, alleviating future concerns. Refer to their website for details regarding upcoming litters and to initiate the application process.

Location: Bremen, Georgia
Phone Number: (404) 274-4224
Website: Jokers Red Rose Farm Georgia
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Jokers Red Rose Farm Georgia

Big Doodle Dreams Georgia

Based in Blairsville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, Big Doodle Dreams is a family-operated Aussiedoodle breeder. Renowned for their exceptional care and compassion, they extend these qualities to their Aussiedoodle pups.

With each pup, a 2-year health guarantee, encompassing genetic disorders, is provided, underlining their commitment to your Aussiedoodle’s wellbeing. At the two-week mark, Aussiedoodle pups undergo immunization and deworming following standard health protocols. The parent dogs are meticulously matched and cared for to ensure the creation of the perfect Aussiedoodle pup for you.

Early foundational training, including housebreaking, is instilled in their Aussiedoodle pups. If more basic training is needed, this breeder, who doubles as a dog trainer, can assist. Furthermore, veterinary care is a priority in their care regimen.

Before delivery, each pup undergoes a thorough veterinary examination to guarantee its health. Only after passing this assessment are the pups deemed ready for placement. To explore the availability of their next litter, visit their website.

Location: Blairsville, Georgia
Website: Big Doodle Dreams Georgia
Phone Number: (706) 994-1678

Petland Kennesaw Georgia

In Kennesaw’s northwest, Petland Kennesaw is a renowned and top-tier dog breeder. With over 50 years in the field, they have become distinguished 5-star-rated professional Aussiedoodle breeders in Georgia.

Their focus is producing exceptional Australian shepherds, poodles, and dog breeds, including Aussiedoodles. Nourished with high-quality food, their dogs receive meticulous care, and their Aussiedoodle pups are initiated into rudimentary training like housebreaking. Regular bathing, grooming, and diligent attention prepare the puppies for their forever homes.

Before adoption, the breeder ensures that the Aussiedoodle pups undergo a complimentary initial veterinary examination and furnish health certificates with current vaccinations. Departing from Petland Kennesaw, you welcome home microchipped canines.

Having amassed a substantial following on social media, Petland Kennesaw upholds a reputable image. Customer satisfaction is paramount as they offer quality Aussiedoodle puppies. Supported by a one-year warranty, their dogs boast AKC registration.

Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Phone Number: (678) 498-5113
Website: Petland Kennesaw Georgia
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Petland Kennesaw Georgia

Uptown Puppies Georgia

Three core missions drive Uptown Puppies: forging connections with responsible and ethical breeders, offering educational resources to puppy owners, and advocating for the complete elimination of puppy mills while championing ethical breeding practices. Much like PuppySpot, this platform provides a comparable marketplace for procuring Aussiedoodle puppies.

Uptown Puppies’ breeders meticulously uphold the 47 standards of ethical dog breeding, earning them the coveted 5 Star Breeder approval badge. Their dedication extends to combating inadequate and illegal breeding practices, contributing to a solution-oriented approach.

Aussiedoodles from Uptown Puppies are renowned for their exceptional friendliness, intelligence, and hypoallergenic qualities. With an extensive array of Aussiedoodle puppies, you can select a cherished companion from a reputable breeder who treats your dog with the same care you would. Additionally, they facilitate pet transportation to Georgia.

Location: Georgia
Website: Uptown Puppies, Georgia

Aussiedoodles Southern Style Georgia

Aussiedoodles Southern Style, located in North Georgia’s South Metro Atlanta Area, is a humble breeder specializing in multicolored Aussiedoodles. Embracing domestic breeding, they offer hands-on care throughout the entire adoption journey.

All their Georgia-based Aussiedoodle puppies undergo scrutiny by the AKC and come with a spay or neuter agreement, should you welcome one into your home. Housebroken and well-prepared puppies find their forever families following meet-and-greet sessions.

Starting three days after birth, biosensor training commences. This regimen enhances heart rate and adrenal glands and bolsters resistance against stress and disease in their Aussiedoodle pups. Additionally, these exercises contribute to the physical stimulation of juvenile puppies.

Location: Georgia
Website: Aussiedoodles Southern Style Georgia
Phone Number: (404) 493-5666

Bestland Australian Labradoodles Georgia

Bestland Australian Labradoodles takes immense pride in raising intelligent, beautiful, and robust puppies for sale within Atlanta, Georgia, and beyond. Their services extend to shipping across various states and continents, including Europe and Australia. While exclusively specializing in Australian Labradoodles and not Aussiedoodles, these breeds share comparable traits and behaviors.

Every canine and pup affiliated with Bestland Australian Labradoodles boasts registration with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA). This signifies that only doodles with multi-generational lineage and comprehensive testing protocols are eligible for breeding.

Their website provides detailed profiles of the sires employed in their breeding program. Comprehensive information includes color, size, health status, pedigree, and more. Moreover, the behavior of these sires in real-life situations is described, assisting you in identifying the traits you wish to see in your future puppy.

At present, they offer an array of sires for breeding; all meticulously cared for in adherence to ALCA guidelines.

Location: Rome, Georgia
Website: Bestland Australian Labradoodles Georgia
Phone Number: (770) 709-8497

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Georgia

Finding a good Aussiedoodle breeder in Georgia takes some careful research and consideration. Here are a few tips to help you pick out the honest breeders:

  • Research: First, start with ample research online. Look for breeders’ websites, social media profiles, and even reviews. Reputable breeders commonly maintain well-maintained websites with information about their breeding practices, available puppies, and care tips.
  • Breed Club: Verify if the breeder is a member of breed clubs or associations relating to Aussiedoodles. Organizations, by natural extension, have promulgated guidelines on responsible breeding practices intended to reflect breed integrity, and belonging as a member denotes a commitment to the standards and ethics of breeds.
  • Referrals: Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or local veterinarians who may know reputable breeders in the area.
  • Health Testing: Reputable breeders put the health of their puppies first. They should do some health tests on their breeding dogs for common breed-related issues and provide the documentation to prove it so that you can be assured that the puppies would inherit a lower risk of inheriting genetic health problems.
  • Go to the Breeder: If possible, go to the breeder in person. This lets you see the living conditions of the dogs and puppies firsthand. It also allows you to ask questions and judge how much knowledge and care the breeder possesses.
  • Meet the Dogs: Interact with the breeding dogs and puppies. Look at their behavior, temperament, and living conditions. A good breeder should have well-socialized and happy dogs.
  • Ask questions: Create a list of the questions you want the breeder to ask. Discuss their breeding practices, how they handle puppy socialization, vaccination protocols and any guarantees they offer. A responsible breeder will be happy to answer your questions openly.
  • Contracts, guarantees: Reputable breeders will normally be able to give you a formal contract that explains the conditions of sale and any health assurances for the puppy. Ensure you understand and agree to all the stipulations before committing.
  • Transparent Pricing: Beware of breeders with considerably lower prices than average. Quality breeding entails costs such as health testing, proper care and socialization. Prices that seem awfully good might indicate shortcuts in how the breed is being bred or produced.


If you are ready to receive an Aussiedoodle into your home in Georgia, these breeders are a great place to start. With knowledge and passion for the breed, you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re going to be able to find yourself a healthy and happy Aussiedoodle puppy who knows how to make life so much better over the years. Don’t wait around; connect with those Georgia-based breeders if you want your search for that perfect furry friend to begin.

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