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The standard choice of Aussiedoodles as a pet for the prospective pet owner represents an affectionate dog possessing high intelligence. In Ohio, one state experiencing increasing demand for these delightful companionsisms is Aussiedoodle breeders, the glue that binds families to their forever friends. The Aussiedoodle breeders in Ohio have implemented meticulous breeding practices, hence their contributions to these hybrid dogs’ overall well-being and desirable traits. As families seek to find their perfect pet, they must explore the landscape of Aussiedoodle breeders in Ohio and find reliable sources to ensure a seamless and joyful addition to their households.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio

Fancy Farm Dog Ohio

Fancy Farm Dog

Situated in Ohio, Fancy Farm Doodles, led by Stephanie, an experienced Aussiedoodle breeder, boasts a longstanding commitment to breeding excellence. With a history of dedicated practice, Stephanie oversees the production of well-balanced, wholesome Aussiedoodles that are both adult and child-friendly.

The secret to their success lies in the immediate socialization of their Aussiedoodle puppies with individuals of all ages in their forever homes. Ensuring a nutritious start, Fancy Farm Doodles diligently deworms, vaccinates, and subjects their vibrant Aussiedoodle puppies to thorough veterinary checks before they reach their new owners.

Transparent and straightforward, their application and collection process make securing a reservation hassle-free. Prospective owners must submit a non-refundable initial deposit of $300 to reserve a preferred time slot. For those interested in adopting from this reputable breeder, visiting their website can initiate the application process.

Location: Hancock County, NW, Ohio.
Website: Fancy Farm Dog Ohio
Phone Number: (567) 278-2713
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Fancy Farm Dog Ohio

Doncie Doodles Ohio

Doncie Doodles Ohio

Nestled on an 8-acre expanse in Batavia, Ohio, Doncie Doodles Ohio specializes in breeding various canine varieties, including Aussiedoodles and Bernedoodles. Their Aussiedoodles come in a range of sizes, from miniature to standard.

Distinguished by their commitment to producing intelligent, healthy, and high-quality Aussiedoodles, Doncie Doodles Ohio is the go-to breeder for those seeking an excellent companion. With a focus on therapy dogs, they initiate early socialization, ensuring a smooth adjustment to new households.

Before placement in homes, Doncie Doodles Ohio guarantees thorough vetting, microchipping, and vaccinations for their canines, all of which hold AKC registration. Prospective owners can visit their Batavia, Ohio, location from 6 am to 8 pm or check the website for the latest litter availability. Inquiries can also be made by phone for more detailed information.

Location: Batavia, Ohio
Website: Doncie Doodles Ohio
Phone Number: (513) 543-7475
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Doncie Doodles Ohio

My Home Puppies Ohio

My Home Puppies

In Ohio, My Home Puppy is an authorized breeder specializing in Aussiedoodles, boasting over three years of experience in the breeding industry. Their expertise sets them apart from numerous backyard breeders in Ohio. Each Aussiedoodle puppy receives meticulous care and starts fundamental training early, ensuring easy adaptation and seamless socialization with your family, including children.

Opting for an AKC-registered Aussiedoodle from My Home Puppy guarantees a purebred dog. The breeder commits to a thorough veterinary examination, vaccination, and deworming before delivering your Aussiedoodle puppy. Pickup is available after eight weeks, either in person or through a reservation, with an additional delivery cost for nationwide service within the United States.

My Home Puppy provides a one-year health guarantee covering inherited disorders. To express your interest in their puppies, visit their website or contact them at (206) 2106. Secure a spot with a $206 initial deposit, covering microchipping, dog registration, and other health checks.

Location: Millersburg, Ohio
Website: My Home Puppies Ohio
Phone Number: (330) 893-2722
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of My Home Puppies Ohio

Woodlot Companion

With over a decade of experience, Woodlot Companion is a well-established Aussiedoodle breeder renowned in Ohio. They hold USDA approval and a solid reputation for producing high-quality Aussiedoodle offspring, evident through positive reviews on their website and Google. Nestled in the Ohio countryside on a 7-acre estate, Woodlot Companion raises various animals, including Aussiedoodles, ensuring excellent health through comprehensive vaccinations and veterinary examinations.

