Aussiedoodle Haircuts: The Ultimate Guide to Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Looking to spruce up your Aussiedoodle’s appearance with an Aussiedoodle Haircuts? To miss a dog of the Aussiedoodle breed is to miss something exceptional. The dogs are lovely and great to look at with those lovely coats and delightful personalities. Aussiedoodles are full of play and running but excel as protectors and cuddle buddies, often with a playful streak.

Aussiedoodles without a coat that sheds have proper hygiene needs. These fluffy dogs come from the cross of a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. The hairs can get matted or tangled without being groomed at the usual frequency.

An Aussiedoodle can naturally be hypoallergenic; however, their Coat takes extra care to look the best. The at-home hair trim shown in the attached photo leaves little room for interpretation. Feel free to bring pictures of the desired haircuts or, even better, an accurate description when bringing your Aussiedoodle to the groomer. Come to us for some of the best Aussiedoodle haircuts.

First Knowing About the Coat of an Aussiedoodle

Before going deeper into Aussiedoodle grooming and hairstyles, it will be essential to understand the kinds of Aussiedoodle coats. After all, what fits one type of Aussiedoodle Coat may not be suitable for another.

And, since Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed of a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd, the Coat could be much more similar to the one an Australian Shepherd has, more similar to the Coat of a Poodle, or fall somewhere in between.

Straight Coat that Resembles Australian Shepherd

This Aussiedoodle Coat is much like that of an Australian shepherd and can be more prone to shedding than the other varieties. Hence, grooming your Aussiedoodle with a straight coat makes it a routine to comb the undercoat well to remove any loose hair.

Curly Coat that Resembles Poodle Curls

You probably know the Coat of a Poodle—it is of the curly, non-shedding type. Also, remember that some attributes a Poodle is known for are traits inherited by your Aussiedoodle, such as the uniqueness of their tightly packed curls.

The curly Coat is the least likely to shed and is, therefore, the most hypoallergenic among Poodles. Tight curls help prevent getting tangled but can also lead to matting. Due to their curly or wavy Coat, other qualities that Aussiedoodle owners appreciate are added Poodle qualities. Additional grooming will be necessary if the Coat of your Aussiedoodle is curly or wavy.

Aussiedoodle getting Haircut

The Fleece Coat: Easy to Maintain

The fleece coat would feel fleecy, fuzzy, velvety, and wavy. Your Aussiedoodle would or would not have an undercoat, so shedding might happen accordingly. Make sure to brush your dog daily, even if the coat type makes it easy for you.

The Flat-Coat: Like the Australian Shepherd Straight Coat

The flat Coat is like the straight Coat of the Australian Shepherd, only somehow looking to be smoother and more upright. Though that kind of Coat does molt slightly more often, the tight curls are also less prone to matting than tight curls.

Aussiedoodle Teddy Bear Fleece: Soft and Thick with a Crimpy Wave

This coat type has scruffy hair with waves, beckoning to be touched and hugged like a giant teddy bear. It is one of the most desired coats on an Aussiedoodle and one that many people wish for.

The Coat has a wave to its crimp, and it is dense and luxurious in length, clinging none to your exquisite black jeans. And even though there is long hair, it has little or no shed.

7 Unique Types of Haircuts for Aussiedoodles

Puppy Aussiedoodle Haircuts

One of the most popular styles of how to cut your Aussiedoodle is called an Aussiedoodle Puppy Trim, but it is just not for puppies.

Aussiedoodle puppy cut, on the other hand, is clipping all the hairs so that they all have an equal length all over the body. The hair should be between two and three inches, but the owner can decide on the size while ensuring uniformity throughout the dog.

Puppy Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Looking at this Aussiedoodle hairstyle makes the juvenescent and innocent faces pop up like that of a little puppy. Could you understand why it is so named now? The only disadvantage of the Aussiedoodle puppy haircut is that it requires regular attention to brushing, so the matting will not occur. However, many Aussiedoodle owners find their dogs adorable with longer coats.

