Aussiedoodle Breeders Missouri | List of Top 5 Local Breeders

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for Aussiedoodle breeders in Missouri. In Missouri’s vibrant and picturesque state, you’ll find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders who have been perfecting their craft for years. They focus on health and temperament but also stick to all standards set by dog organizations when breeding these beautiful dogs. They provide top-notch Aussiedoodles that would be a super addition to your family. Whether now or later, these dedicated breeders are here in Missouri to deliver you exceptional pups. Do not miss out on bringing joy into your life with one of these remarkable dogs.

List of Aussiedoodle Breeders in Missouri

Bethany’s Aussiedoodles Missouri

Bethany's Aussiedoodles

Bethany Mize is a hobby breeder who ensures the health and welfare of each litter of puppies. She breeds miniature and small Aussiedoodles, so potential puppy parents have some sizes to choose from. Each dog she breeds becomes a great family companion with little to no shedding.

Bethany gets her whole family involved to help acclimate your new pup into their new family. To help you get started right, this breeder has two available Aussiedoodle females and two male dogs to create litter from. Each dog is gorgeous and promises a healthy and beautiful puppy for you. You can message her directly from her website for more info on upcoming litters and how to reserve a puppy.

Name of Owner: Bethany Mize
Location: Seymour, Missouri
WebsiteBethany’s Aussiedoodles Missouri
Phone Number: (417) 217-2622

CW Aussiedoodles Missouri

This breeder provides an excellent alternative for purchasing a well-loved pup. Dogs are raised on a 380-acre beef cattle and poultry farm operation. They only began their venture into dog breeding in the last few years after they purchased their first dog in 2018. Since then, they have immersed themselves in learning all about what it takes to raise healthy puppies. Each puppy comes with a 72-hour health guarantee from the time of pickup.

This guarantee is outlined in the purchase agreement you will be given at the time of purchase.
They also provide new owners with a one-year health guarantee in the same purchasing agreement. New puppies are ready to go home between eight and nine weeks of age. The dogs have their first three rounds of shots while still in the breeder’s care and come with a vaccination record. All are up-to-date on the dewormer as well. Don’t worry about your puppy getting loose – they will have a microchip. One of the great benefits of buying from this breeder is the housebreaking training.

Each dog comes with a litter box and puppy pad trained so that it’s easier than ever to transition your dog doing business outdoors, thus preventing accidents in your home. Housebreaking isn’t all they do; they also work on grooming, and every dog will be freshly bathed when they arrive at your home. You may not have to wait long to get a puppy from one of these litters. Their breeding program has eight female dogs, each with genetic testing performed. There is a wide variety of sizes and colors to ensure you find a puppy that meets your family’s needs. Two male dogs are also a part of the program.

Location: Cassville, Missouri
WebsiteCW Aussiedoodles Missouri
Phone: (417) 793-1004

Hearthside Country Missouri

If you have concerns regarding puppy mills, you may appreciate Hearthside Country’s approach to obtaining licenses. This farmer possesses licenses issued by the USDA and the state of Missouri. Furthermore, surprise inspections are conducted annually by both state and USDA government offices, ensuring the utmost care for their adult dogs and newborn puppies. They take pride in the scrutiny of their facilities and the well-being of their adult dogs.

Every year, a veterinarian conducts a thorough examination of each dog. Before arriving at your home, puppies receive comprehensive veterinary care, and they all come with a complimentary health check certificate. Since 2004, they have been breeding exquisite Aussiedoodles. Hearthside Country raises various sizes of first-generation and F1B Aussiedoodles, striving to produce joyful, healthy dogs that are friendly with people. Dogs are not kept in kennels except when they need to dry off after a bath.

They familiarize themselves with every household member and are accustomed to being around a diverse group. To acquire one of their dogs, you must complete a detailed application, allowing them to match you and your family with the perfect dog. This application gathers general information about your family and includes details about the new microchip. You can also indicate your interest in breeding rights during this process.

Location: Mountain Grove, Missouri
WebsiteHearthside Country, Missouri
Phone: (417) 926-6306

Ozark Aussies Missouri

Katherine Peterson and her family are eager to assist you in finding the perfect addition to your family—a furry companion. Their breeding facility is on a sprawling twenty-acre property amidst the picturesque hills near the Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. Each adult dog they care for is registered with either APRI or UABR, and every adorable designer puppy is officially registered with the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC). You can expect these puppies to integrate seamlessly into your family.

These puppies are lovingly raised within the Peterson family’s home, surrounded by children and other pets. This nurturing environment ensures they receive ample attention and care from their handlers. From birth, until they reach the age of eight weeks and are ready for their new homes, these puppies reside in the household. During their stay, they receive thorough veterinary check-ups and deworming to ensure optimal health.

