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Looking for Aussiedoodle breeders in Minnesota? Your wish has come true! If you’re in the market for a new best friend, an Aussiedoodle makes a perfect one because they are intelligent yet playful. In Minnesota, safe and ethical Aussiedoodle breeders put health and socialization first when breeding these dogs. Browse their selection of standard, mini, or toy Aussiedoodles to find just what you have been looking for to bring home a loyal and active companion by contacting any number of reputable Aussiedoodle breeders found here.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Minnesota

Hidden Valley Doodles, Minnesota

Hidden Valley Doodles prioritizes the behavior and well-being of their pups. They recognize people’s curiosity about their Aussiedoodle’s lineage, upbringing, and well-being. All Hidden Valley Doodles dogs are microchipped, adding a sense of security. The contracts ensure the option for returning dogs. Situated in Millville, Minnesota, this Aussiedoodle breeder is about 1.5 hours away from Minneapolis.

Hidden Valley Doodles collaborated with nonprofit service dog groups, advocating the Guardian Dog Home Program. Families can participate by housing a pup/dog, courtesy of Hidden Valley Doodles. The foster family assumes responsibility, ensuring regular care. The dog remains a lifelong companion, with Hidden Valley Doodles retaining breeding rights, the sole benefit.

Location: Millville, Minnesota
Website: Hidden Valley Doodles, Minnesota
Phone Number: (507) 696-3647

Housekerville Doodles Minnesota

Housekerville Doodles Minnesota

Situated on a serene 80-acre countryside, Mr. and Mrs. Housker raise the dogs of Houskerville Doodles. Their family, including five children, nurtures all the puppies, including the Aussiedoodles. This early interaction with kids aids in shaping the puppies’ behavior, confidence, and social skills, an aspect this breeder values. The Minnesota Aussiedoodle puppies are reputed for their small size and Bernedoodles.

Upon purchase, your dog receives a Housekerville’s Genetic Health Warranty Check, covering genetic issues for a year. Their available Aussiedoodle puppies in Minnesota are dewormed, Neopar vaccinated, and have a health certificate. Vets advise new dog owners to schedule a visit within a week and establish a booster plan.

Each Aussiedoodle dog they sell is equipped with a microchip ID. The puppies leave for new homes with informative puppy packets outlining feeding, potty training, a year of genetic health warranty, body condition score sheet, and essential care instructions. Houskerville Doodles’ website offers comprehensive guidance for those new to dog ownership. When seeking a small Aussiedoodle breeder in Minnesota, Houskerville Doodles is an ideal choice.

Location: Minnesota
Website: Housekerville Doodles, Minnesota
Phone Number: (218) 762 1800

Archer Hill Farm, Minnesota

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of southern Minnesota, Archer Hill Farm dedicates itself to nurturing the most adorable Aussiedoodles. The addition of Goldendoodles to their breeding program is a recent expansion alongside the already present Bernedoodles. The Archer family collectively tends to the puppies, ensuring their well-being and education. Every Aussiedoodle pup originates from parents who’ve undergone rigorous health screenings. Notably, these pups are backed by a 1-year hip promise and a 2-year health guarantee.

Minnesota’s Aussiedoodle puppies, originating from Archer Hill Farm, are dewormed and receive their initial vaccinations. Within 72 hours of adoption, the buyer must have the puppy examined by a vet to affirm its health. A spay or neuter contract is provided as the new owners are expected to show evidence of the procedure post one year of age; non-compliance voids Archer Hill’s commitments.

During the application process, families outline their suitability for puppy ownership. Upon acceptance, Archer Hill Farm arranges a conversation. A non-refundable $500 deposit secures a spot, with the remaining payment upon puppy pickup, usually at eight weeks. Although non-refundable, the fee can be applied to future litters. Shipping is arranged at the buyer’s expense, requiring a balance settlement before dispatch. Puppies depart with updated health records, a written health warranty, contracts, care info, familiar food, and a maternal scent-infused blanket. Microchips and dew claw removal are standard for all dogs.

