Aussiedoodle Breeders Pennsylvania | List of Top 7 Local Breeders

Are you looking for a furry friend that marries intelligence, loyalty, and fun together? Look no further than the world of Aussiedoodles with our listing of Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania. All of these breeders work to produce happy and healthy dogs that will be perfect as family pets.

Aussiedoodles are an incredible family of mixed breeds from Australian Shepherds followed by a Poodle. These famous dogs represent a variation of a hypoallergenic coat suitable for most families. Get acquainted with well-trained Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania, who generally focus on comfort and the ultimate quality of their pets. Start your search for an ideal buddy right here!

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania

Drew’s Aussies & Doodles Pennsylvania

Drew's Aussies & Doodles Pennsylvania

Located on Bower Road in Fredonia, Pennsylvania, Drew’s Aussies & Doodles is dedicated to breeding top-notch canines. Raised amidst their family, including children and other pets, each puppy at their family farmhouse is showered daily affection for proper socialization. Before breeding, both parent breeds undergo genetic screening to ensure the health of the offspring, resulting in exceptional family companions.

Their well-regarded litter is recognized for sound breeding practices and a strong parentage. Canines from Drew’s Aussies & Doodles come to their new homes with a package including current vaccinations, deworming, completed dewclaw procedures, a beloved toy, and an invitation to join the Drew’s Aussies & Doodles Facebook group.

This exclusive Facebook group is designed for consumers who have acquired pets from Drew’s Aussies & Doodles, serving as a crucial support system for communication, photo sharing, progress updates, and inquiries. The friendly staff at Drew’s Aussies & Doodles is consistently available to assist patrons with any queries or guidance.

Location: Bower Rd Fredonia, Pennsylvania
Website: Drew’s Aussies & Doodles Pennsylvania
Phone Number: (724) 992-8079

Petland Robinson Pennsylvania

Situated at 1530 Park Manor Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15205, United States, Petland Robinson is a trusted member of the Petland family. Like its counterparts, Petland Robinson is a well-regarded and dependable pet supply store dedicated to enhancing lives by helping families find the perfect furry companion for their homes. Specializing in various designer breeds, including the remarkable Aussiedoodle, Petland Robinson is an expert.

The store is passionate about securing caring homes for their litters and is unwavering in its commitment to their well-being. Petland Robinson goes beyond by assisting families in selecting a breed that aligns with their interests and lifestyle. The availability of pet counselors around the clock ensures that families receive guidance for a seamless transition as their canines settle into their new homes. Moreover, Petland Robinson offers support in making well-informed decisions for clients who may be undecided about their desired companion.

Location: Blvd Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WebsitePetland Robinson Pennsylvania
Phone Number: (412) 312-3463

West Penn Doodles, Pennsylvania

West Penn Doodles, Pennsylvania

West Penn Doodles, a small in-home family breeder in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to breeding high-quality puppies. The litter is produced from health-tested parent breeds, ensuring exceptional temperament and overall health. Committed to creating robust, well-adjusted, and personable puppies, West Penn Doodles follows the Badass Breeder curriculum during rearing. This includes early scent introduction and early neurological stimulation to contribute to the puppies’ development.

The puppies are raised as integral family members within the breeder’s home, providing early socialization. Currently, West Penn Doodles houses Aussie Mountain Doodles and Aussiedoodle offspring, with the arrival of Bernedoodle offspring anticipated. The establishment maintains open communication with the adoptive families throughout the canine’s life.

Interested individuals can visit the infant page on their website for information on upcoming and available litter. Those looking to adopt one of West Penn Doodles’ remarkable canines are encouraged to complete the survey on their website.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Website: West Penn Doodles, Pennsylvania
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of West Penn Doodles Pennsylvania  

The Stone Braker Farms Pennsylvania

The Stone Braker Farms Pennsylvania

Situated in Marion Center, Pennsylvania, Stone Braker Farms is a highly esteemed and trustworthy breeder focusing on producing robust, high-quality puppies. Their adoption process is marked by transparency and efficiency, supported by a family dedicated to assisting. Before mating, parent breeds undergo screening for HC, CEA, and PRA-PRCD to ensure the generation of exceptional offspring.

The well-being of the puppies is a top priority at Stone Braker Farms, leading to restrictions on visitor interactions with the canines before seven weeks of age or after their initial vaccination. Stone Braker Farms facilitates the placement of their dogs into forever homes through a process that includes an Early Parvo Shot and leaving natural tails.

Their comprehensive package for adopted puppies includes initial and second puppy vaccinations, worming, veterinary health examination, microchipping, a one-year health warranty contract, and thirty days of complimentary health insurance. Stone Braker Farms is the ideal destination for those in close proximity seeking a furry companion. The adoption and adjustment process with Stone Braker Farms promises to be a memorable experience. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact them promptly or visit their website to initiate the journey.

