Aussiedoodle Breeders Colorado | List of Top 6 Local Breeders

Are you looking for Aussiedoodle Breeders in Colorado? Finding the right breeder is paramount if you want to bring a new furry home. For example, Aussiedoodles are one of the popular breeds that are very intelligent and full of play, making them fantastic companions and friends to families and singles alike. Some dependable breeders here in Colorado focus on raising Aussiedoodles—socializing and keeping them healthy for adoption. Finding a responsible breeder, be it their hypoallergenic coat or that energetic personality, is the key to a successful adoption.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Colorado

Colorful Colorado Aussiedoodles Colorado

Colorful Colorado Aussiedoodles Colorado

Colorful Colorado Aussiedoodles strives to raise healthy, well-mannered puppies for families. In Peyton, Colorado, Colourful Colorado Aussiedoodles specializes in raising standard-sized F2 and F2b Aussiedoodles. At Colourful Colorado Aussiedoodles, the health condition of every dog is taken seriously. Each momma dog is raised in a family and receives special love and care from birth, making her contented and healthy to breed when it’s time. Their parents are checked for diseases and other deficiencies before breeding to reduce the possibility of passing anything on to the puppies. If you are looking for a beautiful, strong, and healthy Aussiedoodle, check with Colourful Colorado Aussiedoodles occasionally, as we will update you when litter becomes available.

Location: Peyton, Colorado
Website: Colorful Colorado Aussiedoodles Colorado
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Colorful Colorado Aussiedoodles Colorado

San Juan Kennels, Colorado

San Juan Kennels, Colorado

Located in Montrose, Colorado, San Juan Kennels is exceptionally proud of its top-of-the-line litters. Specializing in only Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles, they can be considered one of the perfect breeders for anyone in Colorado wishing to have an Aussiedoodle puppy. They have several colors available for their Aussiedoodle puppies.

The puppy pricing at San Juan Kennels is based on color. Because tri-colored, merle, and sable are so popular, these puppies are more expensive than plain brown and black ones. If you are searching for an Aussiedoodle to adopt, you must contact San Juan Kennels for details on how this happens, along with updates regarding future litter.

Location: Montrose, Colorado
Website: San Juan Kennels, Colorado
Phone: (970) 712-4106

American Ranch Aussiedoodles Colorado

Family comes first at American Ranch Aussiedoodles, and they strive to raise a loyal companion that will suit your family just right. They have tested their parent dogs to offer you the most excellent Aussiedoodle puppies possible. With any puppy you adopt from American Ranch Aussiedoodles, you get a complete genealogy and pedigree of that particular pup, so you can rest assured that they have had happy and healthy dogs in their lineage as parents and grandparents.

American Ranch Aussiedoodles socialize every puppy at a tender age. This is a process whereby they introduce the doggy door, ride in the car, and train the toilet. The puppies that get this early stimulation become well-adjusted dogs with an easier time transitioning into their forever homes.

Unlike most other breeders, American Ranch Aussiedoodles sells their puppies based on first-come, first-served delivery. Keep watching for their newest litters on social media and the website since prepaid deposits to hold your place in line are not accepted or refunded. They will notify you via email as each new litter arrives, then it is up to you to contact them ASAP if you would like one of these puppies.

Location: Northern Colorado
Phone: (970) 227-7948
Facebook Page: Facebook of American Ranch Aussiedoodles Colorado

PTK Ranch Aussiedoodle Colorado

PTK Ranch Aussiedoodle Colorado

PTK Ranch is a small business operating in the tiny town of Delta on Colorado’s Western Slope. Their Aussiedoodle puppies are bred to be highly intelligent, friendly, and great companions for anyone desiring an excellent pet. At PTK Ranch, from day one of birth, each puppy is socialized with people of all ages, and on top of that, they regularly get to mingle with other animals to see how they mesh and bond.

These puppies are also accustomed to grooming practices like bathing, haircuts, and nail trimming, making them more comfortable during these sessions. Therefore, the PTK Ranch puppies show better adaptability to new homes than others since they have been exposed to various environments. Every Aussiedoodle puppy from the PTK Ranch is sent to its owners with proper vaccinations according to their age and has had dew claw removal and tail docking done.

The puppy’s price will include a toy, food, snacks, and a blanket with the mother’s scent. You will also be provided a copy of the complete medical history of your puppy so you can know he is healthy at adoption. If you want to own an Aussiedoodle from PTK Ranch, all you need to do is apply online. Once evaluated and approved, a contract and deposit are required to go on the waiting list for upcoming litters.

Location: Delta, Colorado
Website: PTK Ranch Aussiedoodle Colorado
Phone: (970) 596-3229
Facebook Page: Facebook of PTK Ranch Aussiedoodle Colorado

North 40 Aussiedoodles Colorado

North 40 Aussiedoodles Colorado

North 40 Aussiedoodles is a breeder of Australian doodles in Colorado dedicated to providing great companions and loyal family members to their customers. They specialize in bringing up puppies with the finest temperaments and health. Each puppy in North 40 Aussiedoodles is brought up like family from birth to finding its forever home.