Woodlot Companion’s distinctive approach involves early socialization with humans and diverse household animals, creating Aussiedoodle puppies that become excellent companions. This breeder’s emphasis on extensive puppy training techniques sets them apart in Ohio.

While personally retrieving your Aussiedoodle is recommended for memorable moments, Woodlot Companion provides delivery options, including bus or airplane services, catering to your location or preference.

Backed by a health guarantee and after-sales service, Woodlot Companion ensures a seamless experience. To secure a spot, visit their website or contact the breeder for personalized assistance.

Location: Walnut Creek Township, Ohio
Website: Woodlot Companion
Phone Number: (234) 301-7336

Stosh’s Puppies

Stosh's Puppies

Stosh’s Puppies is one of the most respected breeders of Aussiedoodle from Ohio, with genuine canine love radiating from every family member – its founder, Kyle, to its affectionately nicknamed “puppet dad,” Mel. Mel has taken charge of ensuring your canines come out friendly and well-socialized.

Renowned in Ohio for healthy Aussiedoodle puppies, Stosh’s Puppies is exposed to such environments as car traveling and fostering cooperation with children, older people, cats, and other dog breeds in the house. This thorough exposure makes the Aussiedoodle puppies familiar with every circumstance they meet in their new home.

Stosh’s Puppies is an enthusiast for the best health of their Aussiedoodles with comprehensive genetic and physical testing on parent dogs before breeding, which will guarantee perfect offspring matches are produced and vibrantly healthy Aussiedoodles.

To get more information on the Aussiedoodle puppies that they sell, one can quickly contact the breeder through their “Contact Us” page on the website or even make a call. One could even visit the shop just a little before 7 pm and ask any questions they would like to know about the breeders and probably get the chance to check out the puppies.

Location: Independence, Ohio
Website: Stosh’s Puppies
Phone Number: (216) 401-1584
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Stosh’s Puppies

Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles Ohio

Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles in Ohio specializes in breeding F1, F1b, and F2 Mini Aussiedoodles. To understand the significance of these designations, a guide on Aussiedoodle Generations is recommended. Operating on a 32-acre farm in West Central Ohio, Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles breeds and nurtures Aussiedoodle puppies, with their reproductive stock treated as cherished household pets.

The breeding canines at Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles are AKC-registered, and thorough genetic and health screenings ensure no defects. Their website conveniently provides comprehensive information about breeding dogs, including health test results, AKC registration numbers, lineage, and more, showcasing the breeder’s methodical and attentive approach.

Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles informs clients about new and upcoming puppy litter, although reservation lists tend to fill quickly. The breeder initiates deworming at four weeks for their Ohio-based Aussiedoodle puppies, who also receive one to two vaccinations before being transported to their permanent homes.

Each Aussiedoodle puppy purchased in Ohio has a two-year health guarantee and ongoing support. If circumstances arise where you cannot care for your Aussiedoodle, the breeder welcomes its return. Currently, the focus is on Ohio breeder mini Aussiedoodle kittens.

Location: Houston, Ohio
Website: Hidden Haven Aussiedoodles
Phone Number: (937) 726-9965

Doncie Doodles Ohio

Located in rural Batavia, Ohio, Doncie Doodles Ohio specializes in breeding and nurturing their doodles, focusing on F1, F1b, F2, F2b, and multigenerational Aussiedoodle offspring. Their expertise extends to Aussiedoodles in standard, mini, and medium sizes, all registered with AKC or CKC.

The breeding canines at Doncie Doodles, Ohio, enjoy the eight-acre property, with genetic and health tests conducted on both parents to ensure the well-being of their progeny for future households. Aussiedoodle puppies undergo microchipping and start litter and crate training before being placed in their permanent homes. The Ohio-based Aussiedoodle puppies also receive a comprehensive infant physical examination and two vaccinations.

Doncie Doodles Ohio’s website is regularly updated with the latest information on upcoming litters, including details about the parents to provide insight into their lineage.

Operating Monday to Friday, the breeder guarantees a 48-hour response time for inquiries. In addition to Aussiedoodles, Doncie Doodles Ohio offers other designer doodles, including Saint Bernedoodles and Bernedoodles, expanding the options for potential owners.

