Aussiedoodle Breeders Indiana | List of Top 10 Local Breeders

Aussiedoodle Breeders Indiana – Choose your perfect furry friend here! We have listed reputable breeders of the Indiana Aussiedoodle who specialize in breeding these intelligent and affectionate crossbreeds. From standard to miniature sizes, there are plenty of options to go by as per your choices. Get a loving Aussiedoodle puppy mixed with Australian Shepherd intelligence and Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat. Pick out an ideal Aussiedoodle pup from trustworthy breeders in Indiana and add a bundle of joy to your family.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Indiana

Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles Indiana

Deep Creek, located in Indiana, is a highly respected breeder of mini Aussiedoodles. Aussiedoodle, originating from mini Australian shepherds and mini poodles, are their specialty. The kennel excels in this hybrid breed and handles Australian Shepherds and miniatures. If Indiana residents desire a smaller Aussiedoodle variant, Deep Creek merits consideration.

Nestled on a 40-acre estate in Marshall, Indiana, the facility is overseen by a family, nurturing your dog as one of their own. Pups are initiated into litter box training before they reach your home.

Reserved exclusively as companions, Indiana Aussiedoodle puppies come with current vaccinations and medical treatments, though tails and dewclaws remain intact, per the kennel’s choice.

A $300 deposit is obligatory to secure a pup, while the ultimate adoption expense for a Deep Creek dog ranges from $1,800 to $2,100, contingent on coat color.

Location: Marshall, Indiana
Website: Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles Indiana
Phone Number: (574) 780-2729
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Deep Creek Mini Aussiedoodles Indiana

Puppies on 301 Indiana

Canines on 301 is another family-operated venture focusing on Aussiedoodle and cockapoo dogs. Their affection for designer doodles mirrors ours, evident in their dedicated care for each dog. As pups mature and prepare for new homes, they undergo socialization and thorough health monitoring.

Your Aussiedoodle pup stays current with vaccinations, receiving veterinarian evaluations before joining your family. Discussion with the kennel is needed for reproduction rights and potential health assurances.

Most of the breeding pups at Puppies on 301 are registered with professional groups. For pedigree details on litters, contact the breeder. Prices for Indiana’s available Aussiedoodle pups differ based on color and other factors.

Location: Bluffton, Indiana
Website: Puppies on 301 Indiana
Phone Number: (260) 307-2235

Priceless Doodles Indiana

Based in New Castle, Indiana, Priceless Doodles is another family-run venture on expansive grounds like many others on this roster. Pups freely explore the outdoors, imbibing insights about their surroundings as they mature.

Reserving your Aussiedoodle pup mandates a non-refundable $400 deposit. The total $1,675 adoption fee is due upon collection. If New Castle isn’t convenient, pups can be transported to Indianapolis or Dayton airports for an extra charge.

Committed to puppy health, Priceless Doodles ensures thorough care. Their vet-examined dogs have received necessary vaccinations and deworming. In Indiana, each Aussiedoodle comes with a limited two-year health warranty, adhering to the standards of reputable breeders.

Location: New Castle, Indiana
Website: Priceless Doodles Indiana
Phone Number: 570-396-9199
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Priceless Doodles Indiana

Unique Canines Indiana

Unique Canine is a proficient breeder of Bernedoodles, mini Bernedoodles, and mini Aussiedoodles. Like several other establishments on this list, they operate on a small scale in the northern part of the state, with a family-driven approach.

Before deposit submission, an adoption application and interview clearance are necessary. Following approval, a $500 contribution secures your puppy purchase and a spot on the waiting list. The selection order adheres to a deposit receipt, with an initial pick at the breeder’s discretion.

Pricing for your mini Aussiedoodle pup varies with coat color and encompasses a health guarantee. Spaying or neutering is obligatory to acquire a miniature Aussiedoodle puppy in Indiana. Upon collection, your pup arrives with up-to-date vaccinations, deworming treatments, and accompanying veterinary records.