Location: New Prague, Minnesota
Website: Archer Hill Farm, Minnesota

Finney Ranch Aussiedoodle Puppies

Dedicated to the well-being and character of their puppies, Finney Ranch ensures 24/7 care and socialization for their Aussiedoodle pups. These young dogs constantly interact with littermates, dog mothers, and staff members at the ranch. The Finney Ranch team treats each puppy as part of their family, assigning names to create a personal connection even before they’re old enough for formal terms.

Breeding males and females are nurtured in loving family homes called foster homes. The Guardian Home Program focuses on providing their furry companions with special, nurturing environments. Following breeding, these dogs reside permanently with their guardian home groups. Securing a spot on the waiting list at Finney Ranch involves a $300 fee, contributing to the total $2500 cost of an Aussiedoodle puppy.

Finney Ranch offers the Basic Training and Dog Dynamix Training Programs for those in Minnesota to aid in training new Aussiedoodle puppies. These programs encompass outdoor potty training, crate sleeping, and recall commands. Additionally, pups learn commands like “sit,” “stay,” “down,” “drop,” “leave it,” and “place.” Beyond basic skills, the puppies socialize and acclimate to diverse sounds and environments. Positive reinforcement is the cornerstone of their training, with owners receiving comprehensive updates on their puppy’s progress and guidance on further teaching.

Location: St. Lancaster, Minnesota
Website: Finney Ranch Aussiedoodle Puppies
Phone Number: (218) 762-8151

Jupiter Doodles Minnesota

Located in Northwestern Minnesota, specifically in the township of Jupiter near Lake Bronson, Jupiter Doodles operates as a small-scale Mini Aussiedoodle breeding program. They adopt a home-based approach, nurturing all their puppies within their residence. With a focus on family love, both parent dogs and puppies receive ample care and affection, as they are cherished members of the household.

Notably endorsed by Good Dog, Jupiter Doodles in Minnesota is a reliable source for Aussiedoodles. Their commitment to responsible breeding is evident through their selection of parent dogs, who undergo health and DNA assessments. Chosen for their intelligence and generosity, these dogs are selected to ensure positive traits in their offspring.

Jupiter Doodles’ primary objective revolves around cultivating well-adjusted and cherished dogs. Puppies are acclimated to people of various ages and other dogs, and they commence crate training, outdoor potty habits, and good manners. Exposure to different stimuli like sights, sounds, and surfaces prepares the puppies for success in their new homes. 

Location: Lake Bronson, Minnesota
WebsiteJupiter Doodles Minnesota 
Phone Number: (218) 843-1009
Facebook PageFacebook Page of Jupiter Doodles Minnesota  

Wilson Cattle Co.

Wilson Cattle Co. is a small family-owned operation in Minnesota, specializing in breeding Standard and Mini Aussiedoodles. Nestled in Northwestern Minnesota, specifically in Lancaster, they also raise AKC Moyen Poodles. Their dogs enjoy mingling with various animals on the family farm.

Wilson Cattle Co. employs a family-centric approach to ensuring the health, beauty, and smooth transition of their puppies into new homes. Puppies are lovingly raised within the family home alongside their four children. The puppies receive constant care and daily playtime with the entire family.

Wilson Cattle Co. holds a reputable position as a Minnesota-based Aussiedoodle breeder, endorsed by Good Dog. Their puppies are the offspring of health-checked parents known for their splendid personalities and stunning coats.

Beyond breeding, Wilson Cattle Co. takes pride in their cattle, showcasing their deep commitment to their care. Before adoption, puppies undergo essential training to interact safely with children and other animals.

Location: Lancaster, Minnesota
WebsiteWilson Cattle Co. 
Phone Number: (218) 762-8362
Facebook PageFacebook Page of Wilson Cattle Co.

North Ridge Doodles

North Ridge Doodles, situated in Strathcona, northern Minnesota, offers both Standard and Mini Aussiedoodles renowned for their trainability, health, and undeniable cuteness.

Following the footsteps of fellow pet breeders, North Ridge Doodles nurtures their puppies within their household. This approach ensures each puppy’s readiness for a permanent home, characterized by a seamless adjustment and thorough care.

