Who Owns Canidae Dog Food?

Who Owns Canidae Dog Food? Canidae Pet Food initiated its farm, called Canidae Farms, to process the ingredients for pet food. It was founded by Scott Whipple and John Gordon in 1996. Apart from this Kansas-based farm, Canidae also owns a cooking facility and a Texas distribution center.

Scott Whipple, the co-founder and co-owner of this family business, said via news release that he had initiated an endeavor to acquire all the ingredients straightaway and sustainably themselves. He again raised the importance of manufacturing processes when he mentioned consumers wanting high-quality and nutritious ingredients.

In 2016, Canidae Farms supplied crops to Brownwood, Texas’s Ethos Pet Nutrition preparation facility. With a crop harvest of nearly 1 million pounds in 2017, Canidae plans to send its crops out to be cooked into various pet food products.

Whipple said they want to do what is right and lead growing their pet food ingredients. Canidae Farms is one step along their trek, taken together.

Canidae has remained true to sustainable, regenerative agriculture. Their marketing messaging abounds with eco-friendly farming methods, responsible protein sourcing, recycled packaging, and environmentally friendly operations. Looking at all this, you might wonder where this ecologically conscious brand puts up its products.

Where Is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Canidae Dog Food is made in the USA – specifically, it’s home to its own Pet Nutrition Plant in Brownwood, Texas. That fact is noted prominently on their website, showing their dedication to making this stuff at home.

Most of Canidae’s ingredients are from sources found within the country; however, some vitamins come from overseas suppliers – a fact fast becoming synonymous with the pet food business. Canidae produces only dry cat and dog foods in Brownwood, Texas, but they also have some wet recipes in both the United States and Thailand. The back label on the can should show where a specific food item was manufactured.

Canidae Dog Food

Some of the most recent recalls for Canidae took place in 2012, of some of its lines produced by Diamond Pet Foods in their South Carolina location. This recall was issued based on a precautionary measure against Salmonella, which had also been detected in other foods they produced at that site.

Canidae is also life-cycle oriented with concern for the environment and utilizing ‘green’ practices – recycled packaging products and having their Kibble Refill Station available in certain areas for easy access to an earth-friendly and low-waste alternative.

Moreover, Canidae is a player in community support by donating lots of food and sponsoring local activities such as the Brownwood Little League Park and the Brownwood Rodeo. Participating in their community shows that they produce an excellent line of pet foods and are part of the communities where the company has its base operation. Not only do Canidae’s products get paws-up approval, but they are also an example of USA-based production and good community citizens.

Who Owns Canidae Dog Food?

The Canidae dog food brand is owned by the Canidae Pet Food Corporation, a family company founded in San Luis Obispo, California. The company was created in 1996 by John Gordon and Scott Whipple, looking for better pet foods than the market. They are now part of many companies producing pet foods for any kind of creature around. The product range includes crunchy snacks, wet and dry diets, raw-coated kibbles, and more. Quick reviews about Canidae state that their brand’s dog foods are made from only quality materials and include organic products whose producers are loving pet owners.

In 2005, a partnership with Diamond Pet Foods brought Canidae into the market of grain-free dog food. A significant risk was taken in 2012 when they opened a plant for manufacturing: Ethos Pet Nutrition in Brownwood, Texas. The Brownwood facility was an existing plant; some of the feed was already being produced there. Although Canidae offers overweight and senior dog diets, most of its products are for pets at all stages. What sets them apart includes high-quality meats in plenty of quantity, which has been critical to their success and continued growth.

Is Canidae Dog Food Sourced from China?

Canidae believes in sourcing from regions to which it can vouch for integrity, thus ensuring that quality ingredients are procured. They believe in natural, nutritious, quality ingredients with fruits, meats, and vegetables mainly sourced from regional producers. These are sourced from France, Wyoming, New Zealand, the Pacific Northwest, and many other parts of the world.

Who Owns Canidae Dog Food

The company even follows AAFCO, FDA, and USDA regulations strictly as a basis for formulating dog food recipes. In-house testing ensures that the company complies with all of the concerned organizations’ standards with no lapse in compliance, and Canidae works with them to eliminate concerns over microorganisms that are unsafe for any animal, like Salmonella.

Also, it is good to know that Canidae Pet Food Company does not import ingredients from China; they come from the U.S., plus countries such as France and New Zealand. If there are concerns over pet food production being less regulated in China, you can rest easy with this information.

Company farm launched by Canidae Pet Food

Leading the pet food market, Canidae has taken a large leap forward with its corporate farm. With their choice, they are proving to their customer and their ingredients that they’re the leading edge in an industry that’s highly competitive. Farm ownership heightens their ability to stay on top of their ingredients. It gives pet owners the confidence to buy healthy, traceable food made with their favorite family members in mind.

From establishing as a corporate farm, Canidae takes over the responsibilities of the entire production process. It includes crop planting, animal raising, and other processes in between. From farming to raising animals, harvesting, processing, and marketing, Canidae guarantees complete control of the entire process.

One pivotal advantage of this farm ownership lies in Canidae’s ability to select farmers who meticulously share their commitment to excellence. The company has faithful producers doing sustainable farming but raising ingredients for their formulations. In tight partnership with these suppliers, Canidae can only have the best inputs in its product formulation.

Further, the corporate farm offers Canidae a great boost in reading the production of raw materials and animal welfare. At this level of vigilance, no harmful substance or additive can be linked to the production process.

