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Are you looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in New England? Look no further! Aussiedoodles are a popular crossbreed known for their intelligence and hypoallergenic qualities, making them an excellent choice for family homes. When it comes to purchasing your new pup, responsible breeding is essential across New England, which is where we can help.

Our knowledgeable Aussiedoodle breeders list strive to bring you healthy and happy puppies that will become cherished additions to your household. We work hard at the well-being and socialization of our pups so they are fully prepared for their forever families. If you’re serious about finding an Aussiedoodle in New England, get in touch today to learn more about our unbeatable breeding program.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in New England

Harmony Hill Doodles New England

Harmony Hill Doodles offers one of New England’s best Aussie doodle breeders, focusing on quality parentage and superior bloodlines, creating great canines for beautiful homes. They mainly specialize in Australian and Bernedoodles to produce only top-quality breeds with a great lineage.

With a focus on healthy parentage and impressive bloodlines, Harmony Hill Doodles assures well-rounded, socialized pups. Their commitment to breeding strong, well-balanced pets is unsurpassed. Some special services offered include a 2-year health assurance from life-threatening congenital issues and initiating early dogs’ socialization while raising them among children.

The only catch is they offer lifetime support regardless of how old your Aussiedoodle is. Intensive health screenings are carried out on the parents of every puppy to guarantee its good condition for the first few years with you. In addition to having a guardian program and love, Harmony Hill Doodles maintain their canines on an ideal diet that promotes a long life.

Don’t sit back – submit a puppy application today to be considered for receiving one of these gorgeous Harmony Hill Doodles.

Location: Rochester, Massachusetts, New England
Website: Harmony Hill Doodles New England
Phone Number: (508) 728-3697
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Harmony Hill Doodles

Sterling Brook Doodles New England

Sterling Brook Doodles is the second breeder in New England to offer Aussiedoodle puppies. They are committed to providing a healthy and joyful beginning for their puppies, ensuring top-notch quality when you purchase from them. Each young pup is given loving and meticulous care.

As a family-run operation, Sterling Brook Doodles considers its Aussiedoodles part of the family and maintains the highest quality standards. With over a decade of experience, they offer exclusive, premium breeds you won’t find elsewhere.

They remain readily available to answer your queries and address any concerns even after adopting a puppy from them. Aussiedoodles are naturally comfortable around people and other animals thanks to their thorough socialization.

In addition to Aussiedoodles, they offer Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles, ensuring that every potential pet parent receives a puppy with the right temperament. Reach out via email, and they will respond promptly. The sooner you get in touch, the better.

Location: Sterling, Connecticut, New England
Website: Sterling Brook Doodles New England
Phone Number: (401) 487-4036
Facebook Page: Facebook Page Sterling Brook Doodles

Cuddly Doodes New England

Cuddly Doodes New England

Located in the great, beautiful town of Jay, Maine, Cuddly Doodes deals with high-quality Aussiedoodle puppies for sale from a reputable facility in New England. They are a family-run place that ensures its dogs receive top care and love.

Their dogs like being active and playful as they enjoy games such as fetch, ball, and Frisbee. Moreover, hiking on walking trails is no exception to these great cuddlers. Your best place to find versatile, home-raised, socialized, well-mannered, healthy Aussiedoodles is at Cuddly Doodes.

They have only the friendliest puppies to offer, with no room for sickly or unwell ones here. When you adopt from Cuddly Doodes, you will be able to feel that you are part of their extended family, as they indeed emphasize the need for photographs when submitting your application.

With a strong emphasis on a dedicated puppy culture program and early neurological stimulation, all experiences will be positive. To ensure optimum health in all dogs, they’re fed up with duck eggs, goat yogurt, and milk.

Cuddly Doodes offers a well-rounded experience, even the acclimation of puppies to car trips, so you get an Aussiedoodle that loves riding in cars. When purchasing from this breeder, you will also receive a leash and collar set, puppy food, a variety of toys, a microchip booklet, and full medical records. As if all these bonuses weren’t enough, their dogs have a 2-year warranty against life-threatening defects.

