Toy Aussiedoodle: A Comprehensive Guide 2024

The Toy Aussiedoodle is a charming designer dog breed that has won the affection of numerous dog lovers. This endearing and affable dog is a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Toy Poodle resulting in an intelligent and affectionate furry companion. If you are looking for a companion who will bring you happiness, affection, and endless tail wags, the Toy Aussiedoodle may be the perfect match. Due to their diminutive size and absurd cuteness, toy canines have recently gained popularity. Due to their exceptional personalities and hypoallergenic coverings, demand for Doodle dogs has increased significantly.

This article will explore the intriguing world of the Toy Aussiedoodle. Whether you are a first-time dog owner or an experienced pet parent seeking to add to your furry family, the Toy Aussiedoodle offers an irresistible blend of charisma and intelligence.

What is a Toy Aussiedoodle?

A Toy Aussiedoodle is considered a small-sized designer dog breed that has arisen from crossing an Australian Shepherd with a Toy Poodle. The dogs are known for their high intelligence, attractive looks, and friendly nature.

As a hybrid breed, Toy Aussiedoodles inherit characteristics from both parent breeds that result in a delightful combination of traits. They’re highly trainable and enjoy mental stimulation. This trait leads them to excel most in various dog sports and activities using their intelligence, making them versatile companions for individuals and families alike.

One thing that makes Toy Aussiedoodles so great is their coat. They often have wavy or curly coat in different colors, such as black, white, brown and grey. In addition to this, their coat is hypoallergenic, which means it’s awesome for people with allergies.

As far as temperament is concerned, Toy Aussiedoodles are affectionate, loving and friendly dogs. Their reputation for forming strong bonds with their owners makes them very good companion animals that enjoy being a part of family activities.

Toy Aussiedoodles may have a natural urge to herd or nip sometimes due to their high intelligence and herding background, especially in adolescence. Early training and socialization can help control this behavior, allowing them to grow into well-mannered, well-adjusted pets.

The popularity of the Toy Aussiedoodle

The Toy Aussiedoodle has sustained its popularity since the inception of this breed. In general, aussiedoodles have garnered much recognition worldwide, and their popularity does not only stop at any dog belonging to this particular breed. Still, it extends to every other creature in creation. As can be deduced from Google search data on these darling dogs, Aussiedoodles consistently figure among the top 10 searched Doodle breeds.

Social media has also played a major role in making Toy Aussiedoodle popular. With more than 970,000 posts about Aussiedoodles on Instagram alone, these cute canines have amassed an enormous following of adoring fans. Their appearance-photogenic, playful antics and affectionate nature make them perfect candidates for viral content on social media.

Beautiful Toy Aussiedoodle

One key reason behind the rising fame of the Toy Aussiedoodle is their relatively new status as a mix. The Toy Aussiedoodle, for instance, is fast becoming sought-after due to their manageable size and miniature reproductions of the standard Aussiedoodle suit modern living, especially in urban settings where space may be at a premium. Their diminutive stature further implies they need less food hence being economical on pet owners’ ends.

In addition, Toy Aussiedoodles have short legs, meaning they don’t need as much rigorous exercise as larger dogs. This makes them much more compatible as companionship for people or families who might not have as much time for long walks or strenuous play sessions. Additionally, their size allows them to be easily carried by individuals and even taken along on adventures, further enhancing their appeal.

Apart from their cute appearance, Toy Aussiedoodles are loved for their excellent personality. Since their Australian Shepherd and Toy Poodle lineage lines them, they inherit desirable traits that make them ideal family dogs. They are known to be trainable, intelligent, and goofy, making them a delight to work with during training sessions. Their loving nature ensures strong bonds between myself and all the family members – children and pets included.

Origin and History of the Toy Aussiedoodle

The history and origin of the Toy Aussiedoodle can be traced back to the 1990s when breeders started experimenting with crossbreeding Australian Shepherds and Toy Poodles. The aim was to create a small version of the popular Aussiedoodle, specifically tailored for individuals and families who deemed a smaller-sized dog with all its wonderful qualities as preferred.

Crossbreeding Beginnings:

The Australian Shepherd is also called the “Aussie”, a highly intelligent and versatile herding breed recognized for its outstanding work ethic and steadfast loyalty. The Toy Poodle is, on the other hand, part of the standard Poodle family, which is scarcely taller than a Toy Tonk Pedigreed Bass, renamed to be hypoallergenic with elegance in intelligence trademarked by this popular dog. Combining these two, the breeder wanted to create a delightful, charming companion dog – henceforth breeding their best traits.