Location: Goshen, Indiana
Website: Unique Canines
Phone Number: (574) 536-8771
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Unique Canines Indiana

Paw Pals R Us Indiana

Continuing our roster of top-notch Aussiedoodle breeders in Indiana is Paw Pals R Us. This breeder operates on a family-owned property, helmed by a dedicated couple. Their spacious 16-acre locale lies in Spencerville, conveniently near Fort Wayne. For those at a distance, the team facilitates puppy delivery arrangements.

Paw Pals R Us boasts an array of dams and sires, ensuring a consistent supply of available or upcoming pups. Check their website for updates on Aussiedoodle puppy wait times. During your interview, the team will apprise you of deposit details and the puppy’s cost.

Puppies arrive with a one-year health guarantee and access to their veterinary records. Upon joining your family, pups receive vaccinations, deworming treatments, and foundational training.

Location: Spencerville, Indiana
Website: Paw Pals R Us, Indiana
Phone Number: 260-494-9620

Sandy Hill Farm Aussies

Centered on Australian Shepherds and Aussiedoodles, Sandy Hill Farm Aussies was formerly managed by two siblings, though one has since passed. Despite this loss, the farm endures as a family-run establishment in central Indiana, catering to the convenience of most state residents.

Sandy Hill Farm Aussies maintains diverse age groups, from brand-new puppies to slightly older ones, often easier to train. Occasionally, retired dogs are available for adoption, including mothers and sires.

Securing your companion necessitates a deposit, while the remainder is payable upon pickup. Anticipate an average cost of $1,100 to $1,500, contingent on color and attributes.

Veterinarian-inspected, the dogs are accompanied by a one-year health guarantee, although spaying or neutering is obligatory. Furthermore, dietary stipulations and vitamin requirements are outlined in the adoption agreement.

Location: Logansport, Indiana
Website: Sandy Hill Farm Aussies
Phone Number: (217) 329-9153

Crockett Doodles Indiana

Operating from South Carolina, Crockett Doodles extends its services to Indiana’s residents, facilitating transportation across the United States. With guardian families in Indiana, proximity could be favorable.

Crockett Doodles specializes exclusively in doodles, whether Aussiedoodles, cockapoos, or other breeds. Application submission precedes puppy selection, with various delivery options, including a pickup in sunny South Carolina.

Your adopted dog arrives with a health guarantee, up-to-date vaccinations, and necessary treatments. Notably, a segment of your adoption fee contributes to charitable organizations like Make a Wish and the Greenville Humane Society, fostering a positive impact.

Location: Greenville, South Carolina
Website: Crockett Doodles
Facebook Page: Facebook Page of Crockett Doodles Indiana

Vermillion Valley Aussiedoodles Indiana

Vermillion Valley Aussiedoodles in Rockville is renowned for producing puppies with stunning, glossy coats and exceptional temperaments. Their unwavering commitment to quality over quantity is evident. Owners Mariah and Millie Peroni boast extensive veterinary care backgrounds and expertise in dog training and AKC evaluation.

Adhering to Puppy Culture standards, their approach encompasses early neurological stimulation, sensory training, and interaction with adult canines and fellow pups. Additionally, canine temperaments are evaluated around seven weeks of age, aligning their behavior with family preferences.

Genetic testing is integral for all Aussiedoodle pups, including assessments for PRA-prcd (rod-cone degeneration), MRD1 (multiple drug sensitivity), and rDVM (patellar luxation). A six-month waiting period is observed. Upon application acceptance and deposit payment, you’ll welcome your new puppy around ten weeks of age.

Location: Rockville, Indiana
Website: Vermillion Valley Aussiedoodles Indiana
Phone Number: (812) 241-7249

Ridgeline Doodles Indiana

Kimberly Isbill is the breeder at Ridgeline Doodles in Corydon, Indiana. She and her spouse are animal lovers who appreciate caring for various animals. Ridgeline Doodles offers Aussiedoodles of standard size, with a six-month waiting period. They care for one brood at a time while Kimberly takes time off from work. Their Aussiedoodles are raised on 27 acres of land, and after nine weeks of training and enrichment, they are delivered to your residence.

