Aussiedoodle Breeders Michigan | List of Top 8 Local Breeders

If you’re looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan, search no further! Getting the perfect furry friend is much more manageable when your life partner, an Aussiedoodle breeder in Michigan, helps foster healthy and well-socialized pups raised for dog lovers like yourself. By buying from reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan — not only will a new founding member join the family but can ensure that future trips await with collected memories and companionship. Starting today to make lifelong connections with breeders of Aussiedoodles in Michigan begins here.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Michigan

Old Mills Aussiedoodles Michigan

This is a reputable breeder from Michigan, lauded for their unwavering trustworthiness and exceptional customer care. They specialize in producing mini and standard-sized Aussiedoodle puppies, meticulously trained to become exceptional family companions.

Old Mills Aussiedoodle puppies undergo nurturing through the puppy culture approach, resulting in remarkable temperaments. Their boundless energy is balanced by early exposure to various environments. These young pups commence socialization at an early age, interacting with individuals spanning all age groups, from infants to other dogs in their surroundings.

The adult progenitors are skilled therapy dogs of the utmost quality, undergoing regular assessments and approvals for breeding purposes. On January 24, 2022, their inaugural offspring of the year will become available for adoption. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive two-year health guarantee alongside enduring breeder support. Kindly visit their website for the most up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

Location: Battle Creek, Michigan
Website: Old Mills Aussiedoodles Michigan
Phone Number: (269) 993-8544
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Old Mills Aussiedoodles Michigan

Aussiedoodle Michigan

Lisa and Dale Dolinger are the proprietors of this esteemed Aussiedoodle breeding establishment in Michigan. Aussiedoodle Michigan holds official registration and oversight from the American Kennel Club, exclusively offering standard dog variants.

They specialize in creating high-quality, vibrant canines. Nonetheless, the pricing of their Aussiedoodle pups fluctuates based on coat color. These Aussiedoodles are extensively socialized, proving delightful companions for their forever families.

Before commencing the breeding process, they meticulously ensure the genetic soundness and good health of the parent dogs. This diligence guarantees the production of robust Aussiedoodles, free from hereditary abnormalities. Given the substantial demand for their breeds, it’s advisable to contact them for reservations in their upcoming litter promptly.

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Website: Aussiedoodle Michigan
Phone Number: (734) 417-8431
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Aussiedoodle Michigan

Red Bud Beautiful Doodles Michigan

Situated in Berrien Springs, Michigan, Red Bud Exquisite Doodles is a family-operated canine breeder specializing in producing vibrant and healthy Aussiedoodle pups. Early socialization and foundational puppy training, encompassing housebreaking and crate acclimation, are integral to shaping your household’s most amiable Aussiedoodle companions.

Presently in stock are F1 and F1B Aussiedoodle puppies. F1 lineage results from the crossbreeding of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, while F1B derives from an adult Aussiedoodle and a Poodle. DUE TO ITS REDUCED MATTING PROBABILITY, the F1B variety tends to command a higher price.

Committed to your utmost satisfaction, they extend a 2-year health guarantee for their Michigan Aussiedoodle puppies. Red Bud Beautiful Doodles stands ready to accommodate your inquiries and orders promptly.

Location: Berrien Springs, Michigan
Website: Red Bud Beautiful Doodles Michigan
Phone Number: (269) 370-1541
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Red Bud Beautiful Doodles Michigan

Strahan Farms Aussiedoodles Michigan

Strahan Farms Aussiedoodle is overseen by a quartet of seasoned dog enthusiasts, deeply passionate about the art of dog breeding. Their primary focus lies in the meticulous breeding of robust Aussiedoodles and Shepadoodles.

Situated in Michigan, their Aussiedoodle pups exhibit minimal to non-existent shedding. They commence fundamental dog training at a tender age and undergo extensive socialization within their surroundings, ensuring they’re primed for their future homes.