The Miniature Aussiedoodle Emerges:

The crossbreeding efforts started by producing the Miniature Aussiedoodle, a mid-sized version of the Aussiedoodle. As this smaller-sized hybrid was gaining popularity, breeders further refined it through a breeding process that gave rise to them being Toy Aussiedoodle.

The Toy Aussiedoodle inherited its compact size, cute look, and short coat from the Toy Poodle. This makes it more appealing to individuals seeking a small and charming canine companion.

Recognition and Popularity:

As a relatively newer mix, the Toy Aussiedoodle has not yet gained official recognition by major kennel clubs like AKC. However, it is important to note that recognition by kennel clubs is not the sole determinant of a breed’s popularity or legitimacy. The appeal of the Toy Aussiedoodle lies in its winning combination of intelligence, affectionate nature and manageable size.

Rising Popularity:

Still, in recent times, the Aussiedoodle has gained more popularity as an admirable dog because of its many endearing qualities. Dog lovers all over have been bewitchingly swept away by this breed’s intelligence, trainable nature, and genial dispositions.

In addition, as urban living and smaller living spaces become more populous, the need for compact and adaptable breeds has increased.

Toy Aussiedoodle Appearance

The appearance of the Toy Aussiedoodle depends a lot on which traits are passed down from their parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. Since it is a hybrid breed, the Toy Aussiedoodle can exhibit either father’s or mother’s characteristics alone or in combination. It is hard to pinpoint specific appearance traits for the whole breed because of this fact.

Coat Type and Colors:

The Toy Aussiedoodle usually has a medium-length coat. The coat ranges from close curls resembling the Poodle to wavy coats. Coat colors in Toy Aussiedoodles are quite diverse and influenced by the multitude of colors found in Poodles. Common colors include blue, black, red, brown, chocolate, cream, gray, and white. Toy Aussiedoodles often inherit the “hue” of colors from the Australian Shepherd, leading to combinations like red merle, blue merle shades, black and red trim parti and sable tan shades.

Coat patterns:

Common in Australian Shepherds, merle is a notable coat pattern. The Toy Aussiedoodle has a higher chance of displaying merle patterns if it displays all three possible merles, including red merle, blue merle and sable merle. Other coat patterns that Toy Aussiedoodles might have to include phantom, tuxedo, solid colour (mono-colour), parti, tricolor, and combinations of two colours.


As the name indicates, Toy Aussiedoodles are small in size. However, due to the relatively new variation, there is no definitive data on their size range. They are estimated to weigh between 4 and 20 pounds and should not be taller than 10 inches. Estimating the size of a Toy Aussiedoodle can be done by considering the size of their parents, and reputable breeders can provide guidance based on previous litters.

Eye Color:

Toy Aussiedoodles come in various eye colors, such as striking blue, soft green, light amber, or deep brown. It’s even possible for them to inherit heterochromia, where they have two different eye colors.

The temperament of Toy Aussiedoodle

The Toy Aussiedoodle is recognized for its playful and energetic personality, being the stereotypical fun-loving and goofy canine next door. Despite their size, these dogs are packed with activity energy as they won’t lie around all day. They need physical activity regularly to be happy and healthy.

Activities like going for walks, fetching, or running with your Toy Aussiedoodle will keep them physically active and mentally stimulated. These dogs love to use their intelligence and are fast learners because of the presence of Poodle in them.

One interesting thing that might show up in a Toy Aussiedoodle is an affinity for water, often inherited from the Poodle side. You might spot your furry friend enjoying splashing around and swimming when given the opportunity.

On the other hand, due to the herding instincts of the Australian Shepherd, you may notice your Toy Aussiedoodle trying to shepherd you or your children. You certainly shouldn’t be alarmed by their behavior; rather, they have a natural instinctual tendency for you and your family. Proper training and positive reinforcement can help guide this behavior appropriately.

Cute Toy Aussiedoodle running

Their high intelligence makes training a Toy Aussiedoodle relatively easy compared to other breeds. They should be started training and socialization at an early age to grow into more grown-up and well-behaved as well as well-adjusted pets. Positive reinforcement methods, such as rewards, praise, or treats, work best when teaching them new commands or behaviors.

Keeping a Toy Aussiedoodle mentally stimulated is essential since they can become easily bored. Giving them puzzles, rotating toys, and teaching some tricks are among the most effective ways to keep their minds engaged.

These are also very loyal dogs that can develop a close attachment with their favorite human beings. They are friendly, well-socialized individuals with other people, but they might display an extraordinary liking for one or two particular persons, considering them as best friends.