For your peace of mind, Ozark Aussies & More provides a one-year health guarantee covering life-threatening congenital disabilities within the first year of the puppy’s life. Please note that this guarantee does not extend to low blood sugar, dehydration, parasitic infections, bite problems, deafness, blindness, or any problems resulting from accidents or neglect.

Depending on your location, Ozark Aussies & More is willing to travel up to two hours to meet you and personally deliver your new furry friend, subject to your site. Should you reside further away, extended transportation can be arranged at an additional cost. For those living out of state who prefer their dog to be shipped, this service is available for an additional fee of $450, contingent upon suitable weather conditions.

Name of Owner: Katherine Peterson
Location: Central Missouri
WebsiteOzark Aussies Missouri
Phone: (573) 298-2256

Aussiedoodles of Love Missouri

Aussiedoodles of Love

We are a dog-loving family living on a farm, and our farm is a paradise for dogs’ happiness. The dogs mean so much to us and are counted as full-fledged family members entitled to all privileges that come with them. Our bigger dogs live in our home, taking part in playtime with us and going along with us on adventures. They have plenty of room on the farm to run around and interact with the rest of us and their other farm buddies.

Everything in our family, including the puppies, is essential to us. They have a room with lots of natural light, various toys, and beds where they can lie down when tired. We shower them with love and dedicated care by taking them out for exciting adventures around the farm and house whenever possible, even on car rides.

We expose them to fun things about our forest, fields, and backyard so that they get acquainted with new sounds, sights, animals, and people. Meal time is not only time for food but also when everyone in the family sits together, instilling in the pups the idea that food and family are synonymous terms, hence fostering harmonious relations between nourishment. Besides, quality time spent as guests over cuddles and play makes bath time comfortable when visiting its pet store neighbors.

Every pup entering our lives is a unique blessing, and we sincerely hope that each one will find their forever homes where they’ll fit in seamlessly and be cherished.

Location: Missouri
Aussiedoodles Of Love Missouri
Phone Number:
(636) 383-1987

Tips to find reputable Aussiedoodle breeders in Missouri

Researching reputable AussieDoodle breeders in Missouri can be a fun experience. Still, you must follow up and research to ensure the puppy is healthy and taken care of. Here are some excellent tips for finding trustworthy Aussiedoodle Breeders In Missouri:

  • Online Search: Start searching online using search engines and social media platforms. The keywords “AussieDoodle Breeders In Missouri” will show internet presence from those who have it strong, including informative or active websites about puppies they breed.
  • Ask for Referrals: Talk around local dog owners, vets, or even pet-related forums on which parties are good at breeding Aussiedoodles, along with anything else they might offer.
  • Attend Local Dog Shows/Events/Rescue Organizations: Go to any local events involving dogs available for adoption near me so you might meet someone personally and ask questions about their puppies’ health and behavior history with them.
  • Verify Breeder Credentials: Many reputable breeders are members of national and regional breed clubs, such as the United States Australian Shepherd Association or the Missouri Pet Breeders Association. This membership indicates they abide by standards set forth for their registered breeding dogs and ethical practices.
  • Health Testing: Ask what health testing they do on their breeding dogs. Responsible breeders will test for common hereditary diseases to ensure the health of their puppies as a preventative measure.
  • Tour the Facility: Go to that breeder’s facility in person to meet your puppy and his parents. This allows you to see how socialized and cared-for your puppy will be.
  • Questions: There is no wrong with putting a question about the breeder experience, breeding practices and upbringing of puppies. A responsible breeder will always remain open to information.

Are Aussiedoodles Hypoallergenic?

Aussiedoodles are frequently regarded as hypoallergenic but understand that such status may vary from one person to another. These designer dogs are the crossbreed between Australian Shepherds and Poodles, inheriting some of the hypoallergenic attributes of the Poodle, including minimal shedding and reduced dander production – which can make them more suitable for people with allergies than other breeds.

However, individual responses to allergens differ, so it is essential to spend time before adopting one if someone has allergies. Grooming regularly and cleaning can also help reduce exposure through their coat to allergens.


When looking for Missouri Aussiedoodle breeders, it pays to research thoroughly. A search of “Aussiedoodle Breeders Missouri” on the internet or in your local community will point you towards reputable online resources and those close by. When searching, ensure you look for breeders who focus on health and happiness, do essential health testing, and are transparent about their breeding practices.

Seeing puppies with their parents and asking questions about previous litters increases the odds of getting a trustworthy breeder. Going these steps should improve your odds of acquiring a happy and healthy AussieDoodle immediately that will become an essential part of your family without too much waiting time.

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