Location: Jay, Maine, New England
Website: Cuddly Doodes New England
Phone Number: (207) 330-1814
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Cuddly Doodes New England

NEK Doodles New England

NEK Doodles New England

NEK Doodles, a small-scale breeder, considers their canines part of the family, providing them with a strong foundation for development.

Your search ends here if you seek a companion dog with an outstanding temperament. Genetic testing is conducted to ensure the availability of only the best puppies, and they receive training and socialization.

Their unique approach sets NEK Doodles apart, allowing prospective pet parents to connect with new puppies through webcams from day one. You need to reserve a litter box, making establishing a bond with your Aussiedoodle easier.

Positive behavioral conditioning is employed to familiarize puppies with various commands and situations, resulting in a responsive and quick-learning dog. NEK Doodles’ Aussiedoodles typically weigh between 30 to 40 pounds and come in various colors, including Black & White and Merle.

Location: St. Johnsbury, Vermont, New England
Website: NEK Doodles New England
Phone Number: (443) 465-0706

The Honest Egg Doodles New England

The Honest Egg Doodles New England

The Honest Egg Doodles, a top New Hampshire Aussiedoodle breeder, is known for raising mini Aussiedoodle puppies. This family-run kennel, located in Hampton Falls, NH, has a rich history in breeding, starting with Cockapoos and later focusing on Aussiedoodles. They prioritize extensive knowledge, hands-on care, and top-quality breeding.

Their breeding journey began when they joined a family-owned Cockapoo business, falling in love with the process. They transitioned to breeding their favorite breed, Aussiedoodles, after gaining years of experience in the Cockapoo industry. Their dedication to raising and training puppies sets them apart.

The Honest Egg Doodles takes pride in raising all puppies and adult dogs in their home, with every family member contributing to the breeding program. They emphasize attentive care, nurturing, and love for puppies and parents.

They ensure the best upbringing for their puppies by utilizing renowned programs like Jane Killion’s Puppy Culture and Jeanette Forrey’s Badass Breeder. Their journey began in 2009 when they started raising chickens at home, later expanding to turkeys, goats, pigs, and guinea fowl.

Initially focused on egg production and occasional poultry sales, they upheld the highest livestock-rearing standards, earning the name “The Honest Egg” for their transparent and trustworthy practices. After their youngest child was born, they focused solely on breeding puppies, establishing The Honest Egg Doodles as a leading breeder.

Their puppies follow a structured daily curriculum, fostering extraordinary confidence and strong bonds with humans. The breeder prioritizes raising fearless puppies over promoting fearful behaviors. Daily interaction and thorough temperament evaluations ensure well-adjusted and friendly canines before they find permanent homes.

Location: Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, New England
Website: The Honest Egg Doodles New England
Phone Number: (603) 583-1270

Misty Acres Aussies New England

Misty Acres Aussies is a small-scale Aussiedoodle breeder. They focus on breeding Aussiedoodles with top-tier health, temperament, and appearance. Consider this breeder if you’re seeking healthy, beautiful, well-behaved Aussiedoodles.

Misty Acres Aussies and Misty Acres Australian Shepherds are both owned by the same family, and they raise puppies in their household. Located in New Hampshire’s Lake Sunapee region, they serve the entire state and neighboring areas like Maine and Massachusetts.

Their five-acre estate houses chickens, goats, and horses alongside other animals, with puppies and dogs living indoors as part of the family. The breeder takes strict measures to ensure the safety of their puppies.

Due to past health concerns stemming from visitors, they no longer allow visitors on the premises. A few years ago, two litters were lost due to visitors carrying diseases on their shoes and clothing. To protect their puppies and dogs, the breeder ceased allowing farm visits.

To compensate for this, they regularly send videos and photos to customers, documenting the puppies’ progress on their Facebook page. Socialization is a primary focus, exposing the puppies to various sounds, sights, children, and other animals to prepare them for domestic life.

Depending on the season, the breeder transitions the puppies to a climate-controlled kennel between four and six weeks old. All canines are at least eight weeks old and receive vaccinations and thorough veterinary examinations before entering their new homes.