Traits and Characteristics of Toy Aussiedoodle

The Toy Aussiedoodle is a beautiful and lively breed with the best qualities of its parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd and the Toy Poodle. The Toy Aussiedoodle has distinct traits and characteristics shared by both breeds. This adorable dog has gained much popularity among dog enthusiasts as a gorgeous and charming pet to enjoy time with at home or bring into gatherings such as family functions or even for socializing in public areas where it cannot be fully unleashed.

One of the most outstanding qualities of the Toy Aussiedoodle is its superior intelligence. Thanks to the brains inherited from the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, these breeds are quick learners and eager participants in training sessions. Their intelligence also makes them extremely flexible and able to pick up new tricks and commands without much effort.

Toy Aussiedoodles are also known for their playful and energetic nature. With bursting levels of lively energy, they love to go on fun outings with their owners. Playing fetch, taking walks, or participating in dog sports—these dogs love staying active and cannot stay happy and healthy if kept inactive regularly.

Besides their playful appearance, Toy Aussiedoodles are affectionate and loyal. They bond pretty strongly with the human family members of the users and would always be glad to be at the user’s side. Their loyalty makes them highly dedicated companions, providing comfort and company for users.

Besides this, another endearing aspect of the Toy Aussiedoodle’s personality is their goofy and fun-loving one. With their cute personalities, they can bring smiles to an owner’s face by playing with playful behaviors.

Toy Aussiedoodles are very social and friendly with people and other pets. Proper socialization from an early age can make them something of a dog personality. Some Toy Aussiedoodles might even inherit herding instincts as characteristics inherited from the Australian Shepherd lineage. All these behaviors can be managed through adequate training and redirection.

Toy Aussiedoodles are especially adaptable to different living situations. They can live in apartments or larger homes with enough mental stimulation, just like any other animal would. They are also known to be water curious, considering that some inherit a love for the substance from their Poodle parent.

Toy Aussiedoodle Health

Moreover, it is equally important to consider the health of Toy Aussiedoodles as they may be prone to health problems common to parent breeds of the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle. Potentially, health problems that Toy Aussiedoodles could be falling victim to are hip dysplasia, cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, epilepsy, autoimmune thyroiditis and sebaceous adenitis.

Getting your Toy Aussiedoodle from a reputable breeder will mean their health since they would prove that the parent dogs and the lineage behind them have been checked for common defects and deemed healthy to breed. Checking only with the word of a breeder or even going by what the vet does on check-ups of either parent might not be enough because it is not just about covering all those needed health tests.

It is important to pick out a breeder who tests rigorously and takes the health of his breeding dogs seriously. A worthy breeder will only produce healthy dogs, and through thorough testing, verification should be carried out before mating that the dogs’ health is sound for breeding.

For the people who might have adopted a Toy Aussiedoodle from an organization that operates puppy shelters or rescues, getting proof of health history for the dog could be tough. In such a case, regular check-ups with a veterinarian are mandatory. The veterinarians can keep their eyes peeled on any common health problems that Toy Aussiedoodles usually get and give proper treatment instead.

Taking proactive steps in ensuring the health of Toy Aussiedoodle is maintained goes a long way in making them lead happy, healthy life. Active veterinary check-ups, keeping their diet balanced, doing some regular exercises, and properly grooming all play an important part in maintaining their general well-being. Taking good care of their health allows you to enjoy the companionship of a thriving jolly Toy Aussiedoodle for years.

How big do toy mini Aussiedoodles get?

The Toy Aussiedoodle is a miniature dog resulting from the crossbreeding of a toy or mini Australian Shepherd with a toy Poodle. Choosing the right kind of Toy Aussiedoodle puppy involves choosing a reputable and responsible breeder willing to put health and well-being above any appearance or size goal.

The height of a toy Poodle is usually around 10 inches. They weigh under 10 pounds. The size of a full-grown Toy Aussiedoodle averages out somewhere around 10 to 20 pounds, with their height which ranges from 10 – 12 inches.

It’s important to note that Individual Toy Aussiedoodles may vary slightly in size because of the genetics and the particular breeding pair since they will dictate their Final Size. Reputable Breeders don’t typically try to achieve Extreme variations in size for healthy dog quality today, as this can result in Issues with Quality down the road.

When choosing the Toy Aussiedoodle, choose a breeder who opts for ethical and responsible dog breeding. Look out for health and temperament that would make you happy with the decision of bringing home a healthy, happy fur-friend into your family.

How to find a reputable Toy Aussiedoodles breeder?

You’ll have to find a reputable Toy Aussiedoodle breeder to get yourself a healthy and well-balanced puppy for your forever family. With the steady popularity of Toy Aussiedoodles, it tends to become necessary to look out for unscrupulous breeders who may place profit ahead of the welfare of the dogs.

