Aussiedoodle Breeders Alabama | List of Top 6 Local Breeders

The first step in having this friendly and intelligent breed at one’s doorstep would be to find trustworthy Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama. Aussiedoodles are bred from the Australian Shepherd and Poodle; hence, with their hypoallergenic coat, high energy levels, and being very affectionate, demand for the breed has increased. While looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama, it is best to settle with owners who consider the dogs’ health, temperament, and welfare to be crucial.

Health testing, proper socialization, and ongoing support are three criteria to look for in a reputable breeder. You will want to choose the right Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama to ensure that you bring home a happy and healthy new family member.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alabama

Cedar Wood Farms, Alabama

Cedar Wood Farms, Alabama

Based in Berry, Alabama, we are a family breeder of various Doodles: Mini Aussiedoodles, Mini and Standard Bernedoodles, Mini and Standard Australian Mountain Doodles, and AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs. At Cedar Wood Farms, we raise Australian Mountain Doodles and Mini Multigenerational Bernedoodles. As far as coat types, colors, and shapes go, there are all kinds of Doodles. We also added the Cavapoo—the “companion dog”—to our breeding program in the past year.

While coat types vary, multigenerational breed pairings typically result in straight or wavy coats. An F1B pairing typically produces curls or waves. A multigenerational breed usually results from breeding two Doodles together or crossing a Doodle with a purebred, and for example, breeding a purebred Poodle with an F1 Doodle-an F1 Aussiedoodle created by crossing a purebred Poodle with an F1 makes an F1B Doodle.

Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Cedar Wood Farms, Alabama
Phone Number: (205) 861-7583
Facebook Page: Cedar Wood Farms, Alabama

Toys and Teacups Boutique Alabama

Toys and Teacups Boutique Alabama

Located in a state famous for beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, “Toys and Teacups” represents one of the finest breeding programs available in Alabama. This breeder is committed to raising healthy, mannerly, socialized Aussiedoodle puppies. Their breeding program strives to provide quality puppies with temperament, health, and beauty.

“Toys and Teacups” is a seasoned breeder with 13 kennels and home sites where they raise various breeds, including Cavapoos, Yorkies, and Aussiedoodles. Registration with the AKC and CKC for dog parents and puppies attests to the integrities in breeding.

Health for their puppies is most important, and all medical needs are provided for, from routine vet examinations to vaccinations and deworming. Moreover, “Toys and Teacups” offers a one-year health assurance certificate for the puppies sold to customers. Provided you are ready to take a puppy into your home, you can reserve one by placing a deposit via phone or email. Puppies are ready for delivery to new homes between 8-12 weeks old.

Location: Pkwy Arab Alabama
Website: Toys and Teacups Boutique Alabama
Phone Number: (256) 200-0512
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Toys and Teacups Boutique Alabama  

Georgia Dog Club Alabama

Are they still searching for the most reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama? Check out top breeders in the nearby states that produce dogs and the Georgia Dog Club. This breeder is rated 5-star, with 15 years of experience and has grown a pretty big reputation in its field from Georgia, one of the best in business.

The Georgia Dog Club is AKC-registered and maintains rigid health requirements to protect its puppies from many dog illnesses. They will guarantee that, upon adopting a puppy from them, it will not have any infectious diseases and can supply the papers on said diseases. In addition, they stand behind a ten-year warranty against hereditary illnesses.

Compared to many other breeders that provide only a 6-month or 1-year replacement warranty on their puppies, the Georgia Dog Club will do it free of charge up to three years from purchase. If your dog has a congenital issue within seven years from the date of purchase, they’ll give owners a discount of 50% on a replacement puppy.

Their generous replacement policy is waterproof, and they are proud of their breeding program. Are you interested in a pup from their new litter? Early immunization services with microchipping—are included for $200.

Location: Calhoun, Georgia
Website: Georgia Dog Club Alabama
Phone Number: (704) 992-7558
Social Media: Facebook Page of Georgia Dog Club Alabama

Joker’s Red Rose Farm

Joker's Red Rose Farm

While most Austiedoodle breeders in Alabama claim to have high-quality puppies, that is far from the truth. Take a closer look; you will usually find the puppies bred by backyard or even puppy mill breeders. In reality, you will not see too many licensed and screened breeders of Aussiedoodles in any state since this breed is relatively new.

In that case, it will be preferable to buy your favorite breed from a good breeder in another state close enough. The amount of money that you would require to pay for all your travels to and fro the nearby state would be relatively cheap compared to the money you would end up paying in medical bills if it emerged that the puppy you bought from a bad breeder was sickly.

