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Are you Looking for the best Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ottawa? Look no more. Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ottawa are reputable and admired. We have Aussiedoodles of excellent quality, known for their intelligence and loyalty, with hypoall-effective coats. The Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ottawa prioritize the breeding and upbringing of their dogs with ethics, ensuring that every puppy is well-socialized and healthy to be a ready member of a beloved family.

Whether you seek a playful buddy for the kids or a devoted servant, look no further; it will indeed house your perfect match. They will, in reality, carry back home with them an Aussiedoodle pup that is happy and healthy. Trust them in their experience and dedication to bring joy to your life for years.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ottawa

Eo Doodles Ottawa

A mission for a professional, ethical breeder of Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Bernedoodles extends far beyond simply providing outstanding companions. Nestled in the heart of beautiful Prince Edward County, we are so grateful for the natural beauty that envelopes us. Our animals are not pets to us but members of the family who roam our estate space with us and socialize with other humans and animals.

We pay attention to and prioritize dogs’ treatment ethically by ensuring that dogs are healthy, from constant health checks and adults’ Valhard tests for every dog under our care. Our goal is to breed puppies who inherit good health and desirable personality traits that will set them up for a long, happy life with their future family.

We were founded on nothing short of providing any soul willing to offer a home to our furry friends an experience like no other, characterized by the joy, love, and ethical standards that define our breeding practices.

Location: Ottawa
Website: Eo Doodles Ottawa
Phone Number: (613) 921-5347
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Eo Doodles Ottawa

Dreamdoods Ottawa

Dreamdoods Ottawa

We, dog-loving people from all walks of life, support Dreamdoods, a compassionate, responsible Hybrid Dog Breeding Program. Our primary attention is drawn to the general health of the animal and its temperament to provide excellent quality, sturdy, well-adapted Doodles that bring joy for a lifetime into the family. In that way, we will run the program together, minding our dogs’ best interests while minding that it is within the guiding principles.

Our program involves many individualized puppy-rearing experiences in each litter of puppies. We also ensure our parent dogs have long, cherished lives by living as loved family companions in Guardian Homes.

To do that, we raise our puppies in our home and in the homes of our Puppy Care Team members, providing all the love and care needed at this critical and formative time. This means that your “roommate” is socialized and made familiar with every facet of family life over generations.

The attraction of Dreamdoods is its different generations and sizes, like Aussiedoodles, Bernedoodles, and Aussie Bernedoodles (Australian Mountain Doodles). All our dogs have been through a strict health check, and your leaving with a healthy puppy is ensured. We do not give just a pet but also provide a friend forever, bringing joy and love to the homes of our customers. 

Location: Ontario, Canada
Dreamdoods Ottawa
Phone Number:
(289) 212-4292

Yankee Doodles Pups

My name is Michelle, and alongside my spouse, we breed canines with exceptional temperament and top-notch quality. Located in Arthur, Ontario, our breeding operation ensures the finest care is given to every dog and dood, whether acting as a guardian over our family or an integral part of our profession. Ensuring the well-being of our puppies is our utmost priority.

My connection with dogs is passionate, with deep roots tracing back forty years to my family’s activities in animal breeding at a horse estate where I was raised. Moving on from horses and onto cadence, my work at Manning Equine Services, located in Orton, Ontario, proved to be a priceless experience in reproduction.

This was Dog Obedience Training, which I undertook at Animal Behavior College, and this only furthered my understanding of the canine mind and enabled us to start our canines on a positive path.

Positive training starts at the age of six weeks. The puppies are taught the basic commands of making eye contact and sitting while they are appreciated for performing good behavior through gaining a cheerful and tasty reward. Our adult dogs get health examined and are protected from any genetic diseases. All puppies produced get a vaccination and parasite prevention program as they develop. You will also find our puppy health page, which highlights our comprehensive health guarantee for three years. Our veterinary checkups are between the ages of 6-8 weeks.

Our puppy, starting from birth, learns basic training and socialization. It includes the Puppy Culture program, early neurological stimulation, and other techniques to ensure puppies are stress-resistant and can make outstanding family members. We would certainly encourage Puppy Culture training to continue in the home.

All puppies should be introduced to new and different situations daily to ensure all pack members are developed into well-rounded individuals. And, in our case, temperament is everything.

We believe it is with family preparation coupled with the earliest stages of the puppy’s life that we make the dog for the future, much like with children, and where early investment in time and effort will have multiplied returns.

Location: Arthur, Ontario
Website: Yankee Doodles Pups  
Phone Number: (226) 821-4888

How Big Do Mini Aussiedoodles Get?

Mini Aussiedoodles, on the other hand, are a type of hybrid dog resulting from a mix of a miniature Australian Shepherd and a Miniature Poodle. They come in varied sizes due to several factors, such as genetics and the breeding process. On average, Mini Aussiedoodles typically grow 12–18 inches in shoulder height and weigh anywhere from 10–35 pounds. This can be above or below average since there will always be variance outside this range due to mixed breed genetics being very unpredictable. Breeders usually try to produce dogs that would fall in the miniature size of both parent breeds, so they tend to come out smaller than standard Aussiedoodles.

Make sure to research and meet both parent dogs with some idea of their eventual size and temperament. A Mini Aussiedoodle puppy will need regular exercise and a balanced diet to keep them healthy and maintain good physical conditions.

Aussiedoodle Vs Mini Aussiedoodle

Two such popular crossbreeds—Aussiedoodle and Mini Aussiedoodle—represent all the intelligence and loyalty carried by the Australian Shepherd, combined with the hypoallergenic coat characteristics of the Poodle. The only difference is in size.

Aussiedoodles usually cross between a standard-sized Australian Shepherd and a Standard Poodle, taking their place within the medium-to-large-sized dog type. They stand anywhere between 20 to 24 inches at the shoulder and have a weight range of 40 to 70 pounds. These dogs are athletic, intelligent, and have an amiable character, making them good friends for active families.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders Ottawa

For instance, breeding a smaller Australian Shepherd, often called the miniature Australian shepherd, with a miniature or toy poodle would yield a miniature Aussiedoodle. In light of this, they are far smaller than the normal-sized breeds, growing to stand between 12 and 18 inches high and weighing from 15 to 35 pounds. And while these Mini Aussiedoodles may be smaller, they still contain every bit of energy and intelligence in the larger relatives, making them a nice compromise for small living quarters or people who want a dog but are frightened by the larger ones.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders Ottawa

Aussiedoodles are perfect for anyone in Ottawa looking for a loving companion with intelligence and enthusiasm for life. Take one of these puppies home, and, with its intelligence, loyalty, and love for life, it will have you won over in no time. Aussiedoodle Breeders Ottawa is committed to maintaining the absolute best in breeding standards.

Whenever he reaches your place, you are sure to have a healthy and well-adjusted Aussiedoodle pup in your home. Whether you have experience owning a dog or not or are new to pet parenting, Aussiedoodles will surely win your heart. So you can trust their professionalism and dedication to finding that perfect furry friend to add joy to your life; it all comes from Aussiedoodle Breeders Ottawa.

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