When looking for a breeder, don’t forget that Toy Aussiedoodles may not even come with pedigree papers. They are a kind of mixed breed. However, a reputable breeder can show you pedigree papers for the parent dogs, giving you insight into their lineage and temperament.

While their cute appearance is undeniably something that people do find appealing, they need to look past appearances. Many breeders may be capitalizing on the demand for cuter Toy Aussiedoodle puppies, but they should focus more on ethical and responsible breeding practices.

To ensure you are dealing with a reputable breeder, consider the following steps:

Visit The Breeder: Would you like to visit the breeder in person and see the parents of the Toy Aussiedoodle puppy? See their living conditions, and check if they are well-maintained healthy places.

Check Reviews and Opinions: Contact other Toy Aussiedoodle owners who have gotten their pups from the same breeder. Read reviews and ask for opinions to get insights into their experiences.

Ask Questions: Never hesitate to ask the breeder about their breeding practices, health testing, and how they care for their dogs and puppies.

Health Guarantee: A reputed breeder should give you a health guarantee for the puppies. You will be assured that they have taken steps to Avoid Genetic Health Issues.

Ethical Practices: Look for breeders who place the well-being of their dogs above profit. They should be open about their breeding methods and try to produce healthy, socialized puppies.

After all, adopting a puppy is no laughing matter-its for the long haul. So be sure you find yourself a reputable breeder to make sure you welcome the happy and healthy Toy Aussiedoodle into your family.

How much does a Toy Aussiedoodle cost?

The price of a Toy Aussiedoodle varies considerably. Several factors determine it. As an attractive and much-sought dog, the price of Toy Aussiedoodles is generally on the higher part of the price scale, especially that acquired from a certain reputable breeder.

A Toy Aussiedoodle can range from $500 to $5000 when purchasing one from a breeder. The price can increase if the dog has unique coat colors and patterns, such as Merle or tricolor, as these are considered premium traits.

Get proof from the breeders of parental lineage before paying these prices. That you can trust that the parents have been checked for health issues and are well-cared-for will help ensure you aren’t buying into unethical breeding practices or a puppy mill.

Other factors that can impact the cost of a Toy Aussiedoodle include where the breeder is located and whether or not they have a good reputation. Breeders in high-demand areas or with a strong reputation for producing high-quality dogs might charge more than other breeders.

The size of the litter can also contribute to the justifying price since there may be small litter that cause high demand for available puppies. Further, considerations such as training amount, socialization efforts, generation of the puppies (e.g. first-generation or multigenerational) and health tests done on parent dogs all add up to a complete cost.


Are Toy Aussiedoodles good with kids?
Since they are gentle and loving by nature, Toy Aussiedoodles make great companions to children. They are also patient and affectionate, making them a better family pet for families with kids.

Are Toy Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?
Although no dog could be hypoallergenic, Toy Aussiedoodles are considered to be relatively hypoallergenic compared to some other breeds because they inherit certain coat characteristics from their Poodle parent, which is famous for having a low-shedding as well as extremely low dander coat.

Do Toy Aussiedoodles shed a lot?
The Poodle parent of Toy Aussiedoodles has had a lot of an influence on their coat. That’s why they have so little- Shedding characteristics require regular grooming to keep them from matting—and maintaining the health of their coat.

Are Toy Aussiedoodles easy to train?
Yes, Toy Aussiedoodles are very smart and enthusiastic to please, making them fairly easy to train. Positive reinforcement methods work best since it responds well towards praise and rewards.

Do Toy Aussiedoodles bark a lot?
Toy Aussiedoodle does not bark excessively, but their barking behavior can vary from dog to dog. Because of this mix between the Australian Shepherd and the Poodle, these dogs may inherit certain traits regarding barking tendencies from both parent breeds.

How often should I groom my Toy Aussiedoodle?
Grooming needs can vary depending on the coat type of your Toy Aussiedoodle. Giving them a good start by regular brushing, bathing as needed, and routine trimming gives them a great chance to keep their coat in good shape.

How long do Toy Aussiedoodles live?
On average, Toy Aussiedoodles can live anywhere from 12 to 15 years with proper care and a healthy lifestyle.


Toy Aussiedoodle is a smiling puppy with an outgoing attitude and would be great for young families or anyone looking to invest in a fun little dog. With their loving nature and intelligence, Toy Aussiedoodles make wonderful companions for homes with kids. Fortunately, no real dog will ever be hypoallergenic –their low-dander coat makes them appropriate for some allergy sufferers. But are you spending time by your side all of the time? Bring a Toy Aussiedoodle into your life you’re sure to love.


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