Joker’s Red Rose Farm, situated in Georgia, is an honest and reputable breeder. He takes every piece of advice from the American Kennel Club (AKC) and other local kennel clubs on the quality requirements of the foreached breed. They majorly remain worried about the well-being and health of their puppies.

A qualified veterinarian regularly examines the pet’s internal and external body components for any health issues. Their canines get vaccinated and fixed or spayed at the required age. Moreover, the breeders deworm the Aussiedoodles so that you get a healthy puppy at eight weeks of age.

You will have to deposit one of their pups from the litter that they are expecting. The step in doing so is submitting an application and a $300, non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy. Their puppies cost between $750 to $2,000; shipping in-state and out-of-state is $100 more.

You can be confident that your puppy will be safe and comfortable on their flight because they send their puppies with a Flight Nanny. It is always better to reserve a puppy before the litter is listed so you do not have to wait that long. One can check the dates of the subsequent litter on their website. Get hold of the application by talking to the breeders or visiting their website.

Location: Bremen, Georgia
Website: Joker’s Red Rose Farm
Phone Number: (404) 274-4224
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Joker’s Red Rose Farm

Abounding Grace Doodles

Abounding Grace Doodles is a breeding facility that raises high-class Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles; they are within driving distance from the major metro cities of Atlanta and southeastern Georgia. Though this place is only a small breeder, they assiduously follow regional and national kennel association standards for their breeding program.

Laurie Trocheck is in charge of this facility. She was a horse breeder for twenty years before joining the Doodle breeding fray. It is, quite literally, a breeder. She claims to have picked out some of the finest father dogs from champion bloodlines to ensure she gets all her puppies out the door healthy.

The puppies are born and raised in Laurie’s home, where she keeps her dams. Once they have had the recommended amount of litter, Laurie finds the dams good homes for the rest of their lives.

Since Laurie is super fussy about their temperament and general health, she intended to have her puppies undergo ENS after the first few weeks of life. It makes them immune, provides brain development, and helps Aussiedoodles more capable of handling stress and finding solutions.

Location: Snellville, Georgia
Phone Number: (678) 478-4376
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Abounding Grace Doodles

Dynamic Doodles

Even though Alabama won’t have too many variations of breeders who sell Aussies, the other states have more than enough great choices. Being one of Tennessee’s finest breeders, Dynamic Doodles was formed in 2010 and specialized only in breeding Aussie Mountain Doodles and Aussie Doodles; however, sometimes it also has Bernerdoodles and Standard Poodles.

This breeder raises size varieties such as Standard, Moyen, and Mini-sized puppies from F1, F1b, and F1bb generations of Hybrid crosses to purebred F2 generational puppies. Dynamic Doodles train the dogs in various ways to prepare those dogs for placement into new homes. The dog breeder also raises their puppies in an amicable and cozy home environment where they grow up with kids and other pets.

In addition, let them familiarize themselves with sounds around the house— Cynthia’s TV, music, regular machines, and vacuum cleaners. Your puppy is also litter box trained. She can even sleep in a crate right on the day of arrival. Lastly, Dynamic Doodles’ breeders socialize their dogs from an early age, so you will not have problems bathing and drying them or cutting their nails. All this is because of the breeder’s training.

Moreover, they give each of their dogs a three-year health guarantee, thirty days of free health insurance, and being tested for over 210 hereditary abnormalities. They work with famous canine associations like Trupanion, Good Canine, and the Badass breeding program, to mention a few. They are AKC-registered breeders. For the pup pre-trained to integrate into your family, look nowhere other than Dynamic Doodles.

Location: Bartlett and Memphis, Tennessee
Website: Dynamic Doodles
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Dynamic Doodles

Black and White Aussiedoodle

Black and White Aussiedoodle: The breed of dog with magnificent beauty and intelligence, binding in one entity the best features of Australian Shepherd and Poodle. It is in demand because of its hypoallergenic coat for those with allergy-prone family members; this black and white color combination gives them an altogether different and classy look, mostly standing out in any environment.

Appearance and Coat

Due to its Poodle parent, a black-and-white Aussiedoodle will mostly have curly or wavy fur, reducing shedding and dander. As such, the black-and-white Aussiedoodle would suit those suffering from allergies. The combination of these two colors in their fur is interesting, and they may differ from one doggy to another, making great looks. Some can have a predominantly black coat with white markings, and others can be almost precisely the reverse or have an equal mix of both colors. Another striking individualism is the coat pattern in these dogs, which makes each Black-and-White Aussiedoodle very special.