From puppyhood, puppies are socialized with multiple people and experiences to acclimate them to living in a home. Our parent dogs are genetically health-tested for breeding here at North 40 Aussiedoodles. This identifies any genetic illnesses he may pass on to the offspring, and dogs with these genetic markers do not get bred. This process will reduce the possibility of your puppy having a genetically based illness.

An adoption application must be completed to ensure you are a suitable match to take an Aussiedoodle from North 40 Aussiedoodles into your home. Once the application is approved, you can be asked to make a deposit.

Location: Sterling, Colorado
Website: North 40 Aussiedoodles Colorado
Phone: (970) 580-3823
Facebook Page: Facebook of North 40 Aussiedoodles Colorado

Crockett Doodles Colorado

Are they looking for a loving standard or mini Aussiedood in Colorado that is available in merle, red, chocolate, or cream? Look no more; Crockett Doodles is your source for elite Aussiedoodles. We are a network of families raising F1, F1b, and occasionally Multigen Aussiedoodles and mini Aussiedoodles with love in their homes. We have toy, mini, medium, and standard Doodle breeds available.

Our parent dogs are family pets privately owned by us or part of our private network. We breed, birth, and raise our Aussiedoodle puppies in our homes until they are ready to go to their forever homes. Our Aussiedoodles are adaptable throughout Colorado and beyond the North American continent and in multiple countries on other continents.

We have a moving deposit list, so you only need to wait for that perfect moment to get your dream Aussiedoodle. Our deposits are always refundable at any time and for any reason. Refundable up to two years from the date of deposit, minus a 9% processing fee. Apply below for your dream Aussiedoodle or Mini Aussiedoodle—we have many happy clients in Colorado.

We know it might be hard or impossible personally to go collect your Aussiedoodle, whether merle, red, chocolate, cream, tri-colored, or even black. Hence, we have made provisions for competitively priced delivery services within Colorado and surrounding areas for your convenience! You can select Ground Delivery or Flight Nanny for the delivery of your puppy. Our drivers and flight nannies are dedicated to securing your puppy with a safe and healthy journey, and they get great feedback.

Location: Colorado
Website: Crockett Doodles Colorado
Phone: (864) 696-2980
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Crockett Doodles Colorado

How much do Aussiedoodles cost?

One of the more popular hybrid breeds is the Aussiedoodle, from the crosses between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. The price seems to vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the breeder’s reputation, puppy lineage, size of the Aussiedoodle, and geographical location of the breeder.

Back to the question, “How much do Aussiedoodles cost?” It means one has to begin with the basics. This range may vary from $1,000 to $5,000 for an Aussiedoodle. You could be eyeing paying an average of $2,500 for a good-breed puppy from a reputable breeder. Several factors, though, can push this cost in either way.

Reputable Breeder:

Good breeders who invest money and time in health testing and adequately caring for their dogs usually raise the price of their puppies. Such breeders ensure a puppy is fit and well-socialized at the time of sale, hence giving the best assurance over the long-term health and temperament of the puppy.

Lineage and Pedigree:

Aussiedoodles, having champion bloodlines or other particularly lucrative characteristics, increase the price. Puppies from a lineage with a good health history and temperament are usually costlier.


Aussiedoodles can range from a toy size, miniature size, to standard size. However, the smaller Aussiedoodle sizes, mainly in toy and miniature dimensions, are costlier than other sizes since many people prefer them, and a particular breeding that maintains their tiny size has to be employed.

Aussiedoodle Breeders in Colorado


This is because of regional differences in the cost of living and demand for Aussiedoodles. Therefore, breeders living in an area with a higher cost of living or greater demand for this breed may charge more for their puppies.

Coat Color and Type:

The type of coat an Aussiedoodle has may also vary with color, which will alter the price. More unusual colors or patterns, like merles or partis, usually cost more.

However, ownership and logistics extend to an initial purchase price and into food, grooming, veterinary care, and training. Understanding “How much do Aussiedoodles cost?” helps you make an informed decision about bringing one of these lovely dogs into your home.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle breeders in Colorado

In summary, looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Colorado should consider only licensed breeders concerning the health and welfare of dogs. You will not only be able to ensure your new pet is correctly raised and cared for, but you are also encouraging good breeding.

With their friendly nature and high intelligence, Aussiedoodles can bring happiness and companionship into many homes. Research potential breeders, prospect them in person, ask questions about everything, and watch their interactions with the dogs. You may be patient and cautious about bringing an Aussiedoodle into your family circle, which will be one of your dearest friends for the next many years.

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