All their puppies are microchipped, and your puppy will have received its initial vaccinations. In addition to the puppy, you receive a Licki Mat, toys, treats, 30 days of free Trupanion Insurance, a Certificate of Health, a food starter package, and a feeding schedule. The Aussiedoodle puppies are genetically tested, and a one-year health guarantee covering genetic disorders is provided. In addition, they will be delivered to you nine weeks after their delivery.

Location: Corydon, Indiana
Website: Ridgeline Doodles Indiana
Phone Number: 502-553-2346

Classic City Aussiedoodles Indiana

Situated in Angola, Indiana, Abby Fisher owns this venture. Operating as small-scale Aussiedoodle breeders, they allow families to cherish an Aussiedoodle pup. Classic City Aussiedoodles takes pride in nurturing well-socialized Aussiedoodles of various sizes—miniature, standard, and miniature. Just like all Aussiedoodles, their pups relish attention and play.

While you can specify preferences, the waiting period spans six months. Classic City Aussiedoodles raise their puppies alongside their littermates for roughly ten weeks before adoption availability. Personal collection is recommended. Puppies undergo crate training, sound exposure, domestic noise desensitization, and interaction with other dogs from an early stage. Moreover, you’ll receive a bag of food and toys infused with their littermates’ scent. Mandatory genetic and MRD1 testing is conducted, accompanied by a one-year health guarantee upon delivery.

Location: Angola, Indiana
Website: Classic City Aussiedoodles Indiana
Phone Number: (260) 573-6292

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Indiana

If you are interested in finding Aussiedoodle breeders in Indiana that are ethical, use these thorough steps to confirm a responsible source for your furry friend:

  • Online Search: Use keywords such as “Aussiedoodle breeders Indiana.” This will direct you towards those Indiana-based breeders specializing in only the Aussiedoodles.
  • Recommendations: Talk with local veterinarians, dog trainers, and other dog owners. They can provide insight into reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Indiana based on experience.
  • Dive Deep into Breeder Websites: Take a deeper look at breeder websites. Reputable breeders have ample details regarding what they do and how the parent dogs are tested for health, their breeding method, training procedure, environment, etc.
  • Schedule a Visit allows you to peek inside their facilities to check out the living conditions, cleanliness, and general well-being of the Aussiedoodle dogs.
  • Health Testing: Get all details related to parent dog testing for health. Responsible Aussiedoodle breeders in Indiana prefer to breed puppies based on genetic health criteria and conduct necessary health screening tests over each puppy’s life.
  • Talk With the Breeder: Talk to prospective ones. Trustworthy ones are ready to answer your questions elaborately and openly share their knowledge base about breeding practices.
  • Meet Parent Dogs: Speak to the parent dogs, interact with them, and see their temperament and behavior. This will give you insights into some possible characteristics the puppies may inherit from them.

Do aussiedoodles shed?

Aussiedoodles, a crossbreed between Australian Shepherds and Poodles, are usually low-shedding dogs due to their heritage as Poodles. Shedding can vary among individual dogs based on factors such as the dog’s generation (F1, F1B, etc.) and inherited specific genes. While they usually have less shedding than some other breeds, they are not shed-free. Regular brushing and grooming are recommended to keep from losing potential loose hair and maintain the health of the coat. If you are looking for a dog with minimal shedding, an Aussiedoodle is generally a good choice, especially those with a higher percentage of Poodle genetics.

Are aussiedoodles hypoallergenic?

Aussiedoodles are usually hypoallergenic since having Poodle origins means they have a low-shedding and minimal dander coat. Nevertheless, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic, so in most cases, Aussiedoodles produce fewer allergens than other breeds, making them an excellent choice for those allergic to dogs. Proper grooming and reasonable coat maintenance can further help reduce allergic reactions.


Find your dream Aussiedoodle puppy in Indiana using these suggestions! Don’t let this great chance to add a lifetime companion slip away that embodies all of the best characteristics of both Australian Shepherds and Poodles as it comes with these dedicated breeders in Indiana so you can find out what having an Aussiedoodle will mean for your family. Get set for the momentous introduction into a new, loving family unit and prepare for many years full of playfulness and precious memories.your Aussiedoodle.

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