Temperament and Personality.

The black and white Aussiedoodle wears certain fame related to its friendly, sharp-witted, powerful character. The dogs are highly trainable due to the intelligence they inherit from the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. Indeed, they perform well in obedience training and quickly pick up new commands and tricks.

One of the reasons this breed combination is so favored is because it seems that a black-and-white Aussiedoodle possesses a lot of love; for example, it never leaves its family members behind and maintains a perfect relationship with children. Although playful and energetic, they are an ideal companion to an active family who loves outdoor activities.

Exercise and Activity Levels

With such high energy levels, providing black and white Aussiedoodles with daily exercise is essential to help maintain their overall health and happiness. A mix of daily walks, playing sessions in the yard, and activities requiring physical and mental effort, like fetch or agility, is vital for these dogs. The black and white Aussiedoodle will succeed best if allowed to run, play, and explore openly and freely. Dog sports and other activities that test their intelligence, agility, and other skills also appeal to them.

Grooming and Care

Not only that, but a black and white Aussiedoodle also requires regular grooming to prevent matting and tangling of their coat. Brushing several times a week will help keep the fur healthy with less shedding. Moreover, visiting a professional groomer regularly can maintain their texture and looks. Other than coat care, cleaning ears, occasionally trimming nails, and providing dental care are essential to your dog for perfect health and hygiene.

Health Considerations

One can’t deny the fact that a black and white Aussiedoodle is generally a healthy breed. They hold what is known as hybrid vigor due to mixed breeding. Like other breeds, they are prone to health conditions from both lines of breeding parents. Such health complications could include hip dysplasia, eye issues, and allergies.

Reputable breeders have their breeding dogs screened for health conditions to reduce the potential of passing genetic health conditions through bloodlines. It is remarkably vital that your black and white Aussiedoodle gets regular veterinary check-ups and heeds multiple areas of a well-balanced diet for its general health and welfare.

Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alabama

Tips to Find Reputable Aussiedoodle Breeders in Alabama

This means finding honest Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama so you can take home a healthy, well-adjusted pup is crucial. Here are some ways by which trustworthy breeders can be identified:

1. Research and Referrals

Start by searching online or seeking personal referrals from friends, family members, or veterinarians who can send you towards responsible Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama. You can also visit online forums and breed-specific clubs with helpful reviews and recommendations.

2. Visit the Breeder

Schedule a visit to their facility with this breeder. This will make any reputable breeder open to invite you to observe the place where their puppies are raised. This allows you to see the living conditions, cleanliness, and overall state of the environment in which they live. Getting to know the puppies’ parents may also give one a feel for the breeding dogs’ health status and general temperament.

3. Ask Questions

Jot down some questions that you can put across to the breeder. Find out about health clearances, breeding practices, and how the puppies are socialized. Responsible Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama will be open to sharing information about their breeding program. They should also provide documentation in terms of health tests and vaccinations.

4. Testing Health

Ensure the breeder conducts health testing on breeding stock for common genetically inherited problems. Responsible Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama will check their breeding animals for hip dysplasia, eye conditions, and other hereditary concerns regarding their health; they always request copies to verify results regarding the health of breeding animals.

5. Check the Reviews and Testimonials

Look for testimonials and reviews from other puppy buyers. Positive feedback and satisfied customers are aids to eyeing out reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama. Check online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and breeder-specific websites.

6. Contracts and Guarantees

The responsible breeder will give you a written contract for the sale that states any health guarantees and return policies. This agreement is reciprocal between the buyer and breeder for the puppy’s well-being.

Such tips will help you connect with reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama who take the best care of puppies. The breeders shall monitor health conditions, temperament, and other considerations, ensuring complete well-being for the puppies. Enlighten yourself by doing your research, looking around, picking the right breeder, and thus being able to bring a new happy and healthy member into your family.


Thus, selecting the right Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama is critical to ensuring a great experience with your new pet. Reputable breeders will have a history of healthy, well-socialized puppies that fit well into family environments. Such breeders will be open about breeding and offer dopo support to the new owners.

These breeders put a lot of weight on health and temperament, ensuring that the Aussiedoodle breed standards stay very high. Do not rush; research and take your drive to visit different Aussiedoodle breeders in Alabama until you get your perfect family match. A well-bred Aussiedoodle will bring joy, companionship, and love into your home for many great years ahead.

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