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Are you looking for a reputable Aussiedoodle breeder in British Columbia? Look no further! Our Aussiedoodle Breeders in British Columbia ensure excellent breeding services for this highly sought-after hybrid breed. Aussiedoodle breeders from British Columbia are thoroughly engrossed in producing wonderful Aussiedoodle puppies that are healthy, home-raised, and well-socialized to make great companions for your family in British Columbia.

With the same goal in mind—a standard of excellence in breeding and care—Aussiedoodle Breeders British Columbia stands a step ahead in making their source of puppies reliable. Whether you are looking for a fun-loving, ready-to-join companion or a loyal therapy dog, rest assured our breeders put temperament and health first above all in every litter they parent. Welcome to the pleasures of bringing home a loving Aussiedoodle companion when you connect with a breeder in British Columbia.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in British Columbia

North Lake Aussies, British Columbia

North Lake Aussies, British Columbia

The journey for North Lake Aussies began in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. By 2015, it had spread to the United States. We press on and, with our Lower Mainland of British Columbia breeding partners, insist.

Our breeding program now involves the Australian Aussiedoodle, Miniature American Shepherd, and Aussiedoodle programs. We are committed, dedicated breeders emphasizing the production of healthy and well-rounded dogs. We have done everything possible to improve this program by breeding dogs with excellent character and physical appearance.

Thank you a million times for the people who gave our dogs a home and warmed their hearts with love at North Lake. We appreciate the updates, photos, and stories of the development and progress of “our” puppies.

Willing accompanists to activities from mountain climbing to movie marathons, each dog is also driven by design in our breeding decisions, heavily informed by genetic testing on every canine.

We ardently work by ensuring the protection of their welfare and, most importantly, the health of others through our dedication to emphasize our duty. Last but not least, joy for us ends when our creatures find a warm, accepting family through adoption and, in the process, have been ensuring you have been provided with a committed family member for long hours.

Location: Abbotsford, British Columbia
Website: North Lake Aussies, British Columbia
Phone Number: (778) 866-8522
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of North Lake Aussies, British Columbia

Dawn Dee Doodles, British Columbia

Dawn Dee Doodles, British Columbia

The Dawn Dee Doodles are nestled between the serene landscapes of British Columbia in Canada. We are stalwartly dedicated to the upbringing of Bernedoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Poodles known to humanity with exceptional dispositions and temperament in all our dogs. We are determined to breed quality and healthy companions that last fewer years than their parent breeds, whom we all hold dear. All dogs under our care are bonafide parts of our home and are cared for at that.

Puppies of Dawn Dee Doodles are bred in a warm family environment from the day they are born. With protocols from Puppy Culture, we find some of the families’ early interventions set the puppies up to be impeccable family companions. We start litter box training as soon as puppies are walking.

Since their senses started developing, we exposed our puppies to as many sights and sounds as possible to help them adapt. Our interest lies in seeing that every puppy we breed is well-equipped with the basics to start life with a full roar.

Nourishing the puppies with care is one of our key responsibilities. We follow all food preferences to maintain the puppies’ health and condition best. We design and prepare recipes for the same.

Our puppy raisers are strictly committed to practicing the principles of Puppy Culture. This ensures that every puppy gets accustomed to love and interacting with the entire family. We also undertake early training by introducing the puppy litter box to ease their transition into your home setup. Under the guidance of Dr. Battaglia from Better Breeders, Early Neurological Stimulation is integrated into our puppy care practices.

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Website: Dawn Dee Doodles, British Columbia
Phone Number: (250) 612-1754
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Dawn Dee Doodles, British Columbia

Vancouver Aussiedoodles British Columbia

Vancouver Aussiedoodles British Columbia

Married for over 36 years and with seven other good children, ours is a family totaling 13 members. Add the time we have been anything and everything for dad- and mom-hood for over 32 years. Pastoring in Vancouver is the perfect job for us since it is work and a way of life. Our open door to “whosoever” at all times has earned the reputation of people who deeply care for and continue to love others.

Ever since childhood, pets have been an intimate part of my life. Poor street dogs, injured pigeons, and lost kittens, to name a few, had to be brought home for care by the mentioned just-now parents’ annoyance. At eleven, I was awakened by a kitten’s whimper and watched it bring its litter into the world. I have grown engulfed by the smell and activities of dogs and other companion animals; hence, my attachment to them has developed.

Different breeds have been invented all over the years, but I have to say that our Aussiedoodle, Luna, is one of my most fond ones. She represents the best friend of the family: brilliant and loyal. All kinds of people have a naturally born dream to breed canines. Aussiedoodles bring unique traits to fulfill this natural dream.

Now, I can do great things by pursuing that passion to the maximum. By receiving significant help from fellow breeders and attending different educations, I take on the challenge of providing healthy and friendly puppies. Raising the litter in a caring home environment and giving more up-to-date litter socialization techniques are all provided with great support from my loving family.

Ten percent of every puppy sold through Vancouver Aussiedoodles is donated to helping underprivileged kids in our community. By working with the Ministry for Children and Family Development, I can help place canines in foster homes and support them as a foster parent. Seeing the differences therapy dogs like Aussiedoodles make has to be life-changing.

I strive to build my breeding business through honest dealings; every puppy is part of our cherished family.

Location: British Columbia, Canada
Website: Vancouver Aussiedoodles British Columbia
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Vancouver Aussiedoodles British Columbia

Canadoodle British Columbia

Canadoodle British Columbia

Multigeneration Australian Labradoodles were established in North America by Canadoodle Australian Labradoodles.

