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Are you looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Ontario? Look no further. Aussiedoodles are among the top-rated Designers. Crossbreed loved and developed to strike a balance as very bright, personable, and possess a low-shedding coat. Two breeders can offer the dog in Ontario.

The Aussiedoodle breeders in Ontario we deal with are all verified to have the proper knowledge of breeding practices and definitely take their dog’s best interests highly. The fact of the matter is, when one deals with any of those breeders, be it for a miniature, toy, or standard Aussiedoodle, they are getting some of the very best around. They take steps specifically to produce the best pups with excellent temperaments and health clearances.

Dedicated breeders with years of experience pour all that they have into matching you with the perfect furry companion.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ontario

Amadeus Aussiedoodles Ontario

Amadeus Aussiedoodles Ontario

That is the promise we make to the one who believes in Amadeus Aussiedoodles. Unlike other traditional kennels, we don’t sport the environment ourselves. The puppies are all born and raised inside the confines of our home, where love and care swarm them.

Hence, each of our breeding canines is hand-selected, either raised by us or placed into guardian homes. Every effort is put into making sure that our emphasis on companion animals is at the forefront of everything and that our dogs are of the highest intelligence, health, and well-roundedness, packed with warmth and affection.

We don’t just breed dogs but create outstanding members of the family who will be cherished for life. Our program includes the F1 and F1b Aussiedoodles in all sizes, from standard to medium and even in miniature. We also added a new combination to the breed that came from our breeding program, known on the forums as the “Golden Aussiedoodle.”

We would be happy to know that an Amadeus puppy will be living with you. Situated in beautiful Huron County, Goderich is just one hour north of London, two hours west of Toronto, and less than an hour north-northwest of Kitchener.

Thank you for considering Amadeus Aussiedoodles for your next furry family member.

Location: Brussels, Ontario
Website: Amadeus Aussiedoodles Ontario
Phone Number: (519) 272-3944

Sunny View Doodles Ontario

Sunny View Doodles Ontario

From this window, the canines were multiplied, and puppies were darting all over in an insane and uncontrolled configuration that might suggest a surreal, post-apocalyptic, post-clown hybrid.

We have been specializing in breeding only Standard Goldendoodles and Standard Aussiedoodles since 1993, including all our other particular mixed breeds. We have since expanded our program to Mini, Medium, and Standard Goldendoodles and Australian Doodles. Each of our breeding pairs is a purebred gold appraised and licensed only with maximum scrupulousness.

Our selective mating includes Golden Retrievers and Poodles of different sizes and generations: mini and medium with mini or Moyen Poodle; Standard with Standard Poodle. Of course, we could not leave aside the opportunity to offer the rarely seen F1B Goldendoodles, a combination of Minis and Minis crossed with Poodles, and also Standard F1B.

Besides, we also specialize and breed Aussiedoodles which is the crossing of an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle. We breed our Mini Aussiedoodles out of the crossings of a Mini Poodle and Australian Shepherd. However, when producing Aussiedoodles in Standard and Medium size through the Australian Shepherd and our Moyen Poodles, our specialty comes in.

As with the Goldendoodle, Aussiedoodles make an excellent match for families interested in a light or non-shedding companion, which does well with an active family. Very much like the Goldendoodle, it appears that the Aussiedoodle would be of excellent temperament and is quite intelligent, making them easy to train and an excellent family companion. Many crosses inherit the “hair” rather than the “pelt” of the Poodle, making minimal shedding or no shedding likely for allergy sufferers.

We will take care of them beyond the time and resources spent on breeding. In our facility, the puppies are complete care for by our vet in the kennel, inclusive of microchipping and vaccination, among other usual medications. When they leave, going back to our facility, each one will be carrying with it documents of the microchip and the vet as well as the guarantee. The humanization

The above is the exact address of Sunny View Doodles Kennel, located in the countryside of St. Jacobs in Ontario. This beautiful place makes it a must-visit to meet your potential friend on four legs.

Location: Ontario
Website: Sunny View Doodles, Ontario
Phone Number: (519) 573-8133

Select Kennels Ontario

Select Kennels Ontario

This makes Select Kennels the premier breeding facility in all of Niagara, being a dedicated facility to our dog fraternity and their welfare. Developing, training, and showing the best of registered Quarter Horses, I can genuinely see the difference well-placed select genetics make in athleticism, trainability, and health.

As a family committed to its members, the animals are loved like our own. We raise Aussiedoodle puppies and adult dogs with a home entire of love. Our mothers all live in a lovely home with children around and the community. The fathers of the puppies also live in our house. We do feed our parents some organic, healthy human food.

Our Ontario Aussiedoodle puppies excel in brilliance and flexibility. They excel at outdoor exercises but also in training sessions towards obedience and much more at Select Kennels. We are striving for a good, ethical reputation as top breeders that produce well-socialized puppies.

Our primary focus is on breeding Toy and Miniature F1 Aussiedoodles from parents with known pedigrees that produce offspring with easygoing tempers. Much time is taken to ensure our puppies are raised lovingly through careful breeding and warm socialization with babies and children and hosting a variety of animals.