Endorsed by Good Dog, North Ridge Doodles is a trusted source for Aussiedoodles in Minnesota, exemplifying safety in acquiring these dogs.

Adhering to Puppy Culture protocols, North Ridge Doodles employs varied forms of stimulation to foster optimal puppy growth. They introduce the puppies to domestic sights and sounds, acclimate them to different surfaces, inculcate cleanliness routines, and facilitate positive interactions with kids, adults, and other pets.

Location: Strathcona, Minnesota
WebsiteNorth Ridge Doodles
Phone Number: (218) 791-0787
Facebook PageFacebook Page of North Ridge Doodles

Sister Doodles Minnesota

Based on their family farm in Humboldt, located in northern Minnesota, Sister Doodles specializes in raising their puppies.

Their living arrangement within the owner’s residence ensures daily care and interaction for the puppies at Sister Doodles. Cherished Poodle mothers are integral family members, often lounging on the couch alongside everyone else or nurturing their Doodle offspring.

Sister Doodles proudly participates in Good Dogs’ Responsible Breeding Program. This Minnesota-based breeder exclusively selects parents with verified health and DNA profiles, exemplifying responsible practices in their Aussiedoodle breeding.

Growing up in a domestic environment, Sister Doodles’ puppies are accustomed to typical household sights, sounds, and family dynamics. Puppies undergo essential training in bathroom habits and behavior while interacting with various people and dogs, setting them on a positive developmental path. 

Location: Humboldt, Minnesota
WebsiteSister Doodles Minnesota 
Phone Number: (218) 988-2117
Facebook PageFacebook Page of Sister Doodles Minnesota

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Minnesota

When searching for reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Minnesota, following a few essential tips to ensure you find a responsible and ethical source for your new furry friend is essential.

  • Search Thoroughly: Search online firstly using the keyword “Aussiedoodle breeders in Minnesota.” Take note of what you find on their websites regarding breeding practices, experience, and feedback from previous customers.
  • Ask around: Check with local dog clubs or veterinarians at home, along with your friends who might have great insight and suggestions about where to obtain trusted Aussiedoodle breeders in your vicinity.
  • Visit in-Person: Get to visit the breeder’s facility whenever you can. This helps to see the living conditions of dogs, the cleanliness of the environment and how well-socialized puppies are.
  • Questions: Never shy away from asking questions about their breeding methods, health testing on their dogs and puppy handling by the breeder themselves or staff members.
  • Health Testing: A reputable one will be open enough in their practices by carrying out various health tests like hip dysplasia, elbow problems, and heart issues to not pass genetic diseases into puppies created for sale.
  • Meet the Parents: Meeting the puppy’s parents can give you an idea of their temperament and other behavior traits that will tell you what to expect from your puppy. This is especially important with mixed breeds like Aussiedoodles.
  • Check References: Ask for references from previous people who have bought puppies through them. Call these references to hear about buying experiences as well as puppy experiences.
  • Contracts and Guarantees: Reputable breeders offer contracts where both parties’ responsibilities are written beside health guarantees on the pup.

Do Aussiedoodles Shed?

Aussiedoodles typically exhibit minimal shedding due to their Poodle lineage, which carries a low-shedding trait. This trait is often why they suit individuals with allergies or prefer less cleanup after fur. However, shedding can vary among individuals because of genetics and coat type. Regular grooming continues to be important in preventing matting and maintaining the overall health of the coat. While it tends not to be as pronounced in Aussiedoodles, potential owners should still expect to put forth time grooming so that the dog maintains comfort and appearance.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders Minnesota

The Aussiedoodle breeds from top breeders in Minnesota provide a perfect option for great companionship with reduced hair-shedding. With their kind yet playful personalities, these dogs bring happiness to families while being ideal for those suffering from allergies.

By finding a reputable breeder who focuses on quality breeding methodologies, you can expect to house a healthy and happy-looking dog by your side. Now that you know where to find Aussiedoodle breeders in Minnesota, start your search today for the perfect furry family member.

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