Aussiedoodle Breeders South Carolina | List of Top 6 Local Breeders

Want to enjoy a dog with the intelligent Poodle and the athletic traits of an Australian Shepherd? Then find Aussiedoodles where you live in South Carolina, so you do not have to go farther! Aussiedoodle Breeders South Carolina is reputed to breed this lovable, friendly, hypoallergenic designer dog.

These dogs are plentiful in the family environment, and rarely does one come across an owner who cannot keep a dog because of an allergic disposition. This introduction will steer you through the world of Aussiedoodle Breeders in South Carolina, whereby dedicated breeders commit to only breeding healthy, well-socialized pups that bring joy and charm to your home.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in South Carolina

Australian Shepherds of 3/W Farms

Australian Shepherds of 3/W Farms

3/W Farms’ Australian Shepherds stand out as premier Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina. A family-operated venture in Troy, South Carolina, their joy in caring for pets is evident. The kennel boasts an exceptional group of foundational dogs, ensuring quality breeding.

Dedicated to individualized care, each Australian Shepherd at 3/W Farms receives personal attention and affection from the owners. Regular excursions to the feed store and horse shows with the family contribute to the dogs’ natural socialization.

Every puppy from this kennel comes with comprehensive offerings, including medical records, a microchip, a two-year health warranty, and a complimentary puppy kit. Explore their website for details on upcoming planned litters of puppies.

Location: Troy, South Carolina
Website: Australian Shepherds of 3/W Farms South Carolina
Phone Number: (864) 992-8664
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Australian Shepherds of 3/W Farms South Carolina

Aspen Mountain Doodles South Carolina

Aspen Mountain Doodles South Carolina

Aspen Mountain Doodles, owned by Savannah Bradstreet, is committed to nurturing robust, cheerful, and well-adjusted doodles. The puppies undergo early socialization with children and other animals to ensure a positive upbringing.

Following the Basass Breeder curriculum, Aspen Mountain Doodles implements Early Scent Introduction (ESI) and Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) for three days. The puppies are exposed to various stimuli such as noises, scents, surfaces, interactions with large and small dogs, humans, and indoor/outdoor activities.

Additionally, they are litter box trained. All puppies from Aspen Mountain Doodles receive vaccinations, deworming, veterinary health checks, and genetic health testing, with a one-year health guarantee. Adoption applications are processed through the kennel’s Good Dog profile, and the only available option is pickup.

Location: Taylors, South Carolina
Website: Aspen Mountain Doodles, South Carolina
Phone Number: (864) 660-9110
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Aspen Mountain Doodles South Carolina

Southern Royal Aussiedoodles South Carolina

Southern Royal Aussidoodles, based in South Carolina, specializes in producing wholesome Aussiedoodle puppies. Raised with love in their home, these puppies are adorable, intelligent, and affectionate. The kennel places a strong emphasis on ensuring the overall health of their puppies.

To mitigate the risk of hip dysplasia, Southern Royal Aussidoodles conducts hip and elbow testing to minimize the chances of passing down elbow dysplasia. Genetic testing of the parents is also carried out to prevent the transmission of genetic disorders. The puppies undergo a comprehensive health examination, age-appropriate deworming, and vaccinations administered by a certified veterinarian.

In addition to prioritizing physical health, the kennel focuses on training, ensuring that their puppies are well-behaved with toilet and crate training. Adoption applications can be submitted through the breeder’s Good Dog profile, with a reminder that pickup is the only available option; there is no delivery service.

Location: South Carolina
Phone Number: (864) 800-6133
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Southern Royal Aussiedoodles South Carolina

Megan’s Spoiled Standards South Carolina

Spoiled Standards is a small home breeder located at Chesnee and managed by Megan Gosnell. She has five years of experience in breeding. Megan loves her puppies and adult dogs, which she pays attention to in her nurturing home. She practices extensive socializing with other dogs, children, and people.

Megan puts in a lot of work on collar and leash training and toilet and crate training so there are easy adjustments for the puppies with their new families. Besides ensuring a year’s health guarantee against hereditary issues to protect the puppies, the kennel stays attentive by getting them vaccinated promptly, examined by veterinarians, and through genetic health testing of their parents.

Megan includes a microchip, a toy, a blanket infused with the siblings’ scent, and a puppy starter kit. She is just a small home breeder, so Megan doesn’t have a website. If interested, one can contact Megan on her Facebook page or Good Dog profile.

Location: Chesnee, South Carolina
Phone Number: (864) 804-2331
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Megan’s Spoiled Standards South Carolina

Allons-y Life South Carolina

Behind Allons-y Life stands Belen Harris, a devoted advocate for the Aussiedoodle breed. Known for her caring approach, she ensures each puppy receives individual attention. Specializing in standard-sized Aussiedoodles (35-70 lbs), Belen’s puppies have excelled in AKC agility, with some achieving social media fame.

Prioritizing health, Belen conducts thorough genetic testing of puppy parents, including OFA screenings for hip dysplasia. This commitment results in the creation of healthy and visually appealing Aussiedoodles for families.

