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Are you looking for a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder in Nova Scotia? Look no further! Aussiedoodles are most loved due to their intelligence and amiable dispositions, making the perfect choice for a family or simply getting a companion. Getting an Aussiedoodle puppy in Nova Scotia from only reputable breeders can be such a hectic maze.

But indeed, one of these will link you to some of the best Aussiedoodle puppy breeders in Nova Scotia, that you will never have much to worry about. This is more so striking in that it is a hypoallergenic dog, the combination of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle that will fit right in with any lifestyle.

Check out the list of  Aussiedoodle Breeders in Nova Scotia today. They have experience and commitment and will do what it takes to bring you the healthiest, most socialized pups.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Nova Scotia

Sunny View Doodles, Nova Scotia

Welcome to Sunny View Doodles, with the defining quality of home-operated functions for all standards required by governing ministries under proper regulating bylaws. Our expertise within the past 30 years of experience includes breeds such as Australian Labradoodles and Goldendoodles in Mini, Medium, Standard, and Aussiedoodles.

The Doodle family journey began in 1993 with Standard Goldendoodle and Standard Aussiedoodle puppies. Joining this line over the years were the medium and mini Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles, which have been, if possible, home-raised to grow this bloodline in our breeding program.

Located near St. Jacobs, Ontario, in the tranquil countryside, Sunny View Doodles Kennel breeds ethically home-raised, healthy, sound-minded companions. All breeder-owned puppies and their parents, for that matter, were health checked strictly by registered veterinarians. All also follow ministry legislation and our governing bylaws.

Our commitment to ethically breeding transcends involving our children in the process. It extends even further with our grandchildren, who have taken key roles in our business by caring for the puppies through their upbringing and socialization. As the kids grew and moved from the nest to marry, they continued the passion within a new family. The family pack of dogs now includes the younger generations overseeing and caring for them, crafted from Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and Poodles.

We enjoy matching our puppies with loving and caring homes, ensuring they end up in forever homes.

Location: Nova Scotia
Website: Sunny View Doodles, Nova Scotia
Phone Number: (519) 573-8133

Scotia Doodles, Nova Scotia

Welcome to ScotiaDoodles, where we breed Multi-Male Australian Labradoodles. Home to the realization of world-class Multi-Male Australian Labradoodles for your family. Home of Multi-Male Selections for excellent temperament and non-allergic qualities, with non-shedding coats.

A mix between a Labrador and a Poodle is not just a mix of those two breeds but a perfect result of a carefully refined breed through generations, made for companionship. This dog is intelligent and a willing companion, being excellent with children and making a good all-around family pet—the best of both breeds.

Nestled in the bottom of the northern part of Halifax, Nova Scotia, we are an in-house, small-scale breeder in this single acre next to a lake, but with a small park adjacent to the other side contiguously with our property. The dogs are well taken care of, with enough area to play and be exposed to. They are nurtured and grown under family-like conditions with my son and me. Add in the fact that remote work means your dogs are really with you seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and you’ve got some of the happiest dogs on the planet.

We invite you to surf our site and read about our program in more detail. Should you have any questions or even just a clue, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Every day, we have a single change on a site to keep up with the latest improvements in our most zagged breed program for these little Doods.

Location: Nova Scotia
Website: Scotia Doodles, Nova Scotia

Are Aussiedoodles hyper?

Aussiedoodles have varying levels of energy, which is associated with some breeds of dogs, generally determined by genetics, certain personalities, or how one was raised. It was possible that an Aussiedoodle would cherish much-treasured energy relatively high, which may be looked at and perceived as being excited, for instance, about play, exercise, or mental stimulation.

Aussiedoodles can do well, provided things fall in the right place with the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. But Aussiedoodles can be channelled perfectly through proper training, socialization, and exercise to become a well-balanced companion. Aussiedoodles enjoy anything involving any physical activity and mental stimulation.

That would accompany you in understanding and meeting the distinctive needs of your Aussiedoodle, the involvement in interactive playing, dealing in obedience training, and the inclusion of structured routines to ensure peace around you adorning your pal.

Do Aussiedoodles like to cuddle?

Yes, Aussiedoodles would want to cuddle with their owners. Aussiedoodles are affectionate and always loyal to their human friends, so they look for possible ways to bond with them. Be it in the house on the couch or in bed, while in the home environment, Aussiedoodles mostly love taking in the warmth and proximity that comes from cuddling with the owners.

The need for touch and physical nearness combine to cement a dog’s relationship with those it loves and bring security and comfort to the dog and its family. Like all other dogs, each Aussiedoodle will differ; some may love cuddling more than others. All of this loving, responsive behavior you provide is paid back in kind, full force, by the Aussiedoodle into a powerful, loving relationship with you.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders Nova Scotia

How much should I pay for an Aussiedoodle?

The price of an Aussiedoodle will range between that and a lot, as it usually depends on the reputation of the breeder, the excellence of the parent Aussiedoodles, the parent’s pedigree, the coat color, and the size of the dog. An Aussiedoodle pup from a good breeder will run between $1,000 to $3,000 on average. Drill it into your head that you will be in for a lot more money if you are looking for puppies out of top-notch bloodlines or unicorns with excellent coat colors and markings.

Always make sure to perform the proper research and take your time searching for a good and responsible breeder who indeed cares for his dogs. Stay away from the low price side, as this is a clear hint of indifferent breeding, overall lousy quality, or some health-related problems in the puppies.

Be sure to also include in the budget all the remaining expenses that shall be covered regularly: vet activity, food, grooming, training, and welcome accessories for your new furry friend.

What is an Aussiedoodle lifespan?

The average lifespan of an Aussiedoodle revolves around 10-15 years. The entire bundle of factors determining a dog’s life—genetics, general health, diet, exercise, decent living conditions—may choose a dog’s life, as any dog would say. Regular visits to the vet, good food, exercise, proper mental stimulation, loads of love, and attention guarantee you a lifelong companion in the form of an Aussiedoodle. Identifying and treating the morbid symptoms promptly will undoubtedly push up the years that your beloved Aussiedoodle will linger around.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle breeder in Nova Scotia

Are you looking for a good and reliable Aussiedoodle breeder in Nova Scotia? Our directory has on record many experienced and ethical breeders who breed Aussiedoodles from Nova Scotia.

An Aussiedoodle from a good breeder in Nova Scotia will ensure that bringing it home ensures joy and companionship for life. Aussiedoodles are among the perfect dogs that make good playmates to children and great companions to ailing, elderly grandparents. Check out our directory with the best Aussiedoodle breeders Nova Scotia has to offer in your quest to make that perfect new addition to your lovely family.

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