Branded as the “Einstein of the dog world,” Aussiedoodles are raised to have escalated intelligence and trainability, hence turning out to be an admiral addition to your home. We offer a two-year genetic guarantee with every puppy sold and provide lifelong support for you and your new family member.

We highly recommend that you read the testimonials before choosing. Select Kennels wishes that we will be your following valued resource for Toy and Miniature Aussiedoodle breeders in Ontario.

Location: Ontario
Website: Select Kennels Ontario  
Phone Number: (905) 932-7008

JS Doodles, Ontario

JS Doodles, Ontario

Just 30 minutes outside of London, our excellent 32-acre family estate is the setting for JS Doodles and JS Quarter Horses. And the assurance of such pets is we feel immensely blessed each day just at the least for feeling the presence of both dogs and horses. It just doesn’t get any better.

You get an email and a message packed with attachments full of pictures of our puppies, along with some news on how they are doing with their new families—really, just wow. It’s the most incredible feeling; our puppies are doing great.

JS Quarter Horses takes on flesh in the year 2004 as Jason and Suzanne put their heads together full-time in the horse training business and also share a mutual love for their work. Our family definitely enjoys a variety of activities, which includes equestrian shows and even some recreational agility with some of our dogs.

JS Doodles was founded in 2013 and has been quite a roller coaster since. We love playing matchmaker for the perfect individual and their perfect puppy. All our puppies go through an intensive pre-spoiling process in our house before they move on to their new homes—originally kenneled out of safety concerns—now safely behind a securely fenced area into adulthood.

In our free time, we take our dogs to agility classes for fun. They don’t compete since it’s time and speed-constrained for our dogs. When doing the selection of the puppies, you are taken through the distance that we help every day. There are some images and videos available for Facetiming. We also welcome visitors to our home both to meet their dogs and their guardians in person.

All of them have the best personalities and love being petted by upstairs visitor friends. This is most rewarding for us, especially when families come back to help them pick puppies from us and tell us how our kids do, of course, their growth.

Location: London Ontario
Website: JS Doodles, Ontario
Phone Number: (519) 381-7531
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of JS Doodles, Ontario

Spurlane Farm Ontario

Spurlane Farm Ontario

Roy and Jennifer Childs make their home in a small farming town located in the more remote area of the Pontiac region of Quebec. Traces of its love for dogs aren’t far behind the heels of this otherwise clean-cut family, and it’s no secret that Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Australian Shepherds have taken up exceptional residence in its household. Jennifer, who has been in the business for quite some time already, has produced litter after litter of top-notch canines that fill the kennels. She’s doing business with folks from Canada to the United States.

Jennifer feels very strongly about every dog being well taken care of and protected physically. She also thinks more in the case of puppies and young dogs that a great deal of socialization will make them develop a balanced temperament and sound nature. The family at Childs makes sure their dogs are well provided with proper nurturing and care.

Location: Shawville, Quebec
Website: Spurlane Farm Ontario
Phone Number: (613) 296-8939
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Spurlane Farm Ontario

Is an Aussiedoodle a good family dog?

Well, Aussiedoodles are good with kids and make an excellent family dog. They are warm, loving, loyal, and friendly, seeing as they are highly affectionate.

Generally, Aussiedoodles inherit intelligence from their Poodle parent and loyalty from the Aussie; hence, they tend to be trainable and very willing to please dogs. Their coat, more often than not, is low shedding; it proves a great advantage for an allergic family.

They are full of energy, playful, and would be very good at activities such as walks, hikes, and games with the family. But they have to be given at least some exercise and mental activity to be good dogs.

Of course, adequately socialized from puppyhood is critical to turning these dogs into well-rounded family pets. An Aussiedoodle can eventually be a companion later on if the proper care and attention are given.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders Ontario

Are Aussiedoodles challenging to train?

Training, in general, is a breeze when it comes to an Aussiedoodle. All dogs have different individual temperaments and methods in the training process, and thus, this will affect the final training process. Having an Aussiedoodle is like training a competent and willing dog; they are easy to train and do well with learning new commands in obedience.

However, on the flip side, they do have that stubborn streak inherited from their Australian Shepherd lineage.

Aussiedoodles always present friendly and readily responsive behavior when under attention or receiving positive reinforcements like praises and treats; hence, they always work best in these creative styles. Early training and socialization during puppyhood should be introduced to them with a view of solid foundations based on good manners and behavior.

However, as it is with every breed, Aussiedoodles can be quite a challenge, even for the most seasoned dog owner when it comes to training. With the proper avenue and discipline, they can turn into beautifully trained and obedient companions.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders Ontario

If you are in search of Aussiedoodle breeders in Ontario, then the search is over. Our recommended breeders keep an extremely high standard of ethics and care—guaranteed to bring you a truly complete and content puppy.

By choosing any of these celebrated breeders, you are not just acquiring a pet but instead joining a community that stands for the good of Aussiedoodles. Having guarantees on health and offering support continuously, this is a breeder type that assures one of total satisfaction and that of your furry friend the very same.

Start your road to an ideal Aussiedoodle companion by becoming connected with passionate and experienced Aussiedoodle breeders in Ontario who will make your whole experience satisfactory and complete.

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