To adopt from Allons-y Life, apply via Good Dog. Pickup is the exclusive option, with no delivery available. Puppies can be taken home at a minimum age of ten weeks.

Location: South Carolina
Phone Number: (270) 776-6716
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Allons-y Life’s South Carolina

Double E Doodles

Double E Doodles, the final entry in the list of top Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina, specializes in producing mini Aussiedoodles (15-35 lbs) in various colors. Emily Austin, the dedicated breeder, aims to impart the best qualities of Aussiedoodles—compassion, patience, and love—to ensure the optimal health of each pup for every family.

Health is a top priority at Double E Doodles, with thorough tests on parent dogs for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye examination, cardiac evaluation, patellar luxation, and multiple drug sensitivity.

A physical visit to the facility is required to adopt from this kennel, as they do not offer delivery services. Inquiries about puppy availability can be made through their Facebook page, and adoption applications are accepted via their Good Dog profile.

Location: South Carolina
Phone Number: (864) 760-3053
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Double E Doodles South Carolina

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina.

As you look for the best Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina for a healthy, well-socialized puppy, consider this:

Online Search:

Start by keying a search on the internet search engines. Use keywords like “Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina” to quickly narrow down some of your region options. Look out for professional breeders with websites that indicate their breeding practices, the health of the dogs, as well as the rearing conditions for the puppies.

Seek Recommendations:

You need to make an effort and reach out to the local veterinarians, pet grooming, and dog training facilities in South Carolina. They usually have some tips on good breeders, if not a direct source of healthy puppies in your locality.

Online Review Checks:

Look out for reviews and testimonials from past buyers. Good breeders usually have good reviews and feedback from happy customers. Avoid online breeders who might either boost their reputation or disclaim by promoting too much negativity or positivity on their sites, as this can be misleading.

Local Dog Show or Event Visit:

Make it a point to visit the dog shows or events with dogs running in your locality where breeders could show off their Aussiedoodles. This would allow you to meet some breeders face-to-face, ask all your questions, and even get a first-hand look at their dogs’ temperaments and conduct.

Health Testing:

A good breeder will be on the lookout for the health status of their dogs. Please inquire about the health testing they do on their breeding pairs, such as genetic testing for common problems that affect the breed. A responsible breeder will also be open about his dog line’s health history.

Ask Questions:

Prepare a questionnaire for the potential breeders; the questions should relate to the puppy’s health and its socialization and the breeder’s attitude towards responsible breeding. Any knowledgeable breeder will be pleased to answer any of your questions.

Visit the Breeder’s Facility:

Request an appointment to go and visit the breeder’s facility personally. In this case, you can look around and see how they keep the dogs and puppies, whether they keep them clean and well-kept, and if the environment is warm and comfortable.

By following these tips and using keywords in your online search, such as “Aussiedoodle breeders in South Carolina,” you’ll be more apt to locate a quality breeder that puts the needs of dogs first, breeding healthy, well-socialized puppies.

Are Aussiedoodles good family dogs?

Yes, Aussiedoodles often make great family dogs. Since Aussiedoodles are highly intelligent, loyal, and amiable, these attributes make them alluring family pets. A crossbreed between Australian Shepherds and Poodles could get the best traits of both parent doggie breeds.

Aussiedoodles are usually naturally active and playful, perfect for families who enjoy constantly entertaining themselves. They like to be involved in family activities and value people interaction the most. They are brilliant, and learning becomes stress-free with them, not to mention that they are generally fit for another pet. In addition, Poodle genes accumulate to their hypoallergenic coat feature, making them suitable for close members with allergies.

Individual temperament may vary, and proper socialization and training are a must. With the right care and attention, Aussiedoodles can make excellent loving additions to family life.

Do Aussiedoodles smell?

Just like any other dog, how much an Aussiedoodle smells is also influenced by factors like grooming, hygiene, and the very health of the individual dog. In most cases, the Aussiedoodle does not have a particularly heavy odor that can be unpleasant. The coat is often a mix of the hypoallergenic Poodle and low-shedding Australian Shepherd and can add to a cleaner-smelling canine.

Groomings are done regularly to avoid matting, especially to maintain the cleanliness of the coat. Bathing is done if necessary, though overbathing would mean loss of natural oil from the coat and thus may lead to skin problems.

Maintaining a proper dental care routine, attending all necessary vet checks, and offering your pet a well-balanced diet will also contribute to a hygienic dog that smells nice. Grooming applies to any breed and upkeep; therefore, an Aussiedoodle will exude fragrances consistent with one that is looked after correctly.


If you want an intelligent yet playful furry friend with a perfect balance of both, call Aussiedoodle Breeders South Carolina. They are breeders that assure quality pups come from happy home environments. Adding an Aussiedoodle to your home is adding a loyal and affectionate member into the waters of your family.

With their striking appearance and amiable nature, an Aussiedoodle isn’t just a dog – they are part of your family. Do not miss an opportunity to connect with the most reputable Aussiedoodle Breeders in South Carolina, where your journey starts with welcoming a delightful new family member.

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