It wasn’t until Canadoodle added their first foundation standard labradoodle to their breeding program in February 2001—Tegan Park Payroll “Coal,” a standard black labradoodle with a black fleece coat. With the Canadoodle scene’s brown standard poodle, Sable, they began breeding labradoodles. After that, it is time for Tegan Park to take matriarch with the brown fleece coat, Tegan Park Fantasy Irland “Tassi.” To ensure that Tassi has a fresh start, they sent Tassi over to the genetically rejuvenated and proven sired, Chester, at Tegan Park Ima Collectors Item “Chester.” Coming out of the kennel was the largest known litter of brown labradoodles.

Since then, Canadoodle has grown, and the owners adore the majestic dogs. They run an at-home program and, therefore, can nurture the Labradoodles as part of their own family. Some live with them while others leave for forever-home placement. Puppies are socialized within their family in a dining room and then move to the family room/dog room at three weeks, where they have access to fun play yards through the doggy doors.

The puppies are socialized with their two grandchildren (Zak and Josie), reliable assistants, and their families. Canadoodle is committed to breeding happy, healthy puppies with sound genetics for the families welcoming them into their homes. Comprehensive health testing is done before inclusion within the breeding program. Labradoodles are raised throughout four distinct weight classes.

They extend a warm invitation to experience the joy of adding one, two, or three labradoodles to your household.

Location: Grand Forks, British Columbia
Website: Canadoodle British Columbia
Phone Number: (250) 442-2957
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Canadoodle British Columbia

Designer Doodles Canada

Designer Doodles Canada

A family-owned business located three hours east of Vancouver in the beautiful Fraser Valley, Canada. Groomer Gets Personal only focuses on Miniature Doodles and Tiny Doodles, specializing in breeds such as Mini Doodles, Toy Doodles, and Tiny Doodles.

We safely looked after all our Mini Doodle puppies in our vast, sprawling 20-acre property until that one was eight weeks old and groomed enough to go home. Each of the puppy’s parents is health-tested and chosen for the best temperaments and health. This is more than just a clean, great space to bring up a family of well-rounded, intelligent, happy, and thoroughly socialized puppies.

We specialize in all small doodle breeds to fit any household. While everyone loves an Aussiedoodle and Bernedoodle, not everyone has the square footage for one. That’s why our focus at Black Arrow Almighty is breeding miniature-sized Bernedoodles and Aussiedoodles small enough to cuddle with you on the couch.

We have that taken care of most of the time, and what we have readily available is often out in a hurry. Seriously. Don’t be left waiting again; get on our waiting list by submitting the form on this site. Once on the list, you’ll receive notifications about upcoming litters. Welcome this mini doodle into your home.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia
Website: Designer Doodles Canada

Are Aussiedoodles high maintenance?

Aussiedoodles have always and still retain moderate maintenance levels, based on how their different types of coats and sizes are woven together. A dog’s coat could either be wavy or curly, but certainly not without consistent or regular work because, at some time, it could be matted or tangled. On maintenance, brush the coat a few times a week and book a few grooming appointments to keep it in check.

Besides, Aussiedoodles are active and very clever dogs in nature, requiring both mind and physical exercises; otherwise, a bad habit will quickly develop. They will also be satisfied and content if their needs are met with daily walks, games, and joint training.

The traits of these family dogs are affectionate, thus blessed with friendliness and intelligence that make them agreeable and loveable. Aussiedoodle requires grooming and moderate to substantial exercise, but it far outweighs such cases when it comes to warmness and intelligence. With proper care and attention, an Aussiedoodle makes an excellent companion to families and singles active in life.

Do Aussiedoodles have high anxiety?

The breed can suffer anxiety like the other breeds present, though it differs through different dogs. Most of the factors involved in the anxiety status in the dog include genetics, early socializing, early training, and environmental factors.

Aussiedoodles are also too sensitive and bright animals; in some cases, anxiety can be the biggest concern if not properly socialized or after traumatizing events. Separation anxiety could also be a concern in some cases due to the remarkable attachment they form with their families.

Training the Aussiedoodle regularly and putting it in a social lifestyle will include positive reinforcement training that can help the Aussiedoodle in many ways. Inputs on various issues like new things or experiences that Aussiedoodles like and fear that can stir up anxiety are some of the things to consider.

Other strategies aside from proper exercise and mental stimulation that may yield excellent health with few signals of anxiety are a safe and comfortable environment for your Aussiedoodle. When you see some sign of anxiety in your Aussiedoodle, be there to guide and offer support. Alternatively, consult with veterinarians or professional dog trainers.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders British in Columbia

Is an Aussiedoodle a good family dog?

Among many, the Aussiedoodle proves to be a great family dog regarding its intelligence, loyalty, and playfulness. Aussiedoodles thrive in homes with people who take their time in helping and giving the attention and love needed for Aussiedoodles to thrive. They are good playmates for the family’s children, giving them good socialization. They’re dynamic; this breed of dog can fit in with any lifestyle, be it boisterous, active outdoor adventurers, readers of books, and occasional indoor cuddlers. Aussiedoodle is the kind of dog that can become a real friend, joy, and assistant in a place if appropriately trained and loved.


Aussiedoodle breeders in British Columbia offer Aussiedoodles that are perfect companions for your lifestyle. From our breeders list to your new best friend, these Aussiedoodle Breeders in British Columbia take great pride in delivering lovingly and well-socialized Aussiedoodle puppies; that is why our breeders are known for setting new standards for the far-reaching industry. Choose reliability, quality, and Aussiedoodle Breeders British Columbia for your next furry family member.

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