Tail docking and deworming are completed before the puppies reach eight weeks of age. These charming puppies come with a clean bill of health, a one-year genetic health guarantee, and a two-year guarantee on their hips and eyes. They are sold with Limited Registration, meaning they cannot be bred.

Location: New Hampshire, New England

Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC

Massachusetts Bernedoodles specializes in breeding micro and mini first-generation Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles, producing exceptionally healthy and charming puppies. In Ashby, Massachusetts, MBD is an ethical and kennel-free dog breeder.

MBD follows a “waiting list” adoption approach, where interested individuals must fill out a form, contact them via email or phone, and pay the required deposit. However, joining the waiting list is not mandatory if puppies are available immediately.

One distinctive feature of this breeder is the 24/7 live-streaming puppy cameras, exclusively accessible to MBD customers. This allows them to observe their canines’ daily activities, ensuring transparency and connection.

MBD prioritizes round-the-clock care for puppies and adult dogs, prioritizing their comfort and happiness. They consider all their breeding dogs part of the family, rejecting the notion that dogs exist solely for reproduction. Their dogs enjoy a kennel-free environment, free to roam, play, and explore the backyard.

Location: Ashby, Massachusetts, New England
Website: Massachusetts Bernedoodles LLC New England
Phone Number: (978) 956-4838

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Aussiedoodles are generally considered hypoallergenic, but it is vital to know that there isn’t any genuinely hypoallergenic canine breed. Hypoallergenic means less probable to incite allergic reactions in people who experience such responses to allergens like pet dander and saliva. Aussiedoodles are crossbreeds of Australian Shepherds and Poodles. Both include low-shedding coat qualities, which many Aussiedoodles bring from their parent lines when they advance into adults with little fur shedding, which might bring along some allergen together with them.

However, there will always be individual differences, and some Aussiedoodles may still produce allergens to a certain extent. People’s allergies can also differ, so what would be considered hypoallergenic for one person will not be as for another. If you have allergies and are contemplating an Aussiedoodle, spend time with the dog first to see if you react before bringing him home. Regular grooming and cleaning practices should help lessen the amount of exposure to allergens.

Aussiedoodle dog in New England

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in New England

Finding a good breeder in New England requires research and careful consideration on how to find them so that you do not bring a sick or poorly cared puppy into your home. These tips will allow you to find a reputable breeder:

  • Research the Breed: Begin your research by reading up on the breed of an Aussiedoodle. Understand their temperament, characteristics, size, exercise demands, and grooming requirements. See if an Aussiedoodle is the right dog for you.

  • Get References: Reach out to local vets, trainers, and other area residents with dogs. The best references are often from personal experiences regarding finding reputable breeders.

  • Turn to Online Resources: Seek out potential New England breeder’s online listings. Reputable breeders have excellent websites detailing how they conduct breeding and available puppies.

  • Contact the Breeders: Establish contacts with the breeders on your list and talk to them at length. Ask about their breeding procedures, policies on health testing, how puppies are brought up socially, care of all dogs under their custody, and new litter bred. A responsible breeder should be ready for any questions.

  • Testing for Health: Establish which tests have been carried out on prospective parents before they can mate. Reputable breeders test against certain specific genetic diseases common among many breeds. Demand for evidence and results from those tests also.

  • References: He should provide references from people who have bought puppies from him before. Make that phone call to those people and ask about their experiences with the breeder and their dogs’ health conditions and temperaments.

  • Contract and Health Guarantee: Read carefully the contract presented by the breeder. A good contract includes a health guarantee, a return policy, and any responsibilities or requirements on your part upon puppy purchase.

  • Puppy Socialization: Ask how he socializes his puppies. A responsible breeder will insist that puppies are socialized early to acclimate to various situations.


If you are looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in New England, we assure you quality puppies that will add joy and company to your life. Our attention to the health, welfare, and socialization of our Aussiedoodles guarantees that a happy and loving family member is going home with you. Contact us today to discover more about our breeding program choices available for Aussiedoodle dogs within or around New England so that you can enjoy years of happiness and affection from this amazing hybrid dog as it fits suitably into your home.

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