Strahan Farms is open for deposits on their mini and standard Aussiedoodle litters, with anticipated maturity dates in February and April, respectively. Deposits are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and payment can be made conveniently via Mastercard, Visa, or PayPal. Secure your spot for an exceptional Aussiedoodle puppy in Michigan’s upcoming litter with a non-refundable deposit of $300.

Location: Grass Lake, Michigan
Website: Strahan Farms Aussiedoodles Michigan
Phone Number: (734) 476-1864
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Strahan Farms Aussiedoodles Michigan

Danie’s Darling Doodles LLC, Michigan

Danie’s Darling Doodles, LLC was established by Danielle Wright, a seasoned northern Michigan breeder specializing in Aussiedoodles. With her extensive dog breeding expertise, she’s dedicated to crafting exceptional, well-mannered mini Aussiedoodle puppies in Michigan, generously sharing her knowledge with aspiring breeders.

They offer a rich socialization experience for your canine, engaging with diverse individuals and dog breeds.

Nurtured within a loving home environment, the puppies receive abundant affection and training grounded in puppy culture methods. After eight weeks, a thorough veterinary examination, deworming, and vaccination protocols are adhered to, ensuring the delivery of a robust and healthy Aussiedoodle pup.

Stay updated through their newsletter for the latest litter availability and pricing details. Local patrons can visit the breeder, while those seeking information on litter and bookings can engage through provided social media handles.

Location: Otisville, Michigan
Website: Danie’s Darling Doodles LLC Michigan
Phone Number: (810) 252-9725
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Danie’s Darling Doodles LLC Michigan

Premo Creek Puppies, Michigan

Dave and Deb Claus, a retiree couple, embarked on their journey to breed and nurture healthy Aussiedoodle puppies, destined to become cherished companions. They praise the Aussie doodle’s hypoallergenic traits and affectionate nature, making them an ideal choice for families. With seven children, sixteen grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, these Michigan Aussiedoodle puppies for sale bask in abundant love during family gatherings.

Operating from Crystal Falls, Michigan, they raise toy, mini, and standard Aussiedoodle canines. Notably, their Aussiedoodles are attractively priced between $1,200 and $1,500, offering affordability below the average rate for Michigan Aussiedoodle breeders. It’s a wise choice for those with budget constraints or seeking cost-effective pups.

Reserving an Aussiedoodle pup requires a $100 non-refundable deposit. While they recommend pick-up from their kennel, they also offer delivery options to various locations, including Green Bay, Mackinac Bridge, and Iowa. Rest assured; their Aussiedoodles undergo rigorous genetic testing to eliminate potential health concerns. 

Location: Crystal Falls, Michigan
Website: Premo Creek Puppies Michigan
Phone Number: (319) 350-9338
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Premo Creek Puppies Michigan

Awesome Doodles Michigan

Awesome Doodle represents a collective of families spread throughout the United States who prefer not to be labelled as “breeders.” They take immense pride in their puppy-raising methodologies. Their journey began in 2012 when a healthy litter of Aussiedoodle puppies found caring homes, quickly gaining recognition for their unparalleled quality. Hundreds of families from various locations in the United States, including Dallas, Kentucky, Atlanta, and Wisconsin, have embraced their litters.

At Awesome Doodle, their canines are accustomed to receiving ample human attention. They are committed to puppy rehabilitation if you are unavailable and offer lifelong support to pet owners, including assistance with behavior modification and other valuable resources.

A wide array of color options are available, including red tri-color, red tuxedo, red phantom, red merle with white/copper, phantom blue merle, black tuxedo, and more. The typical waiting period for their Aussiedoodle puppies falls within one to four months.

One distinctive feature at Awesome Doodle is their live camera access, which monitors your puppy 24/7 from birth until it reaches your home. This ensures you can vigilantly oversee your pup’s health and safety from the outset.

For a deeper understanding of the experience of raising their canines, you can peruse interviews with families who have nurtured Awesome Doodle puppies on their website. 