Teddy Bear Aussiedoodle Haircuts

The most popular is the mini or “teddy bear” Aussiedoodle, which has a pretty, fluffy appearance that resembles a cuddly teddy. The teddy bear trim is hugely associated with a miniature Aussiedoodle yet can also complement a dog of this appearance, regardless of size.

The Aussiedoodle teddy bear trim has a medium length of about 1.5 to 3 inches. This hair length will keep its nice waves; anything shorter might see the curls chopped off. The trim is tailored to be manageable while preserving the length to appreciate the curls fully.

Teddy Bear Aussiedoodle Haircuts

The main difference is that the contoured area of the face is round, similar to that of a teddy bear. On first look at your Aussiedoodle puppy, one will probably have the urge to cuddle and hold the puppy.

Poodle Aussiedoodle Haircuts

With that out of the way, let’s get started with the Poodle—the breed behind the Aussiedoodle! All of the horror mentioned above can be avoided if the hair is cut shorter, as it will look evener and will need less maintenance to be combed out, thus reducing mats and tangles within your Aussiedoodle’s Coat.

This cut will give your Aussiedoodle the look of a Poodle. The outer fur of the body is cut relatively short to make Poodle ringlets. The ankles, head, and tail should be left at medium length to finish it off. This will give a slightly stylized impression of a Poodle.

Poodle Aussiedoodle Haircuts

That being said, some Aussiedoodles won’t have a coat of similar coloration to others. While it is possible for some Aussiedoodles to have a coat of thicker hair, they can usually pull off some Poodle trim. Overall, this style is the most appealing for Aussiedoodles with curlier coats.

Terrier Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Another popular cut is the terrier-cut Aussiedoodle. Yes, you read that right. Being in no relation to a terrier, this cut borrows from them and suits perfectly an Aussiedoodle.

Terrier Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Terrier cut is a coat cut to almost the same length from the neck to the tail. It can be long, short, or in between that length, but usually kept slightly shorter all over for an even look. An Aussiedoodle terrier haircut would be finished by trimming this area along with the face, eyebrows, and muzzle to accentuate the dog’s pointed look.

Summer or Shaved Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Some Aussiedoodle owners, especially in summer, find it easier just to shave their dog. This isn’t from laziness but because Aussiedoodles do mat and tangle easily. Remember that their coats vary greatly, and if your Aussiedoodle develops mats, a shorter cut may be necessary.

A complete shave or summer cut for an Aussiedoodle can significantly help improve the dog’s comfort and assist in body temperature regulation, especially in hot weather. Aussiedoodle fur is thick enough, whether specific or not. The shaving lightens the hair, and the dog generally feels comfortable in totality. Similarly, shaving helps maintain longer grooming cycles, saving lots of money.

Summer or Shaved Aussiedoodle Haircuts

The mats and tangles are the only places Aussiedoodle owners have to shave, and, by doing so, reduce the maintenance on their pet overall because the clipping eliminates the need for frequent brushing. It is usually cost-efficient, as the process is typically quick and without the many fine details usually done with most times, if not all, not easily actualized. However, shaving your Aussiedoodle might reduce their cuteness compared to when they have fuller coats.

Kennel Aussiedoodle Haircuts

The shaved and kennel cuts are short, and the length does not make any difference. So, the care of hair is not a complicated job. This type of cut may be the best for the summer and saves time in the morning when getting ready.

Kennel Aussiedoodle Haircuts

Lamb Aussiedoodle Haircuts

A unique hairstyle, the Aussiedoodle lamb cut, is more commonly seen in Poodles than in Doodles. This is commonly carried out by shaving the legs much closer than the dog’s body.

Lamb Aussiedoodle Haircuts

There might be other specific alternatives to this type, including shaving the face, feet, and tail. Therefore, make sure to ask your groomer to explain everything in detail that you will be agreeing to.

How to Groom Aussiedoodle at Home? TIPS

We recommend that every Doodle enjoys their daily grooming routine. While it may not be possible to brush them every single day, aim to do so at least three to four times per week. The key—consistency in brushing—is the only true means of preventing matting. You’ll likely encounter fewer tangles if you brush your dog regularly than brushing them every other week.