It’s not surprising that Canidae chose to include their corporate farm, given the high concern among consumers about transparency. They want to give consumers a sense of security by making all farming visible.

Canidae is involved in agricultural activities to guarantee that pets get good nutrition with specific ingredient selection. They select fresh from the vine produce ripe at peak nutritional grade. Farming close to processing enables ingredients to get from harvest to processing in a hurry; since the product isn’t being trucked miles, it will last longer sitting on the shelves when the consumer buys it.

Canidae’s Production Process and Environmental Commitment

Canidae, the world’s largest manufacturer in the pet food market, has pioneered corporate sustainability with some of the most eco-friendly practices across the board in manufacturing. It is all about dedication to sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Production Process

Canidae is championing sustainability by living up to the responsibility in every step of its sourcing and manufacturing processes to ensure that manufacturing is always rooted in sustainability. Canidae champions the ingredients from a regenerative agriculture source where crops are grown using soil health and biodiverse practices for their seed.

Apart from considering regenerative agriculture, Canidae puts a lot of emphasis on their packaging decisions. They always try to work with materials that are either recyclable or made of recycled content whenever possible. A consciously environment-friendly packaging selection aims to produce the least waste contribution and must be one step towards making this earth greener with every passing moment.

Canidae Dog Food

Stringent Quality Assurance

Their passionate staff furthers their quality control methods. They maintain a dedicated team willing to do all it takes to produce a flawless product; therefore, every batch made matches the standard’s perfection. This allows them to adapt the flavor, nutritional value, and sometimes even the quality of the food to a dog’s specific needs at any stage in their life cycle and in any breed.
The modern culinary center is equally important in pleasing customers. Using state-of-the-art technology and complying with current manufacturing guidelines, Canidae has consistently perfected its ability to please customers.

Setting Themselves Apart

Canidae understands this sustainability, but it is the holistic approach to the problem. They know they can’t just slap a sticker on the outside of the bag and say they are sustainable; they go out there and make good on their claim by reducing their carbon footprint at every turn.

Canidae has an innovative mindset where man and beast can coexist with nature and the planet. If pet food requires sustainable operations, quality will have to remain top-notch for people to continue to buy in. Canidae, the giant pet food company, showed its commitment to sustainability through actions that proved it had good intentions for doing better by our four-legged buddies in every way possible.

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Canidae’s Product Range and Unique Formulations

Canidae is quite passionate about offering the best dog nutrition. It covers food for all breeds, ensuring that no dog would lose out solely based on its breed or size and missing out on dietary requirements. So, let’s take a closer look at what Canidae offers and some of its key highlights.

A Wide Selection for Every Canine

Canidae know how the dog’s needs can be varied. That is why they offer a wide range to choose from that suits all dog foods. From dry kibble to canned food, their recipes are formulated considering your canine’s physical and biological requirements.

Most of the dry dog formulas in their line are formulated with the best ingredients and are closely scrutinized with your canine’s nutritional needs at all life stages in mind. Each recipe is formulated for puppies, adults, and seniors to suit your canine companion’s needs.

Canidae pet food

Formulas Crafted with Precision for Optimal Nutrition

Quality is a pillar at Canidae. All of their recipes contain quality ingredients developed with them in known sources. Every ingredient gets tested to ensure that they are within their strictest levels.
Other than sourcing ingredients, many improvements are going on at Canidae to sustain and improve the superior qualities of their products. They want to deliver progress in pet nutrition research to upgrade their dog food formulas.

Meeting Unique Dietary Requirements

Catering to special dietary needs and sensitivities, Canidae provides many grain-free alternatives. Their range includes grain-free dry formulas for dogs with grain allergies or sensitivities but has full-nutritional properties in these formulations.

To help stop health problems caused by diet from getting worse, Canidae supplies basic formulas that still provide great nutrition but with no soaps added. Nutritionally balanced meals are created using fewer ingredients.

Canidae’s goals for the future

While they will continue to rely on their network of farmers and suppliers for ingredients, the actual plan for the future will be growing their ingredients at Canidae Farms outright.

Some ingredients made at Canidae Farms today are yellow peas, milo, millet, parsley, rosemary, sage, and greenhouse tomatoes. Many ingredients and yellow peas are used in Canidae Under The Sun Grain Free products. Yellow peas are the main ingredient in the limited-ingredient Canidae Grain Free Pure line. At the same time, Canidae All Life Stages, formulated by veterinarians for dogs of all ages, breeds, and life stages, features green peas as one of the leading ingredients.

In addition, Canidae is also trying different farm crops, including lentils, zucchini, butternut squash, and pumpkin. As a result, it will set a vision on the quality and work towards improving its sourcing of ingredients.

Conclusion: Who Owns Canidae Dog Food?

Canidae Dog Food is moving in the direction of the pet food industry. The natural merger with Natural Balance has made the company firm in the market and expanded its market reach geographically. This strategic step aligns with the company’s vision and has paved the way for the company to invest vertically.

This is one crucial merger. This has made a pet food giant with the combined intellect and resources of two great food companies. This partnership could only be expected to lead to more innovations and improvements in pet nutrition.

The corporate farm of Canidae is a remarkable first. This corporate farm proves its commitment to quality and transparency in sourcing ingredients. The corporate farm promises to monitor and control every step in the production process, assuring their customers of the best quality in their pet food products.

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