Location: Michigan
Website: Awesome Doodles Michigan
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Awesome Doodles Michigan

Aussiedoodle Haven Michigan

Aussiedoodle Haven, nestled in Grass Lake, Michigan, is under the stewardship of Cheryl and Bill Laimon. Cheryl’s fascination with Aussiedoodles ignited thirteen years ago, leading her to a dedicated pursuit of breeding offspring distinguished by exceptional temperaments and robust health.

This establishment offers nearly hairless, hypoallergenic Aussiedoodle puppies in the Moyen (small standard) size. To secure a place on their waiting list, a non-refundable fee of $200 is required. Aussiedoodle Haven, as a modest-scale breeder in Michigan, typically produces just one or two litters each year. Their canines are accompanied by a comprehensive two-year warranty, covering congenital or genetic defects that might risk the pup’s life.

Prospective puppy owners should be aware of the stringent visitation policies in place. These policies grant the breeder the authority to determine the timing and conditions of visitation, such as examining the puppies only after a deposit has been placed. Additionally, Aussiedoodle Haven firmly discourages air travel, advising that you either collect your puppy in person or arrange a meeting halfway.

For safety reasons, bringing your pet companion during a visit is prohibited. However, Cheryl assures excellent temperaments and social skills in her puppies. At eight weeks of age, their Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Michigan can be brought home. 

Location: Grasslake, Michigan
Website: Aussiedoodle Haven Michigan
Phone Number: (517) 522-8970

How Much Does an Aussiedoodle Cost?

The price of an Aussiedoodle depends upon several factors, including the size and color of the puppy, generation, and reputation of AussieDoodle breeders in Michigan. A standard Aussiedoodle will run between $1,200-$3,000 to buy. Miniature ranges from $1,800-$5,000; however, higher quality providers tend to charge more than lower quality providers due to greater emphasis on health and temperament breeding practices. You should research reputable breeder options for your Aussiepoo pup to ensure a healthy pup is raised well by good parentage care.

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan

When choosing among reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan, take your time and follow a careful selection process. Here are some comprehensive tips to guide you:

  • Online Research: Begin your search by conducting in-depth online research. Use specific keywords like “Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan” to narrow down the scope of your search to local breeders who specialize in Aussiedoodles.
  • Check Reviews and Testimonials: Visit the websites of possible breeders, which should include customer reviews and testimonials. These will provide first-hand feedback from previous buyers on experiences trying to get their Aussiedoodle puppies from Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan.
  • Ask for Referrals: Recommend recommendations from local dog clubs, veterinarians, and fellow pet owners in Michigan. They may recommend good breeders based on their contact with them.
  • Health Testing: Good breeders prioritize their dogs’ health and welfare above all else. Question prospective breeders about what kind of testing they do concerning parent dogs and puppies; they are more than happy to go into excellent detail regarding these subjects.
  • In-Person Inspection: Schedule a visit wherever possible to check out the breeding facility reviewed you’re researching. You look at living conditions for the dogs, overall cleanliness, and how consistently they keep providing proper care for the puppies.
  • Ask Questions: Make a list of questions to ask Michigan’s potential Aussiedoodle breeders, such as where the puppy was raised, if and how socialized, vaccinated and any known genetic health issues.
  • Meet the Parents: Meeting your future pet’s parents can give insight into its temperament and possible physical traits. Reputable breeders are usually proud to show their breeding dogs off, too.
  • Go in Eyes Open: Watch for those red flags from breeders that evade your questions or have several litters available at once interested only in selling but not caring for puppies either.


Research is one of the essential steps in how to take care of finding reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan. You can use keywords like “Aussiedoodle breeders in Michigan” and be thorough with your investigation by reading reviews, getting referrals, and visiting the breeder themselves. Health or wellbeing should take precedence over everything when it comes to puppies. Look through contracts. Trust yourself when you know it’s time to select one nearby breeder from numerous prospected suitors who could bring joy daily by giving them a forever friend – an Aussiedoodle.

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