Location: Batavia, Ohio
Website: Doncie Doodles Ohio
Phone Number: (513) 543-7475

Family Aussies Ohio

Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles take center stage as their specialty breeds at Family Aussies. Exclusive to Ohio, they focus on breeding miniature Aussiedoodle puppies with AKC-registered breeding canines. Carefully selecting parent dogs based on health, temperament, and genetics, Family Aussies aims to produce ideal Aussiedoodle puppies for prospective parents.

The canines at this Ohio-based Aussiedoodle breeder are socialized with children and adults and come with a two-year health guarantee. The streamlined application process takes less than ten minutes, requiring a nominal deposit to reserve a puppy.

For those interested, Family Aussies’ website showcases available Aussiedoodle puppies for sale in Ohio. Any inquiries can be directed to them, as they are eager to provide clarifications and guide you through each stage of the procedure.

Generally priced at a minimum of $800, their Aussiedoodle puppies come with various shipping options for clients in states distant from Ohio. Family Aussies is committed to ensuring a smooth and informed experience for prospective owners.

Location: Central Ohio
Website: Family Aussies Ohio
Phone Number: (740) 502-6653

Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles Ohio

Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles specializes in breeding Newfypoos, Great DaNoodles, Aussiedoodles, and Bernedoodles. Their expertise extends to standard and medium F1 Aussiedoodles, and all of their breeding canines are AKC-registered and free of any health conditions.

Each puppy at Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles is treated as a cherished family member, undergoing extensive socialization before finding a forever home. In Ohio, they offer Aussiedoodle puppies with a two-year health guarantee and lifelong assistance.

Operating from Monday to Friday, Doodles and Hackney Hills Poodles are available for business. Their response time to inquiries is typically 72 hours, demonstrating their commitment to providing information and support to potential owners.

Location: Beverly, Ohio
Website: Hackney Hills Poodles and Doodles
Phone Number: (740) 336-8342

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Ohio.

Searching for reputable Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio should involve a meticulous approach to searching for a dependable one who would surely give them a healthy and well-socialized furry companion. Topping this list is researching online through search engines and other pet platforms by keying the keyword “Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio.”

Take time to visit the breeders’ websites and keenly go through the provided information. Legitimate breeders divulge information related to their breeding practices, their health guarantees, and testimonials from previous buyers. Look for transparency in operations, such as clear communication about the dog’s lineage, vaccination records, or any persisting health condition.

Another brilliant alternative would be attending Ohio dog shows or events. These will frequently draw some of the most committed breeders and provide an opportunity to interact one-on-one with them, handle their dogs, and even have a chance to chat about the way they rear them.

Cute Aussiedoodle Breeders Ohio

Interact in online communities and forums for Aussiedoodle lovers. Ask for referrals and feedback from people who acquired dogs from particular Ohio breeders. This way, one can be given first-hand information about the reputation of the breeder and also the health status and temperaments of the dogs.

Ask to visit the facility. A reputable breeder will let you in their premises to inspect how the dogs, in general, and those that you are interested in, are kept and the general cleanliness of the environment.

Indeed, good Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio will be concerned more with the health and well-being of their dogs than dollar signs. They will screen breeding pairs for health, provide quality veterinary care, and early socializing of puppies. Following these tips religiously and using the keyword, “Aussiedoodle Breeders in Ohio,” correctly searching for that perfect new furry family member increases your odds of finding a reputable breed that puts your future happy and healthy Aussiedoodle first.

Conclusion: Aussiedoodle Breeders Ohio

The search for the best Aussiedoodle companion in Ohio lands us on the doorsteps of relentless breeders who constantly work hard enough to equip themselves with the proper requirements set for the breed and enough knowledge of responsible breeding practices that involve good husbandry. Ohio Aussiedoodle breeders commit their responsible breeding, offering families more than only pets rather members to cherish in the home. Conscientious breeders working together for energetic families foster a community willing to pay a number for such unique qualities. The popularity of these adorable dogs is on the rise, and the role of Aussiedoodle breeders of Ohio has grown in importance to pair up the perfect joyful canines in their most satisfying forms with their forever homes.

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