Start brushing as soon as you bring your Aussiedoodle puppy home. It will help the puppy get used to grooming quickly, and by the time it becomes an adult, you will have minimal hassle.

Brushing also helps get rid of dirt and debris from your Doodle’s Coat, and it distributes the natural skin oils, promoting healthy growth of the Coat so it is shiny.

Another critical process in the course of grooming an Aussiedoodle is the process of bathing. From this guide about bathing, valuable tips and strategies on how to go about the process are given. Groom the dog properly, use dog shampoo, and rinse your dog well after bathing. Don’t forget to dry areas like the feet and armpits to prevent excess moisture buildup.

To experiment with Aussiedoodle haircuts, all that is needed is a grooming table with a grooming arm, good grooming tools, from clippers to scissors, and even a brush and comb, of course—well, maybe having a fair idea about the trimming process before trying your hands at your dog’s fur.

Aussiedoodles are recommended to maintain oral cleanliness. It is pretty easy to keep away from ear infections in your Doodle: dry your Doodle’s ears gently with a towel right after bathing or swimming, and once in a while, trim the inside hairs of its ears.

Last but not least, don’t forget to cut the nails of your doodle regularly. Long nails are uncomfortable and may cause joint troubles over time. This is important, especially considering Doodles’ inherited vulnerability to joint problems.

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How often do Aussiedoodles need to be Groomed?

How often Aussiedoodles will need grooming will vary from one to another. Among the others that must be done, nail trimming and teeth brushing will need to be done often, for example, cutting nails and combing daily for one month. Meanwhile, other maintenance activities such as cleaning the ears from hair, trimming hair, and bathing occur mainly every four to ten weeks.

Always remember that some Doodles may require more washing than others. Factors that could be involved include how active they are, how long their hair is, what skin conditions, and what they are sensitive to. Your dog will likely need quick baths occasionally if he loves to wallow in the mud.


How much does it cost to groom an Aussiedoodle?

There is a directly related grooming cost to your choice of grooming the Aussiedoodle on your own or hiring a professional. If you want to groom the dog, you must buy the essential grooming tools, but buying high-quality instruments may be a one-time investment. Usually, professional grooming for an Aussiedoodle will run you between $50 and $100, depending on the groomer and your location.

When should an Aussiedoodle visit the groomer for the first time?

Routine grooming is essential for all Doodles, so it’s great to introduce it early into your puppy’s program. This gets them used to grooming early on in life, so they don’t face aversions against it growing up. Wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated—usually by around 16 weeks—before taking it to a professional groomer.

Do Aussiedoodles require trimming?

Aussiedoodles require grooming regularly, just like all Doodles. Not that it means complicated or over-the-top, fancy hairstyles—just consider a comfortable haircut for you and your Doodle. For example, in warm climates, it could be a way to make your dog feel more comfortable: shave or trim very short.

How are Aussiedoodle haircuts?

An Aussiedoodle has no different cutting of hair from any other doodle. Our video tutorials, which we will present below, are filled with excellent advice for every doodle owner.

What is the rate of Aussiedoodle hair growth?

Doodles have hairy hair that overgrows, but the hair must be cut or trimmed every four to ten weeks. Shave your Doodle; most likely, the hair will take months to regrow fully.


Aussiedoodle haircuts offer a variety of options to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

Whether you favor a wash-and-wear cut like the Kennel Cut or are more interested in something a little fancier in style, such as the Teddy Bear or Lamb Cut, there’s a haircut for your dog’s personality and grooming preferences.

Regular grooming is essential for Aussiedoodles to keep their coats healthy and free from mats and tangles.

Whether you prefer grooming your Aussiedoodle or decide to take him to a professional groomer, make sure that a grooming schedule is kept in line so your friend will look and feel his best.

Any proper attention and care will ensure your Aussiedoodle will carry off any hairdo with flair and grace.

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