Location: Marion Center, Pennsylvania
WebsiteThe Stone Braker Farms Pennsylvania
Phone Number: (724) 388-1482

R & R Aussiedoodles Pennsylvania

R & R Aussiedoodles Pennsylvania

In scenic southeastern Pennsylvania, R & R Aussiedoodles is a responsible breeder committed to producing adorable, healthy, happy, and well-bred offspring. Specializing in Aussiedoodles, R & R Aussiedoodles values the breed for their appealing dispositions and minimal to non-shedding outer coats.

Dedicated to socializing their puppies and ensuring a smooth transition to their new homes, R & R Aussiedoodles raises them within the family home. The puppies undergo Early Neurological Stimulation to cultivate a high tolerance for stress, contributing to their overall well-being.

Prospective adopters are welcome to visit R & R Aussiedoodles to explore the available canines and initiate the adoption procedure. With a focus on responsible breeding practices, R & R Aussiedoodles strives to provide loving homes with delightful companions.

Location: Southeastern Pennsylvania
Website: R & R Aussiedoodles Pennsylvania

Doodlebugs Family Kennel Pennsylvania

Doodlebugs Family Kennel Pennsylvania

Doodlebugs Family Kennel is dedicated to crafting outstanding, healthy canines destined to become exceptional family pets. Their breeding program extends to producing dogs suitable for roles in therapy, as family companions, or in various facilities and services. With expertise in both purebred and mixed crosses, including the elegant Aussiedoodle, they prioritize mental and physical health. Temperament and DNA evaluations are conducted on each parent breed before mating to ensure top-notch progeny.

Doodlebugs Family Kennel raises well-socialized dogs within their household, incorporating a curriculum-driven approach and regular veterinary checks. Online dog training by Baxter and Bella further ensures that each canine is adequately trained. Puppies from Doodlebugs Family Kennel are carefully placed in permanent homes equipped with a veterinarian examination, vaccinations, microchipping, Trupanion health insurance, and perpetual access to Baxter and Bella’s online dog instruction.

Doodlebugs Family Kennel seeks secure and loving homes for every puppy, providing ongoing assistance during the transitional phase. Their adoption process is straightforward; individuals can reach out via phone or visit their Facebook page to welcome their next furry companion.

Location: Greencastle, Pennsylvania
WebsiteDoodlebugs Family Kennel Pennsylvania
Phone Number: (540) 878-1675
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Doodlebugs Family Kennel Pennsylvania

Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles

Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles

Villa Pine Doodles and Poodles specializes in breeding Aussiedoodles and AKC-registered standard and mini Poodles. Each litter is descended from parent breeds with evaluated and pleasant temperaments, ensuring the production of exceptional, healthy, trainable, and tech-savvy canines. These dogs are well-suited for service roles and make excellent family companions. The establishment strongly emphasizes responsible breeding practices, incorporating premium philosophies into its program.

Every puppy at Villa Pine is raised in the breeder’s home and treated as a cherished family member. Daily play and interaction with young children facilitate the smooth transition of the dogs into their new homes. The canines undergo early neurological stimulation (ENS) and follow the breeder program of Baxter & Bella Online Puppy School.

The Baxter & Bella program includes foundational training and introduces socialization, crate training, and toilet training. This comprehensive approach ensures the success of the canines in their new homes and sustains the principles of the Baxter & Bella program. Villa Pine conducts puppy selection at six to seven weeks, following maturity and a visit to the veterinarian.

If you want to acquire an Aussiedoodle, Villa Pine Doodles and Poodles, located in Myerstown, Pennsylvania, is the place to explore. Prospective adopters are encouraged to contact them promptly for an unparalleled adoption process.

Location: Myerstown, Pennsylvania
Website: Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles, Pennsylvania
Facebook Page: Facebook page of Villa Pine Doodles And Poodles Pennsylvania

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania

When looking for reliable Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania, these tips will help make your experience positive and ethical. To begin with, do comprehensive online research and ensure you review the reviews and testimonials of the selected breeder. Local veterinarians or trustworthy pet communities can also provide recommendations.

Well-attended and kept breeds of such nature are usually raised in clean environments by reputable breeders who do not shy from giving evidence of vaccination records, genetic tests, and any vital information on how they raise the dogs. Visit, if possible, their rearing homes to view the environment where the puppies live.

Please inquire about the breeder’s experience and request to meet the puppy’s parents to assess their temperament. Also, a reputable breeder provides complete health guarantees and can answer any questions. Just follow the guidelines, and you will access Aussiedoodle ethical breeders in Pennsylvania who are confident about keeping their dogs’ welfare. Aussiedoodle Breeders in Pennsylvania is committed to giving you a positive and trustworthy pet adoption experience.


If you are looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Pennsylvania committed to offering high-quality companions, your search is over. The suggested breeders maintain the highest practices in their breeding, assuring you go home with an affectionate Aussiedoodle and one that has a sound temperament.

Our exceptional breeders in Pennsylvania focus on health, character, and socialization to make the puppies adjust smoothly and warmly into their new homes. Trust them to deliver the perfect fuzzy family member for you. Dedicated Aussiedoodle Breeders Pennsylvania stands ready to connect you with the ultimate canine companion — so prepare to take the first steps towards bringing a fantastic new Aussie